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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give my high school self, would be to not give up before starting the college experience. When I was in high school, I had the chance to enter the Groups Program at Indiana University, which is a program for first generation college bound students. I attended the weekend college visit at IU and realized that I was academically unprepared and too scared to enter the program. I didn’t talk to anyone about how I felt, nor did I reach out to my guidance counselor, who was the person that recommended me to the program. Had I not given into my insecurities and addressed my concerns to my guidance counselor or someone involved in the program, I would have had a different college experience and possibly, a different life. I later found out that I was more prepared for the rigors of the college experience than I realized. Also, I found out that the courses that I didn’t have, could have been rectified, by taking remedial courses. Remember to always tap into the resources available, such as advisors, student mentors, instructors, and even graduates, when faced with problems. Never let insecurities kill your opportunities!

Thomas Diep

Time to have the talk. *Portal opens. Tom2 appears infront of Tom1's eyes* Tom1: "No. Way." Tom2: "Yup, definitely happenin'." Tom1: "Assuming you're future me. You came here to selfishly benefit yourself in the future, rather than fixing real world problems." Tom2: "Well, mom tried to make me do something nice, but I just ended up causing world war four" Tom1: "Classi- wait, four?!" Tom2: "Not important. Our conversation's restricted to a hundred-seventy-three words. After that? The end. Your silence? Basically imperative. Not mine-you, but like, you." Tom1: "Okay wait, so -" Tom2: "tut-tut-shh" *intense pause* "Alright, eighty-seven words left?! Challenge accepted! Hey! Past me! Get your act together! You gotta make your senior year filled with total exuberance, so you're feelin' good for college! What are you wearing?! Dammit! Why did I look like as if Bruno Mars and Taylor Lautner had a bady?! Listen, new wardrobe, be more social, study, drop the girl, IvyTech freshman year, transfer to a university after, then you'll be fine. Oh an- " Tom1: Wait! That's already my plan!" Tom2: *laughs* "I know. I just really wanted to go back in ti-" Fin.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school and knowing that what I know now about college. I would find and appy for as much of any scholarship opportunites that is available. One the wekedns in high school. Just dedicate your whole weekend to searching and applying for scholarships because college is vey expensive and FASFA does not qualify for everybody. Also you only get so limited money to you evry year when you are in college.


If I were to go back to my senior year I would tell myself that things will get better, and that you are strong enough to make it through working those late nights as well as studying. I would tell myself that senioritis is not a real thing, and that I need to stop procrastinating on your studies. Also I would explain that community college is a great way to go for your first few years, economically speaking. I would warn myself that you need to keep my head up and continue to focus on studies. The transition between High School and College was easy for you, is what I would say, and it is not much different form what you are already doing. The only thing that I could possibly warn you about is parties. Stay away from them. If you actually listen to me you will save yourself several nights of tears, pain and worry. Please, do not go to parties. Just because I know you probably will anyways, dont set down your drink. Dont let men bring you drinks. They may not be as sweet as you think. Please, dont go to parties.


Honestly, I stood staring at myself in the mirror, putting on those last final touches and adjusting my cap and gown. My mother called and I looked away, just for a minute. Blink...from cap and gown to wedding gown. Blink. Blink. I was walking around campus, rocking my baby bump, crashing classes and buying expensive text books. Third blinks a charm...baby two, three and four. A class here, a class there. Thank God, no one is ever too old for school. I've gone from manual class crashing to on-line wait lists. Hell, I can even take a class from the comfort of my bed. When I glance back, this forty-one year old women is looking at me. Wow! Where had the time gone. She says to me...."start now and try to finish before the respnsibilities of life and career take hold. Transfer only if you must. The process can be mind boggling so, find a mentor who has been to your school and let them guide you. Quarter systems rule and above all...student loans are the devil (in my Waterboy voice), stay away from them if you can".


