John Carroll University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about school is knowing that when I graduate I am going to be in a massive amount of debt. I can only afford so much before my debt is too largely to pay back in a life time. The reason I attend college is so that I can get a job to support my future children and family. If a student has alot of loans to pay back then how can college life be enjoyable with that riding on their mind constintly.


The most frustrating thing about John Carroll is the amount is costs to attend. I am struggling in paying for an education that i want to much to be from John Carroll i couldnt imagine going anywhere else.


The economy had forced a lot of cutbacks at the school and staff has been among those. I am attempting to double major in history and english and with so few history classes being offered right now it may be impossible to accomplish. I know many of my friends are facing similar difficulties with scheduling and getting required classes out of the way for their majors in many varying fields. The core curriculum is so rigorous that it only adds to the difficulty of the situation.


Attempting to find a job with the career center and the administration and the way they handle the student body.


Costs too much and was not overly friendly. The professors knew nothign of my desired subjects and topics and I was forced to teach myself and them since they have no experience in the field, mainly animation.


Because it is a liberal arts school, we do not focus specifically on one area. they are training us to be jacks of all trades and masters of none


There are not many majors and the class selection is very limited due to the small size of the school.