Iowa State University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at Iowa State University accurate?


1. NO! I was afraid I would be bored in the middle of Iowa, but that's the furthest thing from my mind. 2. sort of. Iowa State has strong programs in agriculture, but that doesn't mean we're hicks. We also have amazing programs in engineering and design, and there are all kinds of other great majors here, and all kinds of people.


Absolutely not - I.S.U. offers an array of accredited programs that are of high-end, Mid-west quality with high-success rates.


Well, we do have a lot of hicks and farmers because there is an excellent ag program here at ISU, but the majority of us are not that way.


It's true that a lot of the students are from farms, but Iowa State offers a lot of diversity. After visiting other schools to see friends, I've found Iowa State to have some of the nicest and certainly most polite students.


From a software engineer stand point I know the education I'm getting is good. I work hard, but I would be willing to put my software knowledge side by side with anybody's that been through a year at college anywhere.


Although it's a big agriculture school, all styles of dress/classes/etc are represented and actually, the majority of students aren't farm kids. And even though our athletic teams may be inferior, our campus and student life is actually very similar to the University of Iowa's (and we can drink more).


Why yes! We're all in college!


1.)No, I learned cows acually sleep laying down! Ames is a great college town with a population of 65,000 people. We are also close to Des Moines so have access to city life 2.)Very True


Nope, not true. Sororities and fraternities stereotype could be true...


No. There is a very wide variety of people and majors represented at Iowa State University.