Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Young Jared, Do not get complacent like I did. I was having a good time where I was in high school and did not have the vision to see I could have been preparing myself for my future. You are going to be a culinary major, so make more of an impact in the industry now. Take your culinary class at the career center on that field trip to the restaraunts downtown. Stop working at a restaraunt that you know you've outgrown just because it's convenient. Learn and grow as much as you can now so that you will have an advantage when you get to school. Apply for every and any scholarship you can find, even the ones you won't think you'll get. You never know what could happen. Stop being so timid, if you want something go out and get it. Ask that girl who you took to prom out, you'll always regret it if you don't. Stop wasting so much energy hating the Miami Heat, Lebron's coming home after this season. Enjoy this last year but just remember you have a bright future ahead of you. Go get it.


If i could go back, and boy do i wish I could, I would tell myself that I need to take my senior year more seriously. I would tell myself to fill out scholarships everyday and to never give up. I would also mention that joining more clubs wouldn't hurt either. I would tell myself to not spend money on things that aren't important because I would definitely need it in the future. I would end with insuring myself to stay focused because the only thing I need to worry about is college so I'd make sure that I only focus on the important things.


Never doubt yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to and do not let the failures you will encounter discourage you because when one door closes another opens. Never think that you cannot do something because the people around you are not being as supportive as you hoped they would. Apply for scholarships until you are blue in the face because they will help you so much financially, so you can attend the school you want to. You have prepared yourself well enough to be successful in college so do not worry about your future academic achievements. Be confident. Be aggressive academically but also have time to socialize and get to know peers from different majors as well. It is okay to make mistakes; the first year of college is a major adjustment from high school. Just know that God would not put you through anything you could not handle. Do not worry about the first C on your first College Algebra Exam. (Heads up: You pass that class with an A) So work extremely hard, stay focused and do not eat the cafeteria meatloaf. Just trust me on that one.


If I have to talk to myself all over as a high school senior my best advice becoming a freshmen in college is to maintain my grades, participate in college programs that will help get me better opportunity and enjoy my college moment. First, to maintain my grades I would had to study a head of advantages before taking any test so I can have a better standards. I will make sure I learn the objectives that the professors is lecturing in class. I would tell myself not to over study as much for a long period. If you are having a difficult time with some class courses in college just ask for help and make appointment with a professional tutors. Professional tutors in college are free to you out if you need any assist with certain classes. Always try your best at any assignment that the professors assign to you. Finally, participate and join a college programs to be active around your years in college. Make sure you take advantages of every opportunities that you get from the organizations. It can lead you a internships or job positions by getting the right connections you need from others.


My first year in college has been a journey like no other; I've learned and grown a lot as a person. It was my first time being away from home for longer than a few days. If someone was to invent a time machine that I could use right now, I would go back to the day I started my senior year in high school and tell myself to try to get over as many personal struggles as I could. In high school I was a shy person and I still struggle with it now that I'm in college and that is something I could've overcame in high school but I chose not to. I would tell myself to be more social, not to be voted most popular or prom queen, but to make myself comfortable talking to my peers. If I had gotten enough courage in high school to become more social it would be better off now. One other thing I would tell myself is to manage my money well because I would never know what emergencies will come up in my life. One quick pep talk to myself would've changed my freshman year.


I would tell myself to get a part time job within a restaurant or food industry to obtain some experience before going to culinary school. Focusing on school is very important, but saving for the future is also important. Everyone is not your friend, so pick your friends wisely. To get a driver's license now while it is still easy to obtain, city life is fun but its hard to travel if you want to go places that are not within 5 miles of Uptown Charlotte. Pack light when you are going place to place it's hard to carry or transport heavy items. Don't hang out with the wrong kind of group they are more likely to get you in trouble than yourself. Always stick by your beliefs, no matter what others say. Continue to be what defines you and to never change for anyone else, unless its a change to improve yourself to be a better person.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would grab myself by the shoulders and remind myself that life is not always about stress and worry. I would tell myself to free my inhibitions and let go. It is hard to dive into a world that we are so unfamiliar with. It is also hard to know exactly what is going to happen, but if you step back and take a breath, you will know what to do. In college, the classes are shorter, but the stress is higher if you let it get to you. I would thrust my hands into the air and exclaim, "relax!" to myself. College is a time to have new experiences on your own or with good friends. It is not a time to cry yourself to sleep every night because you're so oerwhelmed with work and school. So go eat another cookie or hang out with your friends until the crack of dawn because this is where you will make your memories last. This is where you will find yourself and this is where you can truly be happy if you let go.


