Howard University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is driven, and passionate and ready to learn.


Those who aspire to attend San Jose State University should be career-focused and academically-inclined to succeed. SJSU is highly-touted for its Journalism & Mass Comminications department as well as its Computer Engineering department. The professors at this school are engaged with students in an effort to help each inidividual land a job in his or her desired field of interest, specifically in Silicon Valley.


The only people that should attend this school are people that are very confident and self-aware. Howard University is a huge culture shock and is filled with plenty obstacles and distractions to digress you and your aspirations. With confidence and respect for yourself and others, you'll flourish as a person: personally and intellectually. This university, the students, the city, etc., will test you and your morals, intelligence, and patience. Be ready.


Someone who loves enjoying meeting people from all over the world a nd the United States. Someone who wants to learn about what it means to grow up as a woman/man in the US. Someone who wants to see a change in their community. Someone who correspondes to our four truths: exellence, truth, leadership, and service.


Someone very independent, and goal oriented. Someone who is not intimidated by the level of competition.


Honestly only the strong can survive at any school and when I say strong i'm not talking about your physique. You have to mentally and emotional devoted to your education and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to earning your degree.


A future entrepreneur should attend this school. A person with drive, passion, and a love for black people and black culture should attend this school. It is an experience like no other.


Someone who can afford it and really does not consider where the hard earned money of either their parents or themselves is going into the tuition and other costs here. Nothing works, theres always something wrong with SOMETHING that is inconveniencing. So if you do not mind being unnecessarily inconvenienced then by all means enjoy yourself. If you are big on Frat and Sorority life, then consider this school as well.


The kind of person that should attend Howard University is someone who is open to meet new people and try new things. They must be willing to enagage in campus activities in order to get the full Howard experience. They must be independent because Howard will not give handout. They must work for everything. Be prepared to be the best student you can be.


I would say that there is no specific type of person that is eligible to attend Howard University. Although it may be a Historically Black University, Howard's campus is open to everyone. In fact, this University has a significant number of students of many different ethnicities and cultures. However, I would say to any person entering this level of education, that knowing who you are is very important when attending any college. It is very easy to lose yourself in people, organizations, groups, and etc..., so its vital to have a complete understanding of yourself and your goals.


A person who loves to get involved, loves meeting new people, a leader, and loves living in a urban enviroment.


Anyone who has a high work ethic and knows exactly what they want and how they want to get there should attend this school. If you know the balance between partying, socializing, and studying, that's a plus. This school is all about staying on top of your work.


A person who is open mindd and willing to learn new things about other cultures and others views on life should attend Howard University.


a person eager to learn and grow


Anyone who is passionate about what they do should attend Howard University. It is a great school but it requires persistance and determination. You have to go out and get whatever you want. While there is help there isn't a lot of it. However, it is still one of the best universities in the country.


A future or current student of Howard University should be very inpendent. It should be an individual who is capable of creating success on their own. Someone who is innovative, sociable, and has great networking skills. A student of Howard University should be a person willing to struggle to survive and determined to demonstrate their intelligence, charater and personality in the best light. A student of Howard University should be there simply because there is no other institution they would rather be at...despite its flaws it is truly their dream school.


Someone who is serious about school, networking and gaining experience in they're field. Someone who wants to make friends, be involvd on ccampus and likes to have a good time.


I believe that the kind of person that should attend Howard is a person who is looking to not only find their calling and make life long friends. Even though Howard is a HBCU what ive learned is that each and everyone that walks on this campus is different. No two students are alike and for that I greatly appreciate everything that Howard has offered. If a person is looking for school spirit, life long friends, a few struggles that will shape you as a person and a great education then Howard is the best choice.


A person who likes the small unvivesrity setting. Someone who is self motivated. Someone who will have school spirit and likes self creative expression.


African American student from private school


Howard is a historically black college. Therefore, the majority of the undergraduate body is african american or has ties to the african american community. However, the general population was in the top of their class and come from more affluent areas. In fact, about a third of the students are legacy students, with parents, grandparents and even great grand parents being alumni. With this being said there are niches amongst the campus, yet the community as a whole is driven and goal oriented. Socially equipped, trends and fashion are a major past time.


Forcussed,Strong minded and someone who want to meet diversity of people


I think the type of person that should attend Howard University is a hardworking, strong, intelligent student who takes their education very seriously. A student who is willing to stand up for what they believe in, work very hard to get to where they want to be, no matter what a person or people will tell them and put them through. Howard University is not for the weak, or weak minded.


Someone who enjoys socializing and competition for internships and fellowships. You have to passion for whatever you want to pursue. Your classsmates may be millionaires, diplomats' children, CEO's of their own clothing line or businesss. Focus on classes and maintaing a strong gpa will not being invisible and you will enjoy yourself.


Someone interested in expanding his or her perspective, specifically as it relates black and African culture and history.


Anyone who loves the feeling of being in a community should attend Howard University. Anyon who wants to experience culture and a fine quality education.


