Iowa State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Iowa State University?


The excellent Engineering Program, and the beautiful campus.


Iowa State University has a rich history and there are so many traditions that have been kept throughout the year. For example it is a tradition to kiss your sweetheart at midnight under the Campanille, our schools clock tower. Also, the campus is beautiful during every season of the year.


One of the most unique characteristics of Iowa State University is how beautiful it is. Out of all the colleges I've seen, Iowa State has the most beautiful campus. There is greenery every where. There are huge grass lawns in the middle of campus that are surrounded by beautiful buildings, old and new.


The thing I brag about most about Iowa State University is how incredible the students and staff are. Whether you need advice or simply someone to listen to, you can always find someone on campus who is more than willing to talk to you and will help you when you are going through a rough time in your academic career or social life. There is always someone to help lift you up when you feel as if you have hit rock bottom


Our school spirit and opportunity for invovlement!


During Dead Week (the week before finals), our school had a local animal shelter bring in puppies for the students to play with. They were really cute and adorable and offered as chance to relax and release all the stress that we were feeling. Best part was that it was free and easily accessible to all students during the entire time they were on campus each day.


The material that I have learned from my classes


The number of extracurriculars is insane! I had the opportunity to get involved with a whole spectrum of activities and meet/network with some fantastic ISU students who will be future industry leaders. The opportunities are literally limitless to meet others, learn something new and get out of your comfort zone -- which is what college is, right?


Great educational opportunities, plenty of majors to choose from, and over 800 clubs for just about any interest or hobby imaginable!


I brag about the wide variety of clubs and organizations that are avaliable to get involved with.