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I think i would tell myself to create a habit of not procrastinating. I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to do something, and when it takes a lot of time to complete i get really bored. This causes me to do things poorly. So, i would tell myself to get on top of things early and keep it that way.


I would tell myself to apply to as many colleges as I can. It doesn't matter if you don't get into some. I would tell myself to study long and hard for the SAT's and take the ACT's, and to also take advantage of CLEP test. When it comes to actually going to classes, and studying, I would tell myself to go to every class, to not get distracted while studying and to set up a steady study regimen for myself weekly.


I would tell myself to enjoy high school as much as possible, to make more friends, join clubs, even play a sport. I feel like I should have been more open to the entire "high school experiance." I would also explain how scholarships are so important, although my counselor tried to urge me to sign up for them, I did not. Now I have almost $30,000 in debt, it may be worth it to be in school, but scholarships would have gone a long way as well. Now I struggle month to month paying for school as well as all my other bills. Even though I cannot realistically go back in time, I am doing my best to attain any and every scholarship possible, to help lighten the financial burden. I am the only one paying for my education, and even though I just lost my job, I am determined to do whatever it takes to reach my education goals.


First, I would suggest to try different things of interest outside of high school to better determine where my likes and talents go. Should always consult with my friends and family who had similar experience in the colleges around and draw upon their suggestions. To have a successfull transition to college life, one has to take a few campus tours and talk to other already enrolled students over there. Finally, one would definitely look at the financial side, living arrangements and that college's location (how far it is from home and the neighborhood around it).


If I were to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to ask for help, talk to a counselor and stop being afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is probably the most important thing you can do. I had no idea how to apply, when to apply, or how I was going to pay for college. You have the ability to go and talk to a counselor and she will answer all the questions you have about college, ideal places for you to apply, and financial aid. Also you need to take AP classes or dually enroll in community college class. If you are dually enrolled in community college, your high school will pay for your classes. That is free money and nothing is better than that. You also have to study the material right after you learn it. It makes the exams a lot easier and you do not have to have an all night cramming session the night before the exam. Here are three key study devices that you need to know, that will benefit you in your college life studying habits; copious amounts of notes, flash cards and repetition.


For many years, I have been told that time is precious. That it is important to make every second count before it runs out. As you get older, you look to the past and reflect on decisions made. Even regret dreams that were never followed through. For many, the realization of losing the opportunities they once grasped onto is severely depressing. What I have learned, is that time does not matter. It will continue at the same speed whether you are paying attention or not. The importance has lied within HOW; not the WHEN I chose to live my life. And equally, how I have honored time by making rational decisions. Failure maybe the key to learning, but it is not a requirement. There is no need to feel rushed into making a decision that could ulitimately be the wrong one. College has been a time for self-discovery and improvement. It has given me the opportunity to see myself as a whole and independent person. My best advice to give myself is to remember to breathe. When life seems overwhelming; take a step back to remember what you're working towards.


College! The word is college not "a place to get away". I am a student that made it by in life not a student that slacked off but did not give it my all. If I had done more studying and trying to find scholarships I would not be in the predicament that I am in now. College is a place to grow and become one with self but also a place to realize you are alone and no one is there to hold your hand. If you do not want to do something no one will make you. A place that has frightened away many but where even more have grown to the women and men that surface the Earth we live on. Only a those who are willing to fight and make time to even attempt to graduate are congratulated those who went home, I am sorry and maybe college was not for you right now but I hope you the best. Those are things I would explain to myself so that I could understand the importance of trying to achieve higher education.


I loved college, the teachers are very helpful. I learned responsibility and how to make things go in a timely manner. i am very much a deadline person and will push to make sure a deadline is made.


I have not been able to attend college yet because of unplanned events. It is very important to me to be able to attend, because it will enable me to have a great career opportunity and it will allow me to make a better life for my family.


