Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diverse, motivated, and enthusiastic are all word that pop into my head when describing the group of well-rounded and passionate students I like to call Indiana students; whether it's passion for Indiana's nationally renound basketball team, an intended major, or a club on campus, we all seem to find a niche within the vast majority of students that seem to make IU a home away from home.


My classmates are hardworking, takented and bright students who have a very bright future ahead of them.


iU is a multi cultured campus , maybe the most multi cultured in the whole nation, Everyday I go to school i see different people from different cultures, different languages; including all: asians, americans, europeans, middle east...Me myself is part of a total different culture, coming from eastern Europe, so yeah, we all together make a difference here on this campus! :)


My classmates at Indiana University are very hardworking and kind.


My classmates at Indiana University are encouraging, selfless, and have a passion to learn.


There are over 40,000 people at this school, so there is no way to specifically describe how the students are. There are so many different personalities, genders, and races here.


My classmates are willing to challenge each other.


Friendly individuals who like to drink a little too much.




My classmates are a melting pot of culture, and are really friendly


Mostly greek kid clones but a small population of people who are original, progressive and interesting.


My classmates are dedicated students who are passionate about learning all that they can to enter their desired career path in the future.


My classmates are fun, outgoing, thoughtful, active, smart, laid back, and very focused on academic quality and learning.


Most of my classmates are eager to learn and attain their goals, but a minority of students are here to have fun before having to start their adult lives.


My classmates have become some of my closest friends, and I have only known them for a semester!




Party Hard


the students think it is expensive to live in campus. so a lot of them live off the campus. and more party of this school.


They are nice, open-minded


In a 40,000 person campus, the student body really cannot be described. Think of a big city, and all of the different people you see in a city. That is what it is like here. No matter what you are in to, I guarantee there is someone else here that has similar interests!


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One of the best things about this school is the fact that it is so diverse. It is racially, sexually and socio-economically diverse in many ways. IU is known for is LGBT programs, and the campus as a whole is very accepting and supportive of the gay community. There are also people from various countries that attend this school. From what I have observed and experienced, it seems as though most are accepting of this diversity. I live in Campus View Apartments, which I have now realized is predominantly occupied by people of Asian descent. However, I haven't even really noticed as we interact as anyone else would. Although there is a language barrier, we treat each other with respect. The campus is overall friendly. Obviously there are people who aren't friendly, but for the most part I believe that people interact in a positive way. On any given day, students will see kids with Ugg boots and Northface jackets, but they will also see kids who wear all black and have multiple piercings. These people all have their own niches, and it is easy to find one here. Most students here seem to be middle-class, and a lot of them have taken out loans and financial aid. As students get older and the reality of the real world sets in, students begin talking about life outside of school. As for politics, some students seems to be political but it is not shoved in your face. For the most part, students tend to share their beliefs but don't try to pressure other students with them.


Since Indiana University-Bloomington is a state school, most of the students come from Indiana, however there are large percentages of students from the Chicago suburbs and the East Coast as well as a noticeable foreign population. Overall, IU Bloomington is known for being exceptionally LGBT-friendly. I have definitely found this to be the case. There are multiple LGBT student organizations and support groups, as well as events. Since IUB is such a big school, there is a wide variety of students. On a day-to-day basis, most dress for comfort when going to class, but, looking around the dining halls you'll see distinct groups of fraternity/sorority members, jocks, and gamers as well as more stereotypically ambiguous groups. Indiana University Bloomington has a presence of political awareness and activism, especially lately. From College Republicans to College Democrats to Occupy IU and environmental organizations, many students are active and vocal about their beliefs. Recently, there was a(n) (in)famous incident in which a group of student activists peacefully protested and shut down a recruiting event for JP Morgan Chase stating their environmental and financial irresponsibility. Not all students are like this, obviously. There are many who simply enjoy going to class, hanging out with friends, and hitting up bars and parties on the weekends. In my experience, the main way someone would feel out of place at IU Bloomington is if they have a hard time with big schools and taking initiative seeking out groups of people who share their interests.



With around 40,000 students, there is so much diversity at IU. It is definitely easy for one to find their niche here. There are many racial groups here at IU, such as African American and Latino fraternities and sororities, and Asian fraternities and sororities. There's even a gay fraternity here. There are religious frats and sororities as well, as well as many religous and church groups around. I have friends that go to church every Sunday, and other groups of friends who go to temple. There are Muslim groups here as well that practice their religions, and countless others. I know that the LGBT community is very welcomed and accepted, and they have a LGBT center and club. I don't think any student would feel out of place at this school, I can honestly say that I think everyone could find their group of people that they fit into here. Everyone dresses differently to go to class, but I'd say most girls were leggings, boots, and a sweatshirt or top and coat to go to class. The guys usually wear jeans and sweats with either a sweatshirt or T-shirt. A lot of students are from Indiana, but I'm from IL, and one of my roommates is from Florida, and the other is from New York. There are lots of international students that go here as well. I'd say a lot of the students are politically aware. I've had political groups and politicians come talk in some of my classes, encouraging students to vote and get involved.


Overall the students at IU are very friendly and good students. Academics are #1 here above anything else. Many students work hard and play hard, but either way there are those student who do not party as well.


Diverse. There is a group for everyone at IU! It is a huge school, that's a fact, but the available student groups on campus make it easy to find friends with the same interests! Also, it is great to constantly be around people that are taking school seriously, unlike high school where a lot of kids slacked off.


