Howard University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?



Honestly, we have to be creative. The undergraduate library (UGL) is an absolute no-no, unless you just need to be around other loud people. The I-Lab (computer lab) is decent, but sometimes it can get noisy. You have to explore campus and find the quiet spots. When I'm not in my room, I like to find an empty classroom because most rooms stay unlocked.


The I-Lab is the BEST place to get work done if you work well around other people. It's open 24 hours which is great for those all-nighters you will probably be pulling. If you are looking for somewhere less populated you can always try the Health Sciences Library.


To be honest, Howard is a really social school. Library to get work done? You can try, but you'll probably see your homegirl from the other day and pick up where that conversation last left off. Junior and senior year, you tend to see things get more concentrated and people focused on making the best out of projects and group work, but study groups freshman and sophomore year are hard. If you are the type of person that you know you like to socialize, sometimes its best to pack up your stuff, head over to a startbucks or Bus Boys and Poets and 14th and U street, and do some independent studying. Studying is really important, because no one on this campus is going to spoon feed you an education. Sure you can pass all of your classes without buying a book, but if you think the $32,000 you, your parents, or sponsoring organization paid for is worth "just getting by", maybe considering a two year institution before coming to Howard may be best for you. You have to take your education seriously and do what you have to do to study and get what you paid for.