If I could go back to being a college senior I would talk to myself about the importance of getting a good education as education is something that can never be taken from you it gives you a sense of accomplishment. I would also talk about the importance of good study habits and following thru. I would also think a more in depth about career choices. I would talk about following your dreams as I have always wanted to be a RN but never really knew how to go about it and I thought I couldnt do it so I would definately talk about job shadowing and getting mentors. I would make sure I had a concrete plan of where I wanted to go and how I would get there instead of being afraid of the unknown.


I never made it to become a senior in high school . I dropped out in the eleventh grade. I later recieved my GED as an adult with five children on board in 2000 and never really thought I would be able to attend college. I thought only those with high school diplomas could attend , imagine the joy I felt when I was excepted! So, in this chance metting I want to say. I am your future and just because you are smart now it doesn't mean you have all the answers. I was wrong, stay in school. Your friends will lead you astray, do not listen. Take what your parents; teachers say more seriously they're only there to help you succeed. Make books and the education you can receive from them your first priorty. You will have plenty of time for fun later. There are no rewrites or retakes in college, Just like there are no do overs in life. Jobs are harder to come by in the future with very little to no education and, going to college will be the only answer to securing your goals . Plus, college is a lot harder at 39.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself one thing. That one thing would be to listen to yourself and what you want to do with your life. There are so many people who will tell you what you should/could/have to do with your life, but you are the only person who has to live with those decisions. If you just follow your heart and don't let others try to influence your life, you have no one else to blame or rejoice in but yourself. I also would tell myself to not give yourself deadlines or look at others to gauge your success or failures. Everyone has different circumstances, so just take what you are given and run with it. Be happy with your life and realize you will get there eventually, it just may take a little longer than anticipated.


I would tell myself to learn to study, dont be so concerned about your social life that you ignore the lessons you are being taught that will ehlp you prosper in the future. Teh most important lesson that I could have learned is managing my time with balancing my social life. I would also tell myself to become more involved with the programs at school because when you feel that you are part of something you strive to do better.


I would have gone straight into college after graduating from high school. I have two children and went back to obtain my Medical Assistant diploma. It was hard enough working and going to school, but also raising two children on my own. I was divorced when my youngest was eight years olds. But, I made it through that. I then had to put my school on hold until she graduated from her high school. I now am fifty-one years old and started back in college to obtain my nursing degree. If I had gone to college all those years ago I would be living a nice life right now. But, none the less, I am going back and will finish my degree. It is alittle odd going to school with your teenage daughter. We both are going for our degree in nursing.


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself then I would have told myself to go straight into a four year institution. Although attending a two year institution first is better financially the transition is harder especially with a child. Had I attended a four year college from the beginning I would not have to move my daughter into a brand new environment during the same time she will be starting school. Now I have to move to entirely different city away from all of my family and support system. I know my child will benefit in the long run from me finishing my degree in a field that I am passionate about but short term she will more than likely be sad and emotionally impaired.


Knowing whati know i now i would make many changes. I would make better study habits for my self through out high school. I would also prepare better by deciding what i would like to do for the rest of my life sooner that i did. it would make my college life go much smoother.


I took my senior year at a two year community college in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had a love for learning but became burned out once I made it to my last senior semester of high school. I wish I could of told my self to not look at the present but instead look at the future. A support group, positive friends, and self motivation are key elements for a students future. I would of also told myself that college can be exciting and a great experience, but to keep priorities first.


If I can go back in time to talk to myself as a senior. I would have said to pay more attention to the teacher when the teacher was teaching the class. I know I had a daughter as a junior and this is not alone for me anymore it?s to show her that mommy can still take care of business to get the job done. When I get to college it is a lot different from high school. You cannot be going to sleep in class and day dreaming. College is fun but you don?t have someone to hold your hand to say do your work on time. This is why I am now an adult. I would say you can do it when you put the time in an effort.


