Jackson State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Jackson State is best know for the Sonic Boom, also known as the band.


Jackson State University is a campus of traditional, hardworking, and selfless productivity. Therefore, this campus is known best for its famous marching band. Our marching band has been dubbed "The Sonic Boom of the South". This band is committed to percision, grace, and entertainment that will move your soul and warm your heart.


Jackson State University is best known as one of the top Historically Black Colleges in the United States.


Our school, Jackson State University, is best known for being a historical black college and also for the technology programs in which are offered.


Jackson State University is one of the many Historically Black Universities in the United States. Designated by the Carnegie Mellon Foundation as a research-intensive university, Jackson has more than 90 undergraduate, master's and graduate degree programs. It was originally founded with 20 African American students in 1877 and now has a diverse student population of over 8,000 students.


The Sonic Boom Marching Band


Jackson State University is a very diverse school, populated with people from all over the country. Extra-curricular activities are one of the major influences at school. The professors are trustworthy individuals with one's best interest at heart. Many of the classes are based on a student-teacher relationship;however, many of the instructors are friendly. I'm glad I chose Jackson State University as my institution for higher learning and hopefully many more will do the same.


My school is best known for the business and egineering, program, the high amount of school spirit from current students and alumini, the marching band, the football team, the recent renovations, and for a being and historically black college.


Its know for challenging minds and changing lives.




Jackson State University is best known for their academic skills. Students come from all over the country to participate in this historically black college. Students here socialize very well with each other even if you are new. They welcome you with open arms in to this great school.