Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

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This school is unique because it is extremely focused on getting students prepared for the working world by having them do coursework that is relevant and providing lots of support for finding jobs after graduation.


IU Bloomington has an incredible basketball team leading to unmatched school spirit.


It does not have a standard schedule where I have to be in class at a certain time.


Just look at the rankings. IU is one of the top public schools in the country and one of the top schools in the world. The size of the school means you have an oportunity to study literally anything. The campus is inspiring. It's the most beautiful college campus in the country. And there's the students are passionate about their school. They all love being Hoosiers.


I actually attended Purdue Universiry my freshmen year so, it is nice that I can compare IU to another school. IU is unique in its diversity and opportunities. There is a club, sport, activity, etc. for everyone no matter what your interests are. There is an immediate bond between yourself and another when you both attend IU.


Indiana University was definitely the cheapest option of the schools that I considered. However, this was not the main reason why I chose I.U. What I.U. had over the other schools was its individualized attention on me. By this I mean I.U. offered me multiple programs to enhance my education. The most notable of the programs offered is the Integrated Freshman Learning Experience (I.F.L.E.). I.F.L.E. is a six week summer program before freshman year where partcipants work in actual research labs. This experience has easily increased my interest in the sciences.


You get the best of both worlds- a big ten college and the feeling of a small school as well. You are located in a college town that loves to celebrate everything about the school, both academically and athletically. Once you discover your passion and get involved with your major, a strong tight-knit community develops as well. It is a school that you will forever be proud to wear IU and say you were a Hoosier!


The unique thing about my school compared to others, is the atmosphere.




I did not consider other schools. This was the only one I could afford.


I would say what's unique about Indiana University-Bloomington is all of the things that there is to do down there. A lot of schools don't have a lot of things to do outside of going to classes, but Bloomington has an amazing downtown with lots of little restaurants and shops that keep you busy and give you some down time.


Really, IU is an amazing school. There is so much going on around campus that there is always something to do, and something to hold your interest!


It has an excellent Evolution Departmernt in which I some day plan on working.


The town of Bloomington is absolutely gorgeous. I really loved the "college town feel" that it gave off when I came to visit the couple of times I came. I think that's what really sold me on coming here, the campus is beautiful.


I think whats really unique is that my school offers so many programs and options as to what you can do whether it be clubs, jobs, or Greek life. There always so many choices which it can be overwhelming at times. It is also unique because there is a great amount in international students which makes our campus very diverse.


Indiana University has the most beautiful campus in all of Indiana. It also has a wonderful schools of music and business.


It has such a unique grasp on learning- the perfect blend of nature with technology. I get a valuable education, while being in a beautiful environment and still having a great amount of fun.


The greek system is a big part of the campus and a lot of fun


The beautiful campus separates IU from most other campuses.


Everyone accepts everyone else.


The city that it is in is know for having a strong artistic community.


It is a beautiful campus full of spirit. There are many excellent programs at IU.


The most obvious reason Indiana University is unique is because of its very large campus. Also, it is known for The Kelly School of Business and other academic programs. Other schools I considered in my area are small schools where everyone lives off campus. I liked the idea of everyone living on campus at Indiana University because it helps you become a more socialable , independent individual.


It has a lot of opportunities for those interested in entering medical school. Other good programs include the music school and the business school. For me, the deciding factor was geography-based (it's close to home) and pretty good financial aid.


Compared to other schools I considered, Indiana University is unique because of its well-rounded and diverse atmosphere. IU has so much to offer, no matter what you are interested in. Programs such as the Kelley School of Business, Jacobs School of Music, and the School of Journalism are nationally recognized along with many more programs here at IU. Along with strong academics, what also makes Indiana unique is its beautiful campus and "Big Ten" experience!


I never considered any other school besides Indiana University, and it was the only school that I applied to. Compared to other colleges, Indiana Univeristy surpasses all; here, the diverse student body have thousands of academic and fun extra-curricular philanthropies, like IU Dance Marathon, which raises money for Riley Hospital. During IUDM, donations are made to Ryan White Infectious Disease Center at Riley Hospital. IU students stand for 36 hours for the child patients treated at Riley. Our motto: "Standing for those who can't".


