Jacksonville University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frusterating thing about Jacksonville University is The Valley. The Vally is a huge set of stairs that go throughout a valley that leads to all of the class buildings. If you are running late for class or just too tired, there is no other way to get around it besides taking the long way. Also keep in mind, you will see at least one student either trip up or down them a couple of times throughout the year. It does make a good work-out though.


With jacksonville University being a small University it does not offer alot of choices with electives. They also don't have as many classes of a subject as a big University. The classes fill up real quick, and then you have you choose a class that is early in the morning. When you play a sport it is hard to attend an early class.


The most frustrating thing is the campus activity. Campus activity isn't all that great and I feel it could be a whole lot better.


Due to the fact it is a very small university the classes are very small and intimate with a max of 15 students in each class. Therefore most of the teachers base your grade off of attendance and not the quality of work. After like two absences you get a whole letter grade dropped and your GPA no longer reflects your knowledge ability but instead your attendance ability. So if you slack but show up you can get a better grade than those who work hard and do excellent work.


This topic requires a student of Jacksonville University to pick their brain, due to the myriad of possibilities worthy of mention. Be it the high freshmen transfer rate (over 50 percent of the 'friends' you may make here as a freshmen transfer after their first year), the low level of academic competitiveness or even awareness, or just the general unfriendliness apparent while spending only a few hours on campus, Jacksonville University is the antithesis of college ideal. If you are interested in being surrounded by thought-stimulating academiclly oriented peers engaging in friendly intellectual competition, avoid at all costs.


The most frustrating is watching kids my age, true freshmans, that think college is the same as high school and act out in class and disrespect teacher. Do they not know they are spending precious dollars to go to college and the high school and college are the same thing?


The tuition is really expensive and the food here is not that adequate.


The "Public Safety" officials


Lack of student pride


The most frustating thing about my school are the expenses needed to enroll. Being a Private school gives Jacksonville University's students a chance to have more of a one on one experience with the Professors and each other, but great education comes with a great price.


You have to take responsibility and do things for yourself. Mom and Dad can't come in and fix your problems, and a lot of students don't get that.