Iona College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would of known more about how to manage time. How to use your time wisely.


It's important to not lose focus on what your really there for. Time management and prioritizing are a must!


I went to an excellent college prepatory high school. They taught us, prepared us, we took college course and we were lectured extensively on what we should expect with regard to the college life, studies, the syllabus for your classes and professors. I also was well prepared by my parents. They raised me with manners, values, their great faith in me and anything I wish to do to make my dreams come true. But, of course, nothing can really prepare you, only the experience of living the college life. I thank my mom and dad for this time.


I think going into college no one really knows what to expect. College is what you make of it. I knew that before entering college; and I wish everyone had known that. I was never one to sit in a dorm room by myself. By being an involved student with on-campus clubs and organizations, I believe I had the best time I could possibly have at college. Sometimes I felt like I did too much; but it was so worth it.


The total cost of attendance. I did not learn how much it actually cost to attend Iona until the second semester of the my freshmen year . The school does not guarantee housing after sophomore year of college. In addition, the school is located right between two different economically areas of New Rochelle. The northern part is wealthy or well off and the southern part is not very wealthy. The school has a great campus ministry department that offers diverse opportunities for students to meet other people who may have the same interest as them.


I wish i would have known pretty much everything. I came here on a whim.


More people


There would be a lot of students leaving on the weekends.


I wish I knew how many people from the boroughs and long island went there


I wish I knew it was a "suitcase school."


I wish I would have researched on the academic situation pertaining to how many credits I must obtain in order to graduate. I feel that I was not given a thorough explanation of the academic paths I should or could have chose.


I wish I had realized that housing is only offered to freshmen and sophomores, and how difficult it would be to work and go to school around here as there are limited jobs within walking distance and cars are not allowed.


more information regarding scholarships and grants


I wish I would have known about the amount of paperwork needed every semester to fill out and send in, in order to get enrolled in classes. Also the fact that your are very much on your own ifinancially and independency.