Jacksonville University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The lazy type should not attend this college and neither should the "partyer" because it is a quiet campus. There are parties but there are no reports of underage drinking because the punishments for such is probation. Expect the professors to expect alot from students.


People that should not apply to this school include people that are anti-social, have no future career plans, and people who do not want a quality education.


A person that should not attend Jacksonville University is someone that lacks dedication. The amount of time and money that this school requires demands the best of its students. A student should be completely prepared to dedicate themselves fully to succeeding in this program.


If partying and sports are your primary focus in college, Jacksonville University may not be the school for you.


If you are a student thinking that JU will be a breeze because it's a private university. JU isn't going to be the right place. JU is a student first University meaning they want to help the students get better. So if your a student who doesn't like help from your professors then JU might not fit your list of schools.


Someone who wants hands-on experiences, likes small classes, and enjoys going to the beach.


A person who is looking for a big school wit a lot of big camous activities. The school is really small .


The people who are in college only to party. This school (especially the nursing program I am in) is known to be very tough for those who don't care much about their education, and those who spend the countless nights out and about, with an exam the next day, usually don't make it through the first few months. Those who are like this, but want to change, must put work into shaping their habits to be responsible. And when one has the right people around them, it is pretty easy and fun.


Anyone with a drop of motivation in their blood can do better than Jacksonville University. I think of transferring almost daily and do not only because I am literally paid to go here. The social life here is non-existant, so anyone interested in meeting new friends or interacting beyond the classroom, this school is not for you. Also, anyone interested in big sports teams or school spirit should not attend this dismal 'University'. Do not attend this school expecting a night life. If you plan on joining a fraternity, avoid this school because they are small and generally unattractive.


The kind of person that should not attend Jacksonville University is someone who is willing to apply themselves. This is a small school, the classes are small and the teachers know you by name. Teachers can and will get in touch with Coaches and your ROTC teacher.


Someone who is afraid of being noticed. There are small class sizes so you become involved in the classes and professors. Someone who uptight and a control freak, this school is laid back but demanding the overall atomosphere is take it easy, but work hard.


One that can study and work hard.


A person who is not open minded to different races, religiond, creeds, etc and a person who does not like a small school.


Any person who wants to be a part of a school that is more of a community than school. The teachers, staff, and students are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and accepted. By having a smaller campus and smaller class sizes, it allows students to recieve more attention from their professors and to feel more involved. The great thing about JU is that you can come from anywhere and still feel like you fit in.