Iona College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school's business program is an excellent program and most people you speak too, speak highly of it. Also, our school is known mainly for it's affiliation with the Christian Brothers.


Iona is a medium sized collged. Soits not to small and not too big. You wont feel out of place and its beutiful campus with so many different type of people and personalities so you can always find a place to fit it and learn more by people.


Has a good business school and Mass Communication Programs. Not known for its social life or extra-curricular activitities. The sports teams on campus are really bad coming from a student-athlete.


It is best know n for business. The school has a great program, professors, advisors and financial aid advisors . It also has great clubs and activities. I truely love this school and all that it has to offer me and everyone.


Business Program


Basketball and the Business and Education departmens


basketball team


The business program.


I think Iona is best known for being a college that is the perfect size, enabling the students who attend Iona to get comfortable easily to the college life. It is also a school that teaches students to strive and find a rewarding career after graduating.