Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I cannot find one thing that I dislike about Ivy Tech. I attended Indiana University-Bloomington for three years so this is a complete change of pace for me. I have no complaints for my current school!


Honestly the worst thing about Ivy Tech Community College is that there is not really many options for anything. You have to choose options based on the few limited resources. This is really only due to having little funding.


They keep changing the textbooks every term, the cover might look different but, the information inside the book is the same. You can't resell your books when this happens. When taking an on-line class, some of the instructors will not respond to your e-mails that you sending asking them a question.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that we do not have any Sororities available at the 2 year institutions. I feel this way because I would really like to join one but I will have to wait until I transfer to a four year institution.


There arent many extra curricular activities. There arent many things bad about this school.


Parking. There are never enough parking spaces, and people have been known to be late to class because they had to search and/or wait for an available space. The campus is in a somewhat remote location, so there isn't any other nearby available parking.


The lack of communication. When you call because you are having a problem it takes a day to even get through. And that does not always mean they solve the problem for you.


I feel that my school has a bad reputation due to it being a community college. Certain people, my parents included, feel that I'm not getting a quality experience or the same education as my peers attending a four year university. I am afraid that train of thought might be a common misconception and that it could hurt my chances of getting a job in the future if I am competing against the "unversity" graduates.


Just started and there isn't any yet!


The majority of the students that are on Finicial aid register for classes but do not intend to follow through with taking the class. They drop out just before the deadline and get a full refund of their aid to spend how ever they wish. I am very serious about my education and strive for high grades but can not get any federal funding to help with the expense. This is very discourging, when I could really use the help.