Ivy Tech Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that want to attend Ivy tech should be dedicate to their work and also be able to give back to their comunity as well.


Someone who does not want to finish what they start.


I do not beleive there is any type of person that should not attend this school. With anything you do it is what you make of it.


People who are not serious about their education, or ready to put your life on hold for awhile and do all the studing required. Sometimes people enroll just to get the loans, then drop out after receiving the money.


Students that are interested in a large student body. Also students that are looking to be apart of living on campus and living in dorms.


A person that plans to be in school for years and years and not have a family life or major job should think about attending a four year university instead.


No one, This school is the least expensive school in the state of Indiana. Why would one want to pay a higher price for the same education?


Some one who should not attend this school is a person who does not like to be on time. Also a person who is not willing to work on a project in a nick of time.