I could not wait to get out of high school and get on with my life. One thing I would tell myself is stop and smell the roses. High school could have been much better for me had I just stopped and took the time to love what I already had. It is true that you dont know what you have until it is gone. I find myself missing the secured I had living at home. I always had time to fight with my sisters, but I never had time to actually enjoy always having them around. Another thing I miss is a promise of the future. While in high school we are given this idea that there is more to life, and we are forced to believe. We all the that college will come, a desire to do something will eventually come, and above all else, high school will end. The faces we have pasted since kingdergarden will soon be forgotten. The failing grade we got on our calculous final will stop haunting you. In the moments leading up to this we fall so in love with the future that we forget the love the present.


If I could go back to my high school self, I would ensure I knew what a commitment college really is. I would tell myself to prepare to work 10 times harder than high school. I would also remind myself that there is more to the world than just my small town. To make an easier transition I would tell myself that there is not going to be someone watching over you to tell you what to do so to get a head start and start movtivating myself to stay on top of all my work and activities.


When you unload your car to move into your dorm, don't be scared that you don't know anyone. Instead be excited that you can recreate yourself. In high school you may have been afraid to be who you are but now is the time. Everyone is finding themselves and you too should go through this process. Going through this process means you may need to experiment by hanging out with different people and taking on new hobbies. There is a reason why people say you find your lifelong friends in college. In college you are being true to yourself which makes even better bonds with people. Embrace the changes because they make for the best memories.


I would tell my self stay confident and focus. Never let chances past you by because you can not go back. Saying I wish I did that and looking back on what you miss going to be your biggest heart ache. Trust yourself you are good at what you do! Don't stay up so late!


The advice that I would give myself, is to manage my time better. Time management is very essential in college, so I would plan out when I need to get assignments done, study time and then see if I have time for extra curricular activities or not, becuase being focused in college is very important, especially for upperclassmen because graduation is fastly approaching.


LaVonda if I had to give you any advice it would be not to give up. I also would encourage you to find as many as scholarships and grants as possible to help pay for college, it can and will get expensive. Always to remember to keep your grades up this will help you complete anything you need in life. Remember your values and morals in life and do not let anyone allow you to compromise any of them. Take classes that will help you decide early if this is the right degree for you but i would suggest to be consistent with what you want to do. Plan ahead write down a 3- 5 year plan along with a 1 year plan to help you accomplish them long term goals in life. You can do whatever you put your mind to if you keep God first. I love you and have confindence in you, now go and make us proud, you are very smart and deserve to be happy. Hard work pays off in the end. Stay striving for better.


First of all, APPLY FOR MORE SCHOLARSHIPS. Secondly, do not fret over the little things, enjoy senior year. Senior year is one of the quickest school years you will experience, it will be filled with things so many things to do just take time to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything. It's a bittersweet moment walking across the stage, shaking hands with your principal while posing for the camera man, and walking off stage with that diploma. Then grabbing that tassle and shifting it to the opposite side to signify that you have officially graduated high school and survived in one piece. You are now an alumni, an official alumni and it is so hard to believe that you are now in the big world. It's now time to grow up and become an adult, something you wanted so badly when you were younger but now that it's here you wish you could go back sometimes. Not having to worry about money and being so care-free. The world we live in isn't so nice sometimes, so stand up for yourself and don't forget where you came from and who you are.


Dahabo, please don't slack off in high school. You want to go to college and not have to worry about money. Stay focused on your education. Please don't date that boy, you know he is no good for you. Of course have funa dn live your life. BUt think about your future, make sure to set your self up for success. Get to know your future advisors. Call the school and learn more. Visit the campus and learn your way around. Dahabo, I know you are not the smartest, but you work hard. Work harder to reach those goals of yours. You dont want to have to sit where I am now and worry if you have enough money to make it to the next year. Take hold of your future now! Get ready now, beczuse the world isnt ready for a student like you. Tell your mom you are thankful for the things she has taught you. You will need it when it comes to roommates. Continue to work hard and you will be better off in the future.


High school is easy, college requires a lot of work along with determination. Be sure to keep up on your work because the paste is faster so if you fall behind its hard to catch back up. You have to understand that your growing up now and that life is'nt getting any easier or is time going to stop for you to catch up. Your a bight young man that knows right from wrong so be sure to keep that same mind set when you become a freshmen. I know your going to do very well in the transition and I know that you have parents standing behind you 120{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} so don't let them down. The class structure is really different from high school, instead of your teachers reminding you what is due and when it's due you have to be mature enough to keep up with the schedule. I want to leave you with this quote "Let your dreams be bigger than your fear. Your actions louder than your word, and your faith stronger than your feeling."


