Jacksonville University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how cliquey Jacksonville University is.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to get financial aid to fuly cover that last coupe of thousand.


To be honest I always wanted to go to Jacksonville University ever since I was in middle school, but I knew the cost was going to be too much to handle. But me being the dare devil that I am, I decided to go anyway because it was apart of my dream. Fortunately for me I was able to pay for my tuition with no problem, but the downside to that is I don't have enough money to pay for my textbooks. Textbooks for some reason, cost more then tuition it seems. Really, It shouldn't be that way.


I wish I had known that walking up and down the steps in the valley never gets easier.


One thing I wish I would of known before I came to this school was how great it actually was going to be. I never knew I could love a school more than my high school. Before arriving here I thought I would hardly make any friends and that my teachers would not care if I struggled in my classes. That is the complete opposite, I have so many friends and getting to meet people is so easy. My teachers care more than anything on how I am doing in their class and try to help me in anyway possible.


I wish that I had known about the certain professors that you have to watch out for before I came here.


I wish I had known that Jacksonville University did not have a collegiate level of track for the male. I was really loooking forward to running, that way I would be focused in two things that I love doing.


I wish I had researched the cost of attendance a little better.


I wish I would have had a better understanding about the tuition amount, and the various ways to make payments throughout the year.


One thing I wish I had known before I came to this school is the sports. I played soccer all my life and stopped once I got out of high school. I wish they had club sports instead of just intermurals. I would really like to start playing competitive soccer again without being on the real Jacksonville team and devoting my whole day to soccer.


That it is very much like high school.


I wish I would have known to apply for housing really early in order to stay in the nicer dorms.


I wish that I knew about this University's well organized, competent and caring staff. A efficient and deticated support staff was the difference for me. I knew that this college was for me after my first visit. I wish I would have known about the staff and my personal feeling of comfort I have for the campus and other members of the Ju family.


In my belief, I think I would tell myself do not dwell on each individual issue that could happen. I spent a lot of my time sweating the small stuff, and crafted a horrible first few weeks in college. "Enjoy your time here, and everything will always work out," I'd say. "Obviously you aren't the first and only freshman who has no knowledge of college life." What of the freshman forget is that colleges have gone through this process many times before, and they know what they're doing.


You must live on campus for your first two years of college and if you are not in greek life, you basically have no life


There is nothing i wanted to know that i didn't know before hand.


I would have loved for someone to have sat me down and told me how much college would really cost! I would have looked into so many more oppritunities for scholarships and grants. Also, it would have been nice to have someone help map out the classes I would need to make the most out of my four years here. I wish someone would have told me how complicated it would be living with so many students in close quarters. Roomates can either be a blessing or a curse.


I wish that I had known that Calculus was way harder that everyone let on. Also that at universites, most classes are more strict and require more studying that classes at community college.


That some of the classes from my previous school would not transfer.


How many students actually went to this school and how much more money it costs for books and the food quality.


the workload for courses


How much the books were going to cost. They are very expensive and not covered by my financial aid.