James Madison University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The fact that there is no physics graduate program means that all of your professors are interested in the undergraduate students only. You get a more one on one attention and opens possibilities of research.


The campus is awesome.


There is so much to be involved in at James Madison University. The variety of clubs allows every student to find something they are interested. Also, the school spirit is incredible at the university. The environment is so welcoming and kind with all of the positive energy and spirit.


parties. girls


The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. I remember there was a time when I did not have my umbrella with me, and it was pouring outside. One of the James Madison University (JMU) students saw me and walked me to my designated location with her umbrella. The first time I ever visited James Madison University, I knew immediately that it was the perfect school for me due to the fact that it was a great fit.


I love the scenery of the rolling hills, Massanuten Snow Resort is 30 min. away, the professors really care, you make life-long friends, people aren't juddmental compared to other schools and all of the students really enjoy making the best out of their time.


How friendly we our, how much we serve the community, and our school pride.


The academics. They are very demanding and excellent quality. The professors are amazing and approachable.


The best thing about JMU is the atmosphere and the overall spirit. Everyone is so sweet and kind and you truly understand the meaning of the word southern comfort. People open doors for each other, and respect each others thoughts, feelings and ideas in the classroom setting. Everyone has such JMU pride for our school and all of us are proud to attend college here.


I think the best thing about our school is our students, we are the ones that make up this school and bring the change and sucess to the wonderful school.


The best thing about James Madison University is the interaction between faculty and student. Although the ration between professors and students is obviously outnumbered, the amount of interactions is unbelievable. Everyone, from janitors to the president of the university, is friendly and easy to talk to.


JMU is the best institution for providing activities that do not promote drinking and partying. We provide fun, exhuberant comedians, mind thrilliing concerts and movies right from the theatres for free. Instead of promoting alcohol and drugs, the University Program Board does an excellent job in stretching the student's mind to new levels. We give more than just classes which help students relax and have fun, yet also increase their awareness to help change the world one step at a time.


The opportunity to meet different kinds of people who are different from you. The acceptance of these people is obvious on campus, which is comforting when you're not like the vast majority of the people around you.


Everyone is extremely friendly, especially the professors who expect and promote participation in class and in the community.


There are so many great things about James Madison University but one of the best things in my opinion is definitely the people. Everyone is so nice here. People will go out of their way to hold the door open for you, smile at you even if you do not know them, and professors are beyond willing to help you with whatever problems you are having. James Madison has the southern hospitality going for it everywhere you go and draws people in from all over the United States.


The college campus is like a community or a family. Even though it is a big college, you get personlized attention and you are not just a number.


The thing that is the greatest about JMU is that the people are so friendly. Everyone loves JMU, and it shows, everyone is bleeding purple whether it be supporting the sports teams, wearing JMU gear around campus, or just talking to people around campus. Everyone is friendly, happy, and upbeat. The school does a great job of creating unity amoung students, and it really does show.


The diversity. I'm involved in the alternative break program and everyone is working towards a common goal of helping the world, but we are all so different.


The student body. Everyone is super friendly here and the girls are extremely attractive. You can go up to anyone and start a conversation which is strange because you don't do it anywhere else but here at JMU. I love everyone here


The people exude a constant deluge of friendliness, comradery, and school spirit. The student body is enthusiastic, positive, supportive, open-minded and always eager to convince you that JMU is the best place in the world. The faculty is kind, accessible, and knowledgeable about their fields. Most importantly, everyone on campus is incredibly supported. After my mother and brother (a JMU student) were murdered, the support and sense of family was beyond what I could have expected anywhere else. This is a campus that takes care of people and protects their wellbeing.


The best thing about James Madison University is how genuinely nice the students are. I remember an openhouse that I attended, we were on a campus tour and somehow veered away from the tour group and were trying to find the HHS building and had no idea where that was. We stopped a group of college students who were more than happy to guide us in the right direction and even walk us there if we had wanted. When I attended openhouses at other schools I just didn't see the same kindness I was shown at James Madison.


I love my art teachers. They inspire me and challenge my creativity as well as my ability. They teach me new, economical ways to make art, including how to make materials from nature and new ways to express myself.