Transitioning from high to college is a huge deal. Not only do you have freedom, but also responsibility. Advice I would give myself if is that college is no joke. It can make or break your future. Whatever you put in is what you will get out. You quickly learn that procrastination will get you nowhere. Classes are most fast paced and professors expect more from you. You need to quickly grow a backbone because your parents won’t be there to rely on. Being a social butterfly can be a good thing, but friends can take up a lot of your time. You need to learn how to balance your social time and getting a job can be a great option. You need to put school work first before anything, because obtaining a degree is what you are there for, and if you do not put any time or effort into your studies, then why go to school? In the end to sum up my advice, I suggest that you need to become stricter with yourself and really think about your future because no one is going to hand you a diploma but yourself the day you earn it.


The biggest advice I would give my high school self is to plan more. Look into college life, sit in on a class or two and see just how drastically things are different then in high school. College is so close to adulthood that for some it can be shocking and different. By researching what the normal behavior at your future college is you have more knowledge going in then some some your new fellow classmates. I would also tell my future self to do more scholarship hunting, college can be expensive and it helps to have a little financial support to ease off some of the stress that can come with money worries.


My advice to myself is to make sure I choose the best college that will benefit me, how I learn and not too expensive. I will tell myself to stay focused as a full time student and not get carried away with any other miscellaneous activities such as partying or drinking. Also, do everything to my full potential and know my weaknesses and strengths so I'll know my main areas of concern and to not ignore the fact I need help in any subject I have trouble in.


If I can go back and talk to myself about what college is about, I will first make myself understand that getting an education is the most important thing you could do after you graduate. It will also let myself know that although high school can get really touch, it doesn’t compare to college, in college classes are longer, harder, and challenging, and the only to succeed in college is to focus and be determined in your goals. I will also let myself know that it is ok to feel overwhelmed, it is all part of the college experience. It must be enjoy, but be serious about your choices.


I would tell myself to become more involved in clubs and community service your freshmen year and not just totally focus on academics because after the classes are over, there isn't much constructive things to do on this particular college campus. There is only a student center with a gym, fitness room and computer center. I also would advise anyone to not room with people you know from high school, but to give yourself the opportunity to meet new people. If the friendships are true, they will forever be there because they are golden.


The advice i would give myself is to apply for as many scholarships as you can. It will help in the long run. I should have listened to my mom when she said to fill them out. Also i would tell myself to retake the SAT. it will help in getting you noticed by different and many other colleges


I would have to acknowledge that only through a solid education (which is most important to me); I am able to obtain my desires as I move toward setting realistic goals for myself through solid committment, hardwork; determination and the willingness to succeed shall open doors of opportunity for me. Thank you, Monica Taylor April 26, 2012


I would tell myself to stand strong against any peer preasure. I would also tell myslef no matter what the odds are, always strive for the dream and never give up.


I would advise myself to fill out more scholarship applications because they are really important. I would also try to do more activities and try to join clubs try to be more active with my community. Try to get in contact with Johnson and Wales students and ask them any questions I needed to know like things I might have needed to live in the dorms. I would also look for jobs over the summer before school started so that I would be able the have a job while I am in school.


When I first started college I had very poor study habits and as a freshman I had perhaps too much fun. I wish I would have had a clear direction going into college and I wish I would have worked harder the first time around. I would say to my highschool senior self: "Self you need to decide what career you would really like and work hard to achieve that goal. Stay focus and realize that you only get out of your education what you put intp it. Self have fun in college and make the most of your experiences but remember the primary purpose of college is to afford you the opportunity to be successful. Those years go by so quickly but they have the power to mold your potential into something tangible. Self stay focused and motivated and last but not least stay away from the Burger King study breaks. Your freshman 15 will follow you for the next decade".


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as I can. Also would tell myself to learn to use time management better and study harder in math. And to join more groups in school.


My highschool experience was unlike any other. I chose to do dual enrollment that allowed me to skip highschool and have my college credits for my Associate's Degree count as credits on my highschool diploma, so I was already in the college enviroment for three years beginning at the age of 14 before transferring to a university. If I could go back and give myself any advice, it would be to slow down and enjoy myself. Though I am very humble and proud of my accomplishment of graduating from college with a degree at the age of 16, I feel as if I have missed out on a part of my childhood that I am not able to return to. I wish I would have taken more advantage of the extent of help I did have then as it is not availible now. I also wish I would have prepared more for the university applying for scholarships and such because my lack of work greatened my need for them when I started school and limited me this year for things I would have wished for such as on campus living.


