Iona College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Iona College is a very intriguing and wonderful surrounding, as well as a very knowledgable expereience, that I am very tahnkful and blessed to be attending.


My school is a close-knit community where you always see people more than once throughout the day.


My school is a close-knit community based powerhouse of education, complete with a very strong faculty and abundant benefits featuring a beautiful campus.


Very taken care of.


My school is small and comfortable yet a little too small and veryhomogenious; there is not much diversity, but it is overall, nice.


What CAN"T IONA College do for you!?


Iona College is a school where you can earn a degree that matters while meeting the best people in the world.


The best people come out of the woodwork; give them time, and you'll have friends for life.


Iona offers many majors and has adequete faculty and facilities to fufill the needs of the students


Iona College is a comfortable school.


Two year housing sucks, surrounding area sucks, advisment and registrar suck.


My advice is to come to iona if you like high school... its pretty much the same thing, small classes, not too much or too little going on socially, join greek life or a sport and you will have a great time at iona and learn a lot.


Nice, but sucky.


The perfect mix of social life and academics


A very welcoming school with students who care about eachother, faculty try there best to help students, a very clean and upkept campus with the best available resources such as computers/workout machines/books/library etc. learning in this school will helpe me succeed in finding my true career which is the automotive advertising industry.