Someone who is motivated and dedicated in pursing their careers and those who loved to serve the community. It doesn't matter who attends Howard University, once you step foot on this campus, your going to be inspired and motivated to live out or discover your purpose,


The type of person who is open minded and excepts challenges.


Herbert Spencer’s “survival of the fittest” term best describes the drive and determination of every scholar at Howard University. Many of the students are actively involved in school activities, as well as exceeding in their academics. An ideal prospective student should be self-motivated, a free thinker, and most importantly well rounded. Howard University is known as a pioneer of Historical Black Colleges, therefore a prospective student should be able to attribute to its famous legacy.


People who are open to opinions and expressions.


Its probably common to say about any particular university, but I think anyone could attend Howard University. My university was established on the basis of bringing different opinions, ideals, and abilities all together. The Howard University is anyone with a Dream and a will strong enough to never stop doing what it takes to achieve that dream.


The kind of person that should this amazing university should be outgoing and open to new experiences.


Someone who is very dedicated to their work and on top of things should attend. There is no room for slackers. Also, if you're very interested in engineering and computers, or even business and the arts , it's a great school for them all. There's all types of people here, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a group you mesh well with. This person should also have no problem with it raining or snowing all the time and dealing with a big city.


Anyone who wants a great education should attend Howard University. It is a historically black college, so most people believe that only African Americans can go there; this is so far from the truth. Any and everyone is encouraged to come and it is a great place to develop as a future leader of the world. There are many different majors and minors that students can get into as well as great student activities and leadership positions.


The kind of person that should attend Howard University should be determined to accomplish all goals and not give up on any opportunities that may become difficult. They should be confident with themselves and strong overall to excel in future endeavors. A Howard University student should also be social because when one is anti-social you miss out on great opportunities and amazing individuals. Finally, one must be a "go-getter", meaning getting assignments, registration, and other important duties complete in a timely manner by yourself.


A person who is ready to meet many people that might all look the same but act diffrently. Also someone that is ready to become independent and take responsibility for themselves.


A person who can juggle the city life and being a committed student. Someone who is dedicated to their school work and always striving to do their best.


Some one who appriciates African American historic culture. A student who would fit on this campus would also like to partipate in different clubs, organizations and student leadership. If you have alot of school spirit then you would fit in at Howard University. It is easy to meet new people, the environment is relaxing and if your a city type of guy/gal there is no worries, transportation is always available.


Howard University is a melting pot of a campus that houses students from not only all over the United States but the Carribean and other parts of the world. There is a club for every state/country/religion and if they dont have a club or sorority or fraternity to represent you our student association will easily help you start your own group. Anyone and everyone who is determined to better themselves by having an education would love Howard University's school spirit, campus, and student fellowship!


Howard is an institution that creates leaders, allows people to be themselves, and gives them opportunities to grow as a person also. However, those that attend Howard should be confident, because going to Howard as a follower, or someone that falls under peer pressure easily can lead to the down fall of an individual. While there are people that will be there for you and help you through rough times during school that become life long friends, there are also people that can and will manipulate followers and use them.


If you are looking for a solid education in a variaty of fields Howard University is for you. Yes, it is a historically black university but what really matters is having a desire to further your life through education and showing a commitement to excellence. Howard University is always looking for hard working, dedicated students with a passion for their chosen path of study. If this discribes you then Howard University is your home.


Anyone who would like to be a student at Howard university have to be a very focused individual because there could be many distractions on campus such as rallies, parties, etc


Honestly, there is no ideal person that should attend Howard University. Although the population is not quite homogenious, the social classes are a wide range making students different. Upcoming students should try to be as social as possible and never become discouraged by grades, socioeconomic status or any other factors.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is determined to be successful and ready to be challenged. Someone that is striving to make a difference in the world in an uplifting way. Also a person should be socially-inclined and open to learn new styles and ways of life. A person who wants to be well-rounded and have knowledge of many different aspects of our culture.


Anyone who is open to meeting different African Americans. If you are interested in the School of Business or School of Commmunication. you should attend. If you like an urban atmosphere you should attend. I f you are in search of a great education you should apply. If you are interested in fitting in somewhere this is the place for you because there are nurmerous clubs and activites to get involved with. Lastly if you want to be apart of a life long family this is the place for you too.


Everoone should attend, but just realize that you are going to have to work hard to achieve.


Howard University has something for everyone. There is a wide variety of extracurricular activites that people can get involved in. I would encourage everyone who has strong work ethic to apply.


A person who wants their own voice to be heard. If an individual is interested in leaving a large imprint then they should go to Howard. All of the organizations are ran by students. There are so many opportunities to present your agenda and work towards what you believe in.


If you have a lot of school pride, and love to party while still maintaining a good GPA, then you should definitely attend this college. This school is considered diverse because there are asians, arabs, muslims, africans, and many other minority cultures mixed together. This diverse background creates different looks, styles, views, beliefs, and personalities. Most individuals who attend Howard have a strong mind-set and leadership qualities because they always have to speak up for themselves.


Focused individuals that can have fun but maintain their studies. Individuals that are looking for an atmosphere that will give them a solid backround about their cultural past