If I could go back into time and see myself as a senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself not to panic and to take a deep breath. I would tell myself that this year is going to go faster than it may seem and that graduation is right around the corner. I would tell myself to prepare myself more for college and that although I may have four classes total I still need to stay focused in those classes and use the extra days when I?m not in school to study hard. I would also tell myself that just as fast as the big day approaches so does the next year so even if I don?t know what college I want to go to, plan to go to community college because a leap year or a leap semester is not acceptable.


If I went back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would start telling myself from the beginning of the school year that I could get into college. I would tell myself to stop worrying about the boys and trying to make everyone else happy. I know now that all the things I was worried about back then don't matter as much now. Im would also make sure I applied to all my colleges early so I had more options. I remember I really waited to the last minute to think about going to college, which I really regret doing. I was the first member of my household to actually go to college and none of us really knew where to start. I think that if I knew what I know now I would have definely prepared a lot more then I did. That is why now I am really trying to help my little brother for his success in college because I know how confusing the first year can be.


If I could go back in time and give myself better advice to prepare for college I would definetly start out by making it a priority to purchase a laptop. I still to this day don't have a laptop. I utilize the public library and school labs as much as possible, often spending hours there. But having my own personal laptop would be much more convient for me since i work and am constantly on the move. Another bit of advice I would give myself is to obtain a job that requires me to work the 3rd shift. I recently started working that shift and scheduled my classes for afternoon. This has helped out my studies so much because while on the job at night I am able to do my assignmens and stay up on my reading with no distractions. Third shift isnt for everyone but it works well for my situation.


I would tell myself that college is not as scary as people try to make it seem. Just be determined and keep your motivation to succeed. Study hard and never give up no matter how hard the class may seem. Get tutored if you need to and keep your head up about your success.


College is a great learning experience and you will need a degree to get a good job to raise a family. Life is hard and family is important and I want you to be able to enjoy life and not struggle. Do not wait to go to school now is the time! Life is too short to waste, jump on the opportunity now!


That is a tough question, since I had no motivation for anything back then. I would probably say what I could to spark my interest in something. I went to Post Secondary Schoold for Welding, but at the time I didn't have much interest in it either. Along with that, I would offer my younger self a group of firends who were interested in learning things rather than surrounding myself with people who were unmotivated and lacking any kind of productive interests. As much time as I might have to talk to my younger self, I doubt I could have broken through my stuborn defenses. What I would be more likely to accomplish is to introduce a better enviroment in which I could have found potential in myself. If this would have happened back then, I may have been able to see all the I could be rather than all that I currently wasn't. With this diferent view of things I would have found an interest in what ever class I may find myself in, very much like I'm able to do right now, only earlier in my life.


If I could go back and give my younger self any advice I think I would tell her to stay focused, be herself , and worship the adventure . Her adventure will start shortly after entering college when she will have a son, but this is something I will not tell her. Since her son will make her a better person. I would try to sit myself down and tell her that life/ college is difficult, but you have to keep your head up and roll with the punches. Her family will support her , and so will her teachers. College is a challenge that she can overcome, just ask for help. She needs to know she can speak her mind, and tell people about her life. If they choose to judge her she needs to look the other way. She will fail at something?s, but that will only make her stronger. She needs to stand up brush herself off, and put it in the past. Life is too short to beat yourself up as long as you learned something from that failure then it was a success.


Learn to manage and balance your time between Scholastics and Social Life. You will have an amazing amount of newfound freedom and social experiences, but you need to keep your class schedule and workload in mind as well. If you choose to play on the computers and hang out with others instead of going to class and doing your work, you won't be able to stay in college for very long. Also, even though you think you know what career you would like to pursue, go to see the career counselor and take assesment tests. You may just end up discovering a path you never even knew existed. Thirdly, exercise. It will help you with cognitive function so that you do better on your classwork and tests, lower your stress levels to help reduce the chances of "burnout", and will keep all of the onion bagels with cream cheese from the cafeteria from giving you the "Freshman 15".