That I'm not going to like the campus as much as I thought I would and to be careful who you hang out with. That I'm highly allergic to coconut. Appericate high school because you will miss it along with all the friends and memories.


If I was to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I will tell myself to be alert of the trials and tribulations that I went through in college. I will tell myself on how to deal with stress levels and problems that I would be facing in college. I would teach myself on how to deal with problems in college and how to avoid them.


I fastly learned that I'm no longer in high school. I'm actually on my own in the world for the most part. Since being in college I've learned many things. I think the main lesson so far has been to never procrastinate, and to ALWAYS stay on top of your work. Attending Johnson & Wales University has been valuable to me not just by the lessons I've learned, but the bright future I have ahead of me here.


So far I have received from my college experience is to share the opportunity of credibility that is the most prosperous opportunity there is. Without credibility a GPA will no longer continue to enhance ones future it would be written as unrecognizable opportunity for success. An opportunity is an instrument that is honorable as the person that holds the honor. It would be disadvantageous not to mention, I attend Strayer University - North Campus in Charlotte, NC. I do not attend Johnson & Wales University. Strayer University was not listed nor was there an opportunity for it to be written in. However there is an opportunity to recognize that Strayer University professors inculcate within its students about plagiarism which is not an opportunity. It is only short road that leads in the wrong direction. One of the most valuable opportunities is the expression of the written words. As a returning student in the field of higher learning I value the opportunity to read the written words. I had been reintroduced to one of the most admired literary character that was Edgar Allen Pole, whom summed it so well, “What I wrote it is unnecessary to say.”


I have gotten so many different things from my college experience so far. It has made me much more outgoing, living with roommates forces you to talk to them. My roommates have actually turned out to be my best friends at college, and we do everything together. Now I can introduce myself to other students without being shy as about it. Going to college has also taught me independence. I have to do everything for myself, no one is going to wake me up for class, feed me, or tell me when to go to sleep. I learned that lesson very fast after things started to pile up at school, how much I relied on my mom back home. I have become a lot more responsible and time efficient after going to college. Although my major is baking and pastry arts I still had to take academic classes which make me a well rounded student. I am also starting a club on campus with my roommate, and I am going to be president of it. So I also feel like I am learning helpful leadership skills. My college experience has helped me realize how much life has to offer.


During my expirence at Johnson and Wales University I have learned how important it is to attend a career focused college. They teach you everything that you will need to know in your chosen profession, as well as; tips and tricks that you can use in order to rise to the top of your career field. I also feel that it is a good enviroment to help you mature to the level you need to be when you go out on your on into the real world. They also stress how important it is to remain connected with alumni and all other business connection you make while attending.


The main thing i recevied from my college experiance is not just the knowledge from the classroom and the confidence to succed but the friends. I have made friends for life, which is always great. We always help each other out, if one of us doesn't understand we all work together to figure it out. But we also like spending time with each other in and out of the classroom. Which to me its not just the education, but your friends that truly help you succeed in the world.


My college experience has taught me a great deal about the individual I am and what I want to make out of my life. In high school i realized that I did not know myself, college has allowed me to better know myself. I have developed a more outgoing personality, willing and eager to learn new things and interact with new people. I am now excited about the future, I anticipate success for myself. In school I am learning to be a better person, I have a more analytical perspective of the world, this has led me to not just want to furfill my own personal needs but also to make sure I impact the global environment around me. It is now more important to me to give to my fellow citizens of the world and not just focus on what I can recieve.


The experience I have gotten and I am currently getting out of my college is truly the best. The knowledge I acquire on a day to day basis on my college is invaluable. This is the type of knowdlege that is making me a civilized and cult being. This experience and knowledge is of the essence for aspiring professionals such as myself, and professionals all around the world. I truly bealive that when I graduate from my college, all the students who correctly consumed that unlimited source of knowledge and me, will be invaluable assets to our employer and society itself.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that in order to conquer a dream, I have to strive for it. I have learn that there will be obsticles to face while being on my journey towards a dream. No matter how big or difficult the challenges may be in order to get that dream, a person should never give up.


