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We're right outside the New York City area, only about a 30 minute train ride to be exact. Its a small campus compared to other universities or colleges, but I have found everyone to be extremely helpful and friendly in my new transition.


Its very local and easy to et to everyone is very friendly and close


Well, it's private and based in the Catholic tradition for one, but it's still rather liberal in comparison to other 'Catholic' schools. It's also got a really homey, intimate feeling about it. it's not all concrete and steel like a lot of state schools. Classes are usually about 20-30 kids which is waaaay better than having 300 to a lecture hall.


The fact that we are so close to new york city. We still get the feel of city life but don't have to worry about all of the faults.


We are right outside New York City. We are a private Catholic College


The school is unique in that it is pretty small for a college and that it is located in a more urban environment.


Iona is extreamly racially and culturaly diverse which allows students to experience more insight on cultures and ideas that they wouldn't usually come across. Furthermore the small size of Iona allows for a more intimate learning environment.


there is a lot of diversity.


I think what is unique about my school are the professors. I haven't had any problems with any of my professors; they are all wise individuals who are friendly and kind, flexible to your needs, and help you whenever you need help.


I liked the location, close to nyc


how diverse everything is and how well everyone get along with other students


nothing.. it's convenient


The classes have a maximum of about 45 people in them. It is so easy to focus during class without having to worry about getting distracted. Professors are approachable. Everyone on campus are extremely nice and generous.