I would of told myself that the real world is not as easy as it looks. and to take things seriously from the start. Going through college and thinking you'll fly by is not the right idea. You need to take the time to sit down and look at everything closely.


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself that college is not something to be fear. Life is filled with many stages and adversity that can help individuals learn and grow. College can help focus those adversities into something positive and productive. Fear will always be apart of a individual life, but learning how to overcome can help open doors to new challenges and opportunities. In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, "...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" (The First Inaugural Address, 1933). Mistakes happen to everyone so don?t be afraid. Learn from your mistakes because life is full of them, and that is what college is all about.


I would tell myself to enjoy the rest of my senior year, retake my SAT's and really think about what I wanted to do in the long run. I would tell myself to go with my dreams, and to go to Purdue, the school I truly wanted to go to. instead of pleasing my parents. I would have told myself, not to worry about the money or being away from home but the experience that I would need. I would tell myself no matter how hard you are going to try you can't please your parents and they aren't going to make your dreams become a reality only you can do that. I would also tell myself to go on the senior trip to Costa Rica, instead of working for two weeks because that experience might have given that extra boost to be more independent.


The old adage: Hindsight is 20/20. Were I able to go back, I would tell myself this: Firstly, be mentally prepared to be in college. It was such a drastic change from high school. Honestly I was not ready for it. I would advise to take more campus tours and talk with current students to get a better idea of what college life was realy like. Second: Take time off before going, even if it is only a semester. Had I advised my senior self that, I might not have wasted the first year on partying and a social life. New found freedom and a full course load were too much to handle all at once. Third: Don't overload your courses. My first semester I was enrolled in 17 credit hours; my second semester was just as hard with 16 hours. As a freshman, all those factors combined were a disaster waiting to happen. My advice? Do your research, take time to find yourself before you go, start with 12-15 credits at the most, and lastly, know that college is going to be the hardest but most rewarding experience in your life if you are prepared.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself..I would say Kendra the classes you're taking may not be of much use to you now but in the future you will need them. You need to finish Spanish because one day you will need it, and really get a handle on Math, GIRL try to remember how to punctuate sentences and paragraphs. Get deeper in you books. You need to get more involed in school activites. I can bet you one day you will be telling your kids the samethings you need to do so you need to let them see what they need to make it and be able to show them as well because NOTHING STAYS THE SAME they change everyday and you won't be ready.


Assuming I could go back to my senior year of high school . Knowing what I know now about college and the transition, I would have to0ld myself to take all the classes that i could have especially my math. I would have also taken a little bit more science then I did. I know now that if i didn't take the the chance to graduate early I would probably have been more aware of what i was learning.I know for a fact that i didn't pay enough attention i some subjects a I did others. Because if i would have done so i could have been almost done with my schooling.Also i would have not taken a year off just because somethings got ruff the first couple of semesters. I also would have to myself don't look at how everyone else is moving along in school. Just look at the fact that I actually finished high school unlike most people in my family.I also should have told my self once i finish college no matter how long it takes it will pay of in the end ,or so my family always tells me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and make an advice, it would be that I would take my grades a lot better and not putting off things , because it hurts me in the long run. I would also do is take better classes that I would need in college instead of taking them now.


I would tell myself to just try college, don't assume that you can't do it. Make myself do at least one year of it get involved in activites and push through. I will also tell myself that just because you have a child millions of people every day do it and it would be better to do it now that when you are 32.


I would have really took advantage of every thing my teacher was teaching me to prepare for college instead I thought it was going to be the same as high school not that hard. So I had to find out the hard way that college is not as easy as I thought and that the teachers doesn't stay on you as the one's you had and high school. Because to them they are there to teacher the ones that really want to learn they dont make you turn and your homework once they tell you the due date and you dont turn the work and thats your problem the only way they would give you more time is if you had an death and the family are you was sick. So as I look back and remeber what my teachers told my I realized that life is to short and that you should always listen to your teachers because they have already being through what we have to go through to get where we want to be so that we can tell younger people that it is not easy so study hard and they would achieve there goals.