Unlike the other school I looked at IU acctually knew who to send me to to get my questions answered and they knew about the major I was asking about as it pertained to their institution. It was also a lot easier to get around.


The first time I visited Indiana University Bloomington, I knew it was the school for me. IU's campus is like no other Indiana campus I visited. Unlike many universities, IU is not just a plot of land with class buildings, dorms, scarce trees, and parking lots. IU lies at the heart of Bloomington. The historical campus immediately felt like home to me with its natural landscape, thousands of trees, open space, and beautiful limestone buildings. More importantly with a huge student body, large greek system, over 180 undergraduate majors, athletics, art, and music programs, IU has something for everyone.


It is technologically advanced and there are a lot of fields of study and large amounts of research is done here/


I think that this school is culturally diverse and offers an array of oppurtunities for its students. There is a lot of verious activities, social atmospheres, and resources available to students. It is also a very welcoming town. Because most of the town is based off this university, everyone is very friendly. There is a lot of restaurants and bars to spend your leisure time.


Despite being a school in the Midwest--Indiana University allows you to be whoever you want to be. There are a variety of majors offered, numerous activities/clubs you can participate in, and so many people for you to meet. Many people get the stereotype of IU being just another school when in reality it is so much more!


IU has a beautiful campus.


I.U Bloomington's unique qualities stem largely from its international student/faculty population and tremendous national prestiege for Music, Business, Culture, and Arts of all forms and functions.


It has the perfect mixture of academics and enjoyment. We have assured employment after college and we get to have fun during the best years of our life. Academics and Parties are both extremely intense in this university.


The Hoosier spirit is huge on campus. Everyone is so friendly and more than happy to help you. Although we may be rebuilding our sport teams the atmosphere is still so alive!


What is unique about Indiana University is its rich history and tradition along with its beautiful architecture. The campus is easy to fall in love with. Every building is limestone and there are vast amounts of trees surrounding the entire campus.


Our school is unique in the fact that the downtown area by the university is amazing.


It has one of the best business schools in the world.


Even though there are a lot of students enrolled in the school, it never feels overbearingly large. There is enough going on for everyone to find their own thing, but at the same time there is the feel of a large connected community.


There is such great diversity that it seems to act as a miniature society. You can find any kind of person there.


At Indiana University there is pasion for the past with all the history that surrounds the Indiana name, especially with the basketball program. However, there is excitment for the future with every student being an essential asset to the school and the campus life. Every student that walks on campus and becomes a Hoosier is treated with the respect and is able to flourish to become and funtioning and successful member of the Bloomington community and perhaps a leader on a global level. The spirit and commitment are truely what makes this University special and unique..


I applied to four Big Ten universities, and out of those Indiana University seemed to have the most laid-back feeling associated with it (which I truely appreciate). Also, the Kelley School of Business stood out significantly compared to the other business programs at schools I applied to.


Indiana students are incredibly warm and inviting for such a large university. The business school is very career oriented doing everything they can in order to secure jobs for students after graduation. Although the classes may be large, the professors go out of their way to make themselves available to the students.


Big school with a small town feel.


The most unique thing about Indiana University is its size and racial diversity. No other schools I considered had such a mix of people, and I honestly don't think I would have been comfortable in a small, racially non-diverse school. It also is a fairly liberal campus in the middle of a conservative state, so it is nice to see different opinions politically among people. The student population here is politically driven and will become a catalyst for change in the future; change is what the world needs and we have what it takes to create it.


That it has such random programs which are top in the country. For example, we have the national Ethnomusicology department here.


The size. I wanted a place where I would have a huge alumni network.


The campus is absolutely beautiful.


It is a very liberal and open campus. There are many artistic and odd opportunites on campus. It is a bigger campus with pretty good sports teams. It also has great research and science facilities to kind of even out the liberal arts side of the campus. Though this is all great the best part is the natural beauty of the campus. It is gorgeous!


I didn't consider any other schools actually.