Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


IU sadly has the reputation of party school. Like a lot of other colleges, we do have parties, but all of our students are every academically inclined. Students are not partying 24/7. As every school does, we have some students that have a little too much fun, but we don't have more than any other school.


IU sadly has the reputation of party school. Like a lot of other colleges, we do have parties, but all of our students are every academically inclined. Students are not partying 24/7. As every school does, we have some students that have a little too much fun, but we don't have more than any other school.


they drink a lot


The stereotype that I most often hear from others is that IUB students are at IU to drink and party.


All IUB students are party animals.


Oh, the obvious stereotypes come to mind, that we're a bunch of drinkers and partiers that don't seem to care about their school work.


IUB is often stereotyped as a school with a "party" atmosphere.


We party hardcore.


We party hard. Jewish girls are stuck up and bitchy as are many East Coasters. All people from the the East Coast are here because they couldn't get into the more prestigious Eastern business schools. Greek students have more fun than non-Greek students. SPEA students have failed out of Kelley and therefore will make less money in the future. The dorms in the Northwest neighborhood are more fun than the others and the girls living there are far more promiscuous.


IUB is a party school


There are "coasties" from the New York and New Jersey who all live at Smallwood. Everyone from Indiana is a hick.


The campus is full of greek life.


Some stereotypes about IU is that it is only a party school and the students go to class dressed up. Other more school specific stereotypes include Kelley business students stepping on others in order to get ahead.


To quote the grass roots publication with an insignificant circulation and almost nonexistent amount of subscibers known as PLAYBOY, "We're a drinking school, with a basketball problem."


Many people assume that if you attend Indiana University, especially in Bloomington, IN that you are there just to party. People assume that you might attend a few easy classes, but the majority of your time is spent getting drunk and going to parties.


IUB is considered a big party school, and I'm assuming that most schools involve students partying all the time. It's just a part of college. But it's true that there are a lot of parties going on here. But it's not like the parties never stop. It's not like cops don't come around and tell people to shut up and go home. But there are people who go to bars on weeknights and start partying in the middle of the afternoon on Thursday. I'm sure people do that at other schools, too, though. I'm not aware of stereotypes about IUB students.


That all we do is party.


IUB is all about partying and drinking... there may be others, but I only address them as I hear them, and then put them behind me


The stereotype that I hear most often is that IU is a school full of kids who only came here to party and that the academics are low grade as a result.


Party/drinking school, rich kids


1) We love Basketball (not that we're very good at it... but we could be... just not this year). 2) We party/drink hard.... very hard.


We like to party.


Hippies...we're all hippies.


1) IU revolves around the Greek community because it has a huge presence on our campus. 2) IU is diverse. 3) IU is the #1 party school in the nation. 4) IU football stinks.


I think some stereotypes about IUB and the students are that they are only interested in partying.


Many people think that IUB students only care about sports and drinking.


That it is not a very academic school and filled with partiers, and that students rarely ever study.


Biiig party school. Tons of diversity. A lot of Jewish students.


That all of the students drink way too much. That all of the girls are gorgeous. That the campus is absolutely beautiful.


Basketball, beer, and beauty. To sum it up. But really, Indiana is known for it's incredibly amazing Basketball team, and it all started with Bobby Knight.


A lot of people think that we are all just partiers and that the frats rule the party scene. Also, when people hear you are from the east coast and go to IU they think you are either here for business or music and a "rich kid" from the east coast who most of the time is just here to party.


People tend to see IU as a big party school and its just a back up school incase you don't get into any place better. Also people tend to think IU is just a school for business majors.


Some schools, such as Purdue, like to say IUB students are "stupid" and "not serious" about their work, and just a liberal arts school. IU is known as a party school by not only other schools and current students, but even from lists and Seventeen magazine (saying our school had the biggest 'party'--Little 500 week.) Also it is said a lot that our campus is greek vs. non-greek. And it is sad that there are "too many white suburban kids." Also people believe it is easy to get into this school because it is very large, or just easy. IU is said to have very "hot" or gorgeous girls. We're known to be able to throw a kick-ass party whether in the frats, a house, or apartment.


People definitely think we're all about partying, all the time. In addition, people think we're all about IU basketball, all the time


Even though IU was the top party school like ten years ago, (or maybe less than that. I don't really know. I tend to exaggerate) everyone seems to think that choosing IU is synonymous with choosing a 24/7 party.


Well, I think most people tend to think that IUB is largely focused on sports--and it is. And people think that IU is a party school--it's a bit of that, too. However, I've only ever heard great things about students academically. Also, each neighborhood is stereotyped: Northwest is sports/party central, Southeast is for quiet music/arts oriented students, and Central is...well, everyone else. And Collins is distinctly Collins.


IU certainly has a reputation as a party school; the general impression, even among many students here, is that the only activities involve drinking and watching sports.


We drink. A lot.


Jockeys, JAPs, not smart


That everyone drinks everyday all day.


One of the largest party schools. If you go to IUB you have to drink and you will at some point be pressured to drink alcohol. Over half of the campus is Greek. Because IUB is such a large school you feel like a number.


EVERYone parties hardcore.


Many people think the students at IUB party too much and don't always get their homework done. However, many people are also begining to recognize that IUB students are very intelligent and hard workers.


Everyone thinks of IU Bloomington as a huge state school where the "rejects" of the college admission process attend university to earn a degree in bp (beer pong) and kings. The truth, however, is actually not so black and white. Most students come to IU not out of desperation but in order to earn a degree which will lead to a profitable future career. They attend in order to enjoy a great mix of academic and social activities which may or may not include alcohol, but it is a conscious decision to live the typical college town lifestyle. Besides partying, there's a huge stereotype that our school is full of JAPs (Jewish American Princesses) from the northwest suburbs of Chicago and Long Island who do nothing but drink and have sex.


I think a major stearotype is that IU students party constantly and don't really care all that much about academics. Also, a big stereotype is that most students are snobby, especially the girls, and much more wealthy than most public school students, especially public schools within Indiana. This of course leads to the expectation of unfriendly and "fake" personalities on campus. There is also the stereotype that IU has some of the prettier girls in the Big Ten,which probably relates to the latter stereotype.


That IUB is one of the best party schools ever, and that our frats are known for raping women.


I think a sterotype about IUB is the athletics. I believe that IUB students are very supportive of their sports and very faithful.


Party students Not math and science types (a la Purdue) Liberal arts students Bloomington stereotypes (gay-friendly, hippie, liberal, etc.)


That people party non stop and that they do not care about school


We are rich college students that are known for partying. People assume everyone drinks and everyone does drugs...which is generally true.