You are smarter than you know right now, so don't listen to those who say college isn't for you. Get in there and get your degree right out of high school rather than waiting until you're in your 40's. You will learn as you go along that your I.Q. is above average, so learn to trust yourself. College only seems intimidating until you get started. Take the plunge now! Also, when you meet that first husband, RUN!


As a high school senior going into college I would tell myself to be alot more prepared. I only had very few scholarships and I only had enough to get me through the first year of college at IUPUI. I would have been alot smarter with my money and what college when have been the best for me at that time in my life. I should have contiued to apply for scholarships even after I was accepted into the college of my choice. Those are some of things I would have said concerning finances. While living the college life I would have told myself to be alot more focused. I started out excited and very focused, but when things became a little difficult for me I backed off. I didn't use the tutoring that was available and I wasted time trying to hand instead of studying. I would have told myself to be prepared to graduate no matter what the cost, no matter what I had to miss out on, or sacrifices I had to make. I should have stayed focused, because in the end it would have paid off.


I would tell myself to be more focused so that I am better prepared for college education. Spend more time focusing on what you enjoy doing so that picking out your major isn't as hard. Do well on your SAT/ACT's because they do matter and they will get you far in the college schooling selection by giving you more options. Get more involved with the student body. Join a club or play a sport. This will help in your team building skills and social skills. This will help by putting yourself out there more and getting recognized. The most important thing I would tell myself is to not be afraid to ask for help. If you are struggling in a subject or are having troubles in the situation you are in don't be afraid to approach a teacher or a faculty member with the problem. They are there to help you and are always glad to explain the solutions. Not asking for help will get you nowhere and will hurt you in the long haul.


The advice i would give myself would be to take the SAT or ACT.


Through my journey in life and as it continues I have seen a major change in the way the world was and the way it is today. Our needs for today?s world require a two income family. Knowing that the only way to make it in the remainder of my life is for me to get a higher education. My Journey in life has taught me to focus my attention on my family and how precious life is. How important it is to get a good education. I have stressed to my girls that you should have two or more majors in college. You should enjoy what you have when you have it; because it can change right in front of your eyes. The girls and I have experienced this first hand, seeing their dad loose his job. How our life turned upside down. We are blessed that my husband has found temporary work, but as we all know this too shall come to an end. We pray that God will continue to provide help with our financial needs. Don't wait until your world turns upside down. Stay in school reach for the ski and fufill your dreams.


I would tell myself that your GPA does matter. I might want to go into another field some day, and the school will look at my GPA. I would have told myself that Criminal Justice Degree is a waste, and to not pursue it. There is not any money in that field, and if I want to be able to support myself and my child, I need to be in a more lucritive field. Also, I would tell myself to enjoy not having to be responsible, and enjoy all aspects of college. Get to know other people that aren't like myself, I will learn a lot about other people, culture, and the world. Watch out for credit card companies, they lurk around colleges, and kids get into trouble easily.


Never settle for less then the best.


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It will be important for you to manage time. Do not let distractions stop you from being productive. It is best to be productive every day and befor you know it you will recieve many benifits. Remember that it is important to ask questions and to always think critical. Do not be self-centered, do not judge anyone, and love all.


Future Self: Hey you! I know you may not believe me, but don't wait a semester to join the Army. Join as soon as you graduate high school! High school senior: What!? Are you kidding me? ME? In the Army? Future Self: Hey man, joining the Army was the best experience that we ever had. It opens our eyes up to the world. We experience several different cultures and see just as many different countries. You experience situations that some people can never dream of... High school senior: Dream of? I can dream some pretty big things... Future Self: It also helped to pay your way through college. Let me say that again, you were paid for school. Somebody else actually paid you to attend school. High school senior: Wow, that does sound pretty sweet. Future Self: Plus free hair cuts! High school senior: What!? I like my hair.