Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


visit different college campuses and do research, ask alumni and students that go to the colleges.


I beg you to allow your young adult to do exactly what they aspire to do. Try to be as support as possible and always encourage individuality, while guiding them through the responsblities of living and going to school on their own.


Visit as mant colleges as you can. its never too early to start looking at colleges


Have fun and pick the college of your choice.


I would tell them to sit down to gether and come up with a list. The parent list should consist of what kind of college you think your child should attend, there qualities, work ethic and any thing else you could think of to help out. I think the studnet/child should make out a list of what they want to get from there college, what they expect to do there, what does it offer after school house, do I want to stay on campus. After that is done you both come to gether with each list and make one out of the two you made. But up top of the paper its going to have the colleges and see which one gets the most and the make and appointment for the both of you to go on a walk through to see if you like it and if you get there and its not what you wanted go to the second one that hda the most after the first until you that felling that you belong there.


The best thing you can ever do for college is prepare. Too often, students come to college ill-prepared for the committment they are going to have to make; many burn out or drop out. Choose a college that can cater to your needs and does not view you as a number. Do research on the city in which the school is located and check on the housing and job market to determine if you will easily find a good place to stay and work. College is a challenge, it is not just an experience. Give it your all and you will be rewarded.


Your children should choose, and be sure they are making the right choice. give them the right to pick whats right for them, and give them tiem to decide. Rushing into the first college you see, or even the best is dangerous, and could lead to problems that cant be fixed. Taking time to choose whats right for you, physically, emotionally, and financially, will give you the best college experience.


The best advise that I could give other students and parents is to research the school to the fullest extent. Find out your budget and make sure that if financial aid is needed, how much will be offered. Every year the price of tuition rises so make sure that if it rises, the school will still be affordable when book and supplies are calculated. Always check if the credits transfer and what will be offered if the school is not what is expected.


Advice i would give to any parent helping thier child look for a college or a student looking for a college is to make sure that what ever you are planning on going to school for you 100% want to make that a career. I say that because education is expensive and some schools like Johnson & Wales dont have credits that transfer because of its curriculum.


If the student knows exactly what they want to study or do in life, choose the best program/university that fits the student's needs regardless of cost. Financial Aid and loans are available, you can make it happen! If the student is unsure about what they want to do, stick to an State School system where it will be cheaper and easier to transfer once the student has determined their path. Get involved with on-campus activites and organizations. Expand your networks in college, don't just party! Meet people in the industry that you're interested and keep them updated on your successes. Don't waste time-intern as often as possible, volunteer for events and jobs relating to your major! College is about your degree, maturity, building your resume, and networking. You will face many challenges both academic and not, surround yourself with positive people that will help you survive the struggle of college life. If you have positive influences and a network of people interested in your success, you will enjoy college and create friends for life. In this age of techonolgy, be cautious using social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook.


The first piece of advice I'd give to parents is to just let go. Don't limit your son/daughter to schools close to home because not only will they resent you for it, they might get a far better education in a school that's hours away. Also, I know it can be very difficult to see your baby growing up in an instant as you help him or her move into their dorm. However, calling and texting every single day will not help ease the torn feeling in your heart and I promise, Junior will appreciate it much more if you limit your "just checking in" calls to once or twice a week. To students I'd say follow your heart, not your friends. Don't choose a school because your best friend or boy/girlfriend is going there. Choose a school because you know it's the best school for YOU. As for the experience, do attend those corny meet-and-greet activities. You will meet so many people and have funny memories to share with those that become your best friends. Finally, work hard because your first years set the foundation for the last ones.


i would strongly advise students who are looking at attending a school to visit the school for a weekend and spend time wtih current students there. find out how the school works and what type of atmosphere there is. Know how you learn best and what will make you happy. research research research


I would say choose the school and location that you will feel the most driven in. Being in a location where you are not motivated in is contridictory to the whole learning process. Follow your heart.


When searching for a college, look for one that offers the most aid for your situation. Research the school before making your decision, and even visit the school if you can. I like to think "If the school isn't in tune with me and my needs, then it's the wrong one for me." Don't go to a school just for their reputation. Most students go just because of a famous name. Apply for scholarships and grants on a regular basis. The more you apply and receive, the less you're likely to pay them. If you have good grades, apply for everything you're eligible for.