The best thing about JMU is that it is community-focussed. From the first week of Freshman Orientation, the faculty, staff and students here are determined to make students feel like they are involved in the greater community. Without this community atmosphere, JMU would be a very different place.


My school is the only one in Connecticut that offers a School Health Education Masters. I believe health education is a critical component of children?s education and my responsibility to provide that material in the best way possible. Ideally, health education begins in the home where children learn from their parents/guardians. However, not all parents/guardians have the knowledge to prepare/educate their children about healthy behaviors and the importance of healthy choices. Therefore, it is imperative that I possess the necessary skills to pass on all of the information that I wish for my students to receive.


the mountains.


The best abotu our school is the environment that we have at JMU. We are a welcoming community and have so many opportunities. One of the best opportunities we have is our study abroad programs, particularly the short term programs. They go to every country and offer an amazing chance to see another culture.


The overall campus. It's absolutely beautiful.


Students manage to balance exercising well, studies, and social life to stay happy and well balanced.


The best thing about JMU is the availablity of the professors. They are extremely easy to speak with and want to help the students in any way possible. They encourage the students to talk to them.


I enjoy the school spirit and our football team. We almost made it all the way last year and the students feel so unified at the games. I love how everything else falls away when we are all rooting for the same team to win.


I would consider the environment one of the best things about James Madison University. The college is not too big or too small. It is a very well kept school that is easy to get around. There are plenty of friendly students and professors that make you feel welcomed every day. The college offers students the help they need with any disability they may have. What is great and convenient about James Madison University is that it has numerous stores, restaurants, banks, and apartments extremely close to it. There is also a large amount of job opportunities available.


The best thing about JMU in my opinion is the friendlyness of both professors and students on campus.


location and friendly southern people


There is alot of school spirit and everyone seems happy to be here.


The campus is incredibly beautiful and well kept and everyone is very very friendly, helpful and loves their college.


The best thing about JMU is how the staff and students have worked together to create this university a "home away from home" for everyone. JMU accomodates the interests and backgrounds of all students so that they will feel comfortable making this experience worth their while. No matter one's ethnicity, gender, or interest- there is a group at JMU for anyone to relate to.


plenty of opportunities in several different fields


I consider the atmosphere as the best quality at James Madison University. I find that students and teachers are very friendly and upbeat. Everyone is very polite, and respectful, it is common to see people holding doors open for you!


atmosphere; you will never feel alone!


The best thing is the sense of community that JMU fosters. Students and faculty are all very excited to be there, and everyone is pumped to be a JMU Duke! There is a strong emphasis on acedemics, however there is so much to get involved in so students become well-rounded individuals. JMU is so much fun on Weekends and the food is so great!


The best thing about James Madison is that it's the perfect size because it's not too small where you know everyone and it's not too big where you need a GPS to get around campus! I like that the school is top notch academically while also having the reputation of having a great social life. Also we're fortunate to have high quality on campus food, an attribute that cannot be overlooked.


The people that go there and the classes offred.


I love the fact that everyone is so nice and willing to help out their peers. It is a very friendly atmosphere. Guaranteed you will never get a door slammed in your face.


My school is very student-oriented and very diverse. There is always something going on on campus that does not always have to be alcohol related. There are clubs and organizations aside from the greek life that help the students feel that they have somewhere to go to find their niche.


The people are friendly and accepting. everyone is always happy and smiling


The school spirit. It is very obvoius that every member of the JMU community loves this school. There is an unlimited amount of things to do and people to meet. Classes at this University truly allow students to find what they are passionate about. They push students to achieve their goals and set up fulfilling futures.


Very research focused, lots of activities other than drinking, low greek population, overall friendly people


For the most part, the classes are taught really well. There are a lot of general education classes which force students to be exposed to many different fields. This allows some people to find new topics of interests that wouldn't normally be considered.


The school spirit. Everyone has it, everyone showes so much pride in our school.


I believe the best thing about our school is the people who attend and the accessibility of the professors. Eveyone here seems to understand each others needs and that they share a common thread. We all want to suceed. The professors want to help us achieve our goals. They are there if we need extra help or have any other problems.