Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My favorite characteristic about this school is the spirit. Not only for Hoosier athletics, but for the spirit of Indiana University. Whether that being derived from Fraternity/Sorority enthusiasm, sporting events, colleges, or even the quaint town of Bloomington--people love being a part of it and many people don't want to leave. Compared to my friends from high school that go to other colleges across the country, that aspect of my university seems to be unique and something hard to find.


The best thing about Indiana University is the ability to study what you want and get all the help you need. The professors are sincerely interested in what they teach and care about their students. I strongly believe that I will receive so many great opportunities from attending Indiana University.


The school spirit at my school is amazing. Even though we have a terrible football team the entire school is at every game. Our basketball team is well known for being sold out at every game and we have so much history with basketball. We also have an event called Little 500 which is a bike race where money is donated to the scholarship fund of my school. There was a movie made about it and celebrities such as Barack Obama and Lance Armstrong have shown up.


The best thing about IU is the size. There are so many people on this campus and so many different things going on that it's almost impossible to not find your niche. Also, the number of academic buildings and professors on the campus makes studying and meeting with professors a lot easier. I don't study well in a library setting so I can go to any other academic building on campus and do my work there instead. The size also makes technology a priority and therefore the wireless internet access anywhere on campus makes doing work easier.


The best thing about Indiana University is that although about 40,000 students attend this college there are abundunt ways to get involved and make the campus smaller and more personal. There are so many opportunities for any student to find their niche.


The best thing about the school is the environment. Everyone in the school is proud of where they are going and are trying to help everyone out. The teachers are proud and honored to be there and want to make sure you do the best in class and in life. They relate to you and give you their experiences. All the students understand what you are going through and are willing to help you out, academically or socially.


The campus. It is very well kept and looks great in any season.


The activites and social life.


The best thing about my school is that it is not to far form my family, I can get back and forth to lend a helping hand to my mother and family when I have some free time, if i can find a ride.


The social life. Everyone is extremely friendly and accepting.


The diversity because it ables me to learn so much about so many people and will also help me prepare for my career and the people that I may come across as a nurse.


The people are down to earth and the campus has an easy going feel to it. Academics and social life balance out perfectly here, and there is always something going on whether it is a concert, movie, guest speaker, shopping, trying new ethnic restaurants, or just hanging out at the student union. The campus is beautiful and is big but has a smaller feel.


Very focused on their departments. they give their all into each and every department and that is why IU is world-renowned for its business, music, and many other departments.


I believe it was the surroundings of the small down and the university that made everything so special for all of the students.


FRIENDS!!!! It is so easy to meet so many people.


The best thing is the environment because the professors set the students up for success. Being an education major I have had many hands on experiences with students in an actual school setting given the opportunity to teach them. Preparing the students fully to become successfu in the work force upon graduation is what Indiana University stands for.


The best thing about Indiana University besides the social life is the career driven classes that you take. This is the best part because it makes you realize that your career choice is exactly what you want to be doing and if it is not you will also know. If you do not know the classes help guide you to what your career should be.


The scenic campus is great.


The best thing about my school is the opportunities that are available to me. Whether it is a classroom experience or an on the job experience IU makes sure that its students have every opportunity possible. The other great thing is that IU is as close to my home as I need it or as far away as I want it to be. This was something that my mom told me when I first looked at it since it is only 1 hour from our home. I made the right choice!


The best part about IU is there is always something going on, and you really will only be bored unless youre not trying. Also, the students and the people are great. Everyone is accepting, friendly, and fun. Going to IU gives you a whole new outlook on life and people.


The amount of opportunity and resources available is definitely the best thing about my school beit makes everything and anything possible.


Indiana University is a great place to go to learn about anything and everything. You can talk with people from all around the world, take amazing classes on whatever subject you're interested in, or even travel abroad to discover new people and places for yourself. From the Videogame Industry to the Mongolian Invasion, from the Physics of Sound to Literary Theory, you can study whatever interests you most. Indiana University also has a great music school, business school, and law school. And even if your chosen major is totally unique, the individualized major program allows you to study anything.


research-focused and unlimited resources


I consider the students the best thing about my school. The students are all striving to achiveve there goals, which make them interesting individuals.


Indiana is a school that has it all. They have everything from a very diverse group of students to a diverse group of teachers. The Big Ten conference is exciting and Indiana has been known to have great basketball teams in the past. It is easy to meet people who are just like you even if you felt left out in high school. Greek life isn't just about partying but it also helps in the community and helps prepare you for the real world.


The choices made available to a person who is seeking to learn material that is not particularly mainstream. There are many interesting course to take at IU.


It has so many things to do! It has a great arts community, but lots of sports and stuff too. I love IU!


It is an open-minded community with a great amount of diversity set in a beautiful town. It's almost like living in a bubble.


I think the cultural awareness and divisersity is fabulous. As a future foreign language high school teacher, I adore the huge variety of languages available to take at IUB.


The best thing about my school is the Collins Living Learning Center which is where I used to live. The tightly knit community there is a wonderful thing at such a large campus. I made so fmany friends there and grew so much as a person. I never would have made it through college without this community.


The diverse group of people and choices I am exposed to.


The tradition and the loyality that the students and staff have for IU. Everyone loves being a Hoosier and we all love bragging about it. Our basketball team is something that we enjoy most as students and many staff members are fond of as well. Many of the professors I have had will even let us out of class early to go and see the game, that is if it is a late class.


Education oppurtinuties


The best thing about our school is the spirit. Students are always happy and friendy and will always want to be involoved. The staff is also very enthusiastic about what is going on around campus and are more than happy to help!


All the activites that occur. And the freedom.


Definately the social life. Tailgating, basketball and football games, and nightlife. If you learn to balance your work load and your social life you will have the best time of your life. The students here are also one of the best things about IU. There is a lot of school spirit and the students love to party and have a good time. The girls at IU at are also top notch.


I love how open and friendly everyone is here. The professors and the students alike are all so warm and welcoming I never feel out of place or unwanted. Everywhere you turn, you will find a smiling face ready to help you in any way possible. That, I think, is one of the best things about Indiana University.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit GOOO HOOSIERS!! And the atmosphere, the campus is beautiful. It's like the "college" you dreamed of going to growing up.


There is so much to do, and so many paople that you get to meet it really is a learning and cultural experience in everything you do. Becasue it is such a large school, there are tons of places and ways for students to get involved. The school seems really big, but once you find your area of interest, it gets much smaller. Because there is such emphasis on diversity at IU, in all aspects, I have never felt discouraged from holding trure to my beliefs and opinions - they are actually supported. Best things: diversity in people and activities.


"Find out what makes the Little 500 so fun to watch. HDNet presents the 2008 Little 500, April 11th/12th at IU


The atmosphere is amazing. I wouldn't trade my IU experience for anything.


The feeling of community and being able to get plugged in to the school in some way because there are so many opportunities.


I think that there is a very high emphasis on school spirit. Kid's love to be at Indiana University. It is a priviledge to attend this school. Our business school is among the top 10, maybe even top 5 in the country. Students in the Kelley School of Business work hard, and have tremendous school pride, because they attended such a magnificent school.


It is highly convenient to be able to work in the comfort of your own dorm. You do not have to own a car and save some of the time that a job would take away from school life.


The atmosphere is amazing at IU. From the teachers to the social life everything is a good time. I have never had a bad teacher yet, and it has been 3 years. All of them are helpful and really enthusiastic about their classrooms. Most people on campus are very friendly as well. Overall the enviornment at IU is very supportive and postive and its made my stay here the best years of my life.