John Carroll University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the core needs to change and the amount of credits to graduate should be reduced. We should not have to take three philosophy courses, First Year Seminar, and two religion courses. The core needs to be reduced so that students can focus on their major classes.


As a student of color, a lot of times I feel like my voice is not heard on campus. The saff works very hard to try to accomodate studens , but they ussually are working for the ajority and no the specific problems that bother minorities.


The weather is the worst part. While the snow itself is not too bad, the duration of the winter and amount of wind and snow can be wearing on everyone.


I haven't been there to go to school yet, so I don't know what I would consider the worst thing. I am completely in love with everything about John Carroll, which is why I picked it to go to school there.


The advisors don't really seem to care too much about helping out the students. The advisors are professors so most of them only seem to care about their research. I feel like I'm disturbing them when I have questions. A lot of the science classes are only offered in certain semesters so it is very hard to graduate on time. Trying to figure out a schedule that works with the alternating semester class schedules is like a puzzle. I won't be able to graduate on time because classes clash eachother and are only offered certain semesters.


The worst thing about my school is that there isn't enough non affiliative groups that can connect new students coming in to the campus. It feels like you just started a new school and no one knows anyone and it's difficult for the students who don't know how to get involved. It's harder here to connect with students unless you either already know them from your neighborhood, major, or socio-economic background. Most of the students dress similarly to each other and focus in on only a few interests which doesn't allow for much diversity.


The people are clicky and they exclude others that are different from them. The dorms are also old and not at all cozy. They (the dorms) definitely need updating and more amenities. The food service could also be improved. It's overpriced and unhealthy.


It is not to "commuter friendly", its hard to handle a job while attending.


It is not a very commuter friendly school. Most students live on campus so they do not think to much about the commuter community.


The food here is total krap. And the service is quite bad too.


The food service


The food is bad. the school keeps promising us better food and service and so far all they ahve done is remodel the cafeteria.




Classes are very hard and require a lot outside work.


The dorm rooms could be bigger and more modern. The food needs upgraded with more variety.