Indiana Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Indiana Institute of Technology is best known for engineering. When walking through campus you can tell because there are so many technical things. We have computer labs where the computers can be projected to move down below the desks (in case the class doesn't call for computer use on a certain day) and when people clock in for work there are hand scanners to place your hand so it can send information that you have clocked in to computers. There is always something cool that the engineering students participate in.


The school is best known for its technical business program in which students are alomost guaranteed a well paying job after graduation.


My school is probably best known for its Criminal Justice program, and our Athletic programs.


My high school is known for being one of the most diversity high school in the nation. I beleive it's the second most diverstiy school in the nation. Also, my school is known for having a ESL (English as a Second Language) porgram. This program helps international students learning English and advancing international students their English skills.


Engineering is probably the most popular major. It attracts students from further away, more than any other major. Since we are a technical school, it allows us to jump right into our field of study, which I found very useful, that way we can see if it is what we want to do in the future. Many of my firends back home complain about how their larger colleges require too many general education classes, and it sets their graduation date back. Here, at Indiana Tech, we are given every oppurtunity to graduate on time.


Indiana Tech is best known for the smaller classrooms that lend for a comfortable setting in which to learn. The instructors are highly knowledgeable about their fields and passionate about teaching at their best.


The school is ranked in many academic areas.