Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When talking to friends about my school, I always talk about the beautiful campus, with its many tall trees and timeless, remarkable buildings. I also always make sure to mention the great professors I have, how much I enjoy my classes and classmates I spend time with, and the huge number of activities that a student at Indiana University can take part in. Finally, I would always make sure to let them know how friendly most everyone is here, and how it is simply a very inviting atmosphere in which to get an education.


The rankings of some of our schools and the diverse things that I was introduced to.


The variety of things available. It would take you all the four years and more to discover all the interesting things to see at IU.


The campus. It's beautiful, lots of trees and streams. It's reminds me of every single movie about college I've ever seen.


I brag about the Kelley School of Business of course!!! I brag about Indiana's legendary basketball program and what an amazing time I am having in B-town. Bloomington is the perfect college town and there's always plenty to do! IU achieves the perfect level of achievement in academics, sports, and partying!!!


We have great sports and famous people.


I met my bridesmaids, best friends and mentors there. It gave me my future.


Such a pretty campus and very friendly


How you can walk to pretty much anything and everything as well as all the things that are available to do. We really have anything and everything at our disposal. Sports both varsity and recreational, parks, lakes, games, movies, fields of study, shopping, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, music-sympthony, orchestra, jazz, concerts, local bands, ballet, theatre. We are so well rounded here, it really lets you get a taste of anything that peaks your interest and it helps you define who you are as an individual, during those years that are most important to learn what you want.


I would most likely brag about my experience on campus and the depth of involvement I had and working relationship with univeristy officials while serving on an appointed student board.


IU has a beautiful campus! It combines wonderful academics with an active social life!


Bloomington is a great town and the people that go to IU make me feel comfortable here.


There are lot's of options and opportunities, but I also let them know that it will definitely challenge what they believe and the way they think. There are many different majors, activities, cultural events, musical events etc. in the surrounding area that make IU a great place to come and grow and find out a little more about who you are and what you want to do. I also think that it takes a strong personality or belief system to overcome the peer pressure from the drinking culture.


I brag about all the opportunties available to me as a Kelley School of Business student and as an undergraduate here. The classes are great, so I have been very lucky.


What I brag about most would be the people I met in my classes. I made some good friends going to IU.


The fact that, in my department, I have had the pleasure of having nationally recognized professionals as instructors.


My school has a very wide range of course from bakery to sports medicine.


How beautiful IU is! I love the campus especially during the fall. Bloomington and the surrounding area is also very pretty.




The campus is undeniably beautiful and although we are not ALWAYS the best at basketball we have a ridiculous amount of school spirit.


There is a lot of diverse people and it is easy to meet new people and get involved in different activites


How much i love being there. This place has really turned into my home, and it's really the only place other than my parents house that i've missed and wanted to come back to. The friends I've met there are awesome and have really become my future roomates and really brothers. There is so much to do, tons of hot chicks attending this school, and lots of of parties to go to. I have countless stories starting with "so i got really drunk and..." It's really just perfect.


How many different people go there.


Our campus, now that our basketball team isn't going to be so good next year.