This has been a wonderful experience ! Being in college after 20 years gives me a different view of studies and about my preparation. Meeting professors, students and now good friends has made this 6 quarters invaluable. Also all the wide support of my college and teachers and administrative staff. The career I chose, AA Paralegal also gives me wide knowledge so I can continue in a four year school for my BA and then start Law School. It is very rewarding to see how everybody wants to be better and gives their best at school. Not even with my harder classes I have regreted a moment being back in school. The invaluable knowledge that teachers share and everything else I can learn for myself make me proud of what I do and motivate me to keep going forward. It has also helped my sons that admire their mother that doesn't hesitate with challenging classes and does volunteer job to learn more about the law field. Thank you


Overall I am exceedly thankful for my college experience thus far. I know for a fact that I am one of two people in my entire family who is currently attending a four year school. My family tells me everyday to enjoy my time here and to soak up as much knowledge as i possibly can. I have learned life lessons as well as academic lessons in my field of study while attending Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte. As a fashion merchandising and retail manager major, I am allowed hands on experience in the field. I will definitely take this knowledge and apply it to my life to succeed. Johnson & Wales University granted me the opportunity to meet awesome mentors and people who have impacted me in a positive way. Despite other circumstances I can honestly say that I would not change my experience if i could.


I have gotten a lot out of my college expeirence, I have been done work study which has prepared me for my fututre plans in accounting.


My first year at Johnson and Wales University has taught me not only about the culinary industry but about myself and what i'm capable of. I never thought that i could learn as much as i did about food in only ten months; I have met some very aspiring chefs and worked with some of the best. Johnson and Wales University has also taught me a lot about leadership and diligence. This is knowledge that I will use for a lifetime, something I don't think I could of learned on my own. Although the though of college frightened me at first, the benefits of it have definitely out weighed the cons.


Being in college so far has taught me that my dreams are possible and f I bwork hard enough many doors will open for me. It has also taught me that now is the time to grow up and start thinkng of the future because the days of playing in the playground are over. This is when my life actually starts and if I keep working hard who knows what will happen but I know it will be worth it.


My college experience has taught me how to be a surviver. I am open minded to new oportunities and to my own capabilities. I have met new friends and new people. I have better communications skills than what I used to have. I am more able to deal with complicating situations, beacause of the struggles that I had to go through. College has been valuable to attend, because I am getting a hands on experience provided by the best chefs in the country and I dont have to worry about my questions not being answered, because the professors provide one on one time with the students when we need it. College makes me confident in my intelligence and ready for the world. I am confident in myself and in my actions. College made me grow up and understand the importance of an education.


From my college experience I have learned many valuable lessons and information that made me a better person. Attending college every day made me realize that everything from our professors to our dress code was preparing us as students for the real world. Being around other students with the same drive and ambition as you only made my college experience more exciting. Now I understand that networking is key in any situation because you never know who you can help in the future or better yet who can help you.


I have found confidence in myself that I can achieve greatness. The value of attending Johnson and Wales University has made me want to strive for perfection and excellence. These are standards that JWU holds high and it has been an achievement worth attaining.


My college experience has taught me how to multi-task. The fact that I have to do everything myself was quite overwhelming at first, but I have gotten use to it. My classes are only four days a week, so I have more time to study. It has gotten me away from procrastinating. I, as a student, have to dress business-casual for class. This particular policy has given me a better sense of professionalism and allowed me to take more pride in my attire.


When you think of your senior year of high school, you think of pep rallies, dances, the prom, and then ,you think of college. Even though teachers try to explain to us that it is extremely important to do well in school and to stay focused, there is always something to distract us. Being a freshman in college, I can look back and see what I should have done. The first thing I would tell myself is to stay focused on getting good grades. Not only because it allows you to have more choices for college, but it also makes you eligible for more scholarships. I would also tell myself to apply for any and all sholarships that I qualified for that I could possibly find. Being in college, you have a lot of new expenses like books, food, laptops, and transportation. Scholarships will definitely offset a lot of these costs. Finally, I would focus on developing effective time management skills. College is all about self discipline. There is no one there to tell you to study, do your homework, or go to class. The responsibility and the challenge to earn success all lie at my feet. I'm ready.


If I could go back?. I would tell myself to work way harder. I would have myself be more focused on what I wanted to do. Also I would have to tell myself to save more money and work a third job because some bad luck is going to come my way. I would tell myself that I need to grow a thicker skin, so that when my parents told me that they both were losing their houses that I could handle it better. I would say don't lose focus on who you are as a person and just do what you need to do to get by. I would also tell myself to learn how to take better notes and organize papers better so that I don't lose them that easily. But all in all I would really just say trust your gut cause most of the time it is right but when it comes to buying things make sure a mechanic checks it out first..


If i knew what i do now in high school i would tell my self to pick up my game. When i say pick up my game i mean i would make sure that i did all of my work in high school so that i could become a better student. i would have never skiped high school because its a bad habbit and something you have to get out of in college.