Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

Describe the students at Indiana University-Bloomington.


Mostly greek kid clones but a small population of people who are original, progressive and interesting.


My classmates are dedicated students who are passionate about learning all that they can to enter their desired career path in the future.


My classmates are fun, outgoing, thoughtful, active, smart, laid back, and very focused on academic quality and learning.


Most of my classmates are eager to learn and attain their goals, but a minority of students are here to have fun before having to start their adult lives.


My classmates have become some of my closest friends, and I have only known them for a semester!




Party Hard


the students think it is expensive to live in campus. so a lot of them live off the campus. and more party of this school.


They are nice, open-minded


In a 40,000 person campus, the student body really cannot be described. Think of a big city, and all of the different people you see in a city. That is what it is like here. No matter what you are in to, I guarantee there is someone else here that has similar interests!