There's not really any way I could possibly describe all of the students at my school nor could I clump them into a group and describe them. It may be cliche but everyone is truly different here. You'll always have your cliques, its human nature, that's what happens. But what I mean is that there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable and fit in. Of course you have your athletes, and the frat bros and sorority girls, the theater people and everyone that falls outside and in between. I couldn't really classify myself in a group but something that I like is that I have friends who aren't like me and it is great! We all are involved in school, somethings are the same and some things are different and that is totally okay. Most students that I have met at school are from the Chicagoland area, Indy, East Coast, and other places in Indiana. But, there are a whole bunch of international students here and they all sort of hang out with each other and I haven't seen too many of them branch out to be friends with the American students. The types of things that students wear to class vary LARGELY. Some people want to look presentable everyday so they will get done up and wear cute ensembles. After the good weather leaves, the majority of students all agree that it is time to bust out the sweatpants and t-shirts and for girls LEGGINGS!


IU has many involved students. I believe that this school has lots of talent in many areas. I have tried to explore as much as I can in different areas of my interest: law, performances, music recitals, martial arts, dancing classes, mythology, special conferences, student government, classical studies, art collections, old books at Lilly, professors as mentors, networking connections, reaching out to alumni, etc. Many students here seem to be an established middle class with split political views. We all agree on IU-wear, though. Some wear it more than others, though.


There are many out of state and international students and people from many socio-economic backgrounds. There are certainly some people who are only in school because their parents pay for it, but there are plenty others who are overjoyed to attend such a great school. The student body is so diverse that there isn't really a way to "describe the students". Most of young and most are white, but there are certainly all kinds of countries, "races," socio-economic, and religions represented. Most people are relatively progressive and as much are accepting of the LBGTQ/genderqueer populations.Also, because the student body is so smart, there are many people who are politically and culturally aware.


Indiana University supports a wide variety of student types. The campus actively promotes equal rights for all students, and has one of the most supportive LGBT communities in the nation.


Religion is dead on campus. There are more atheists in this world that I thought.. There are many many many Asians, a lot of white people, and only a handful of african americans. It's not the normal mix i'm used to coming from rural northern indiana. Most students wear jeans and t-shirts to class; it's the social norm. Sorority girls dress like sluts and frat guys dress like abercrombie douchebags. Pretty much everybody talks to everybody though; besides the Greek people. they're in their own little crazy world. Most people here are from moderately wealthy families; if not, they're getting a full ride for sports or for being super poor. Students are pretty sheltered here, unless they go out of their way to learn about politics. Not many people care. Not many students talk about money, because most of us are dead broke; again, besides the Greek community.


One great quality about IU is that there is a niche for every person. There are so many clubs and organizations to get involved in that it is so easy to make friends and find a place where you feel comfortable. There are student organizations for racial, religious, LGBT, and any other kind of group you can think of, and these are all accessible through the involvement fair that is held every year. It is hard to pinpoint one exact description for an IU student because everyone is so different. There are some students who prefer to wear sweatpants to class while others dress in business professional clothing. There are also students from all over the world: United States, Africa, China, India, Korea, Italy, France. Every culture has the opportunity to shine through on this campus due to the immense amount of diversity at IU.


When I sit down in class, I don't only see a room full of students who are high achievers and ambitious people; I see students who will change the world with their bright ideas, passion for knowledge., and never ending quest to do what is right.


One of the best parts about IU is the general optimistic and friendly attitude of students. You'd be hard pressed to find someone here that won't answer a question with a smile. The Hoosiers are one big family, and it really shows. Guaranteed, the first week of school you will grab lunch with a new friend from class and have a great group of friends from Welcome Week Celebrations.


The student body at IU - Bloomington is very diverse. Even within my own group of friends, there is a great variety of individuals. The campus is so large that there are many different groups of people and quite a bit of international students as well. Overall, I would say that most very one would fit in at this campus because there will almost certainly be a group of individuals that share your interests. In terms of what to wear to class, there's no set items. I've seen all kinds of outfits around campus, and even the occasional costume as a joke.


Despite the broad range of interests, Bloomington students generally tend to be creative, easy-going, and conscientious; they each have unique interests and activities, but everyone is looking to have a good time.


They can be fun, helpful, engaging, annoying and lazy.


My classmates are fun and diverse individuals who have a variety of different opinions, thoughts, arguments and ideas in which expose their astonoshing personalities as well as their contribution to the school.


Classmates here at Indiana University are mysterious, because in each class you are going to have a different group of classmates.


I am from New York, and I was taken off-guard by students' and faculties' friendly, non-judgemental attitudes at IU. Everyone in my dorm and classes are so kind and willing to help me out whenever I have a question or problem. I can't imagine a more caring, nurturing environment to get an education and start a new life.


My classmates are entertaining.


My classmates were very diverse and eager to learn.


My classmates have been very friendly on the whole; quite a few are wild, but it's very easy to meet the kind of people you want to be around if you try, know where to live, and make an effort to go to meetings.


The campus over all is pretty liberal but I'm more conservative and have never felt uncomfortable, all types of people and very diverse.


Eager to learn yet shallow.


Most of my classmates were ambitious, already working in campus radio and/or tv, and eager to get a job in the "real" world.


They are all unique.


My classmates are intellegent, competitive students who like me want to receive a good education to then eventually find a job that they will enjoy.


My classmates are ambitious and focused because the all have the aspiration to one day go into to ever changing world of science and technology.