Kansas State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It Provides a vast amount of majors to fit your college career needs.


My school is an enormous, beautiful park full of a wide variety of people, buildings, and trees.


Kansas State University is a large, diverse, state-run University with high emphasis and achievements in Science and Engineering.


KSU - One of few state Universities with a broadcasting studio/Radio station


My school is a family, we laugh, we fight, we hug, we cry and most importantly we love each other.


A very friendly campus, with people that actually care if you succede or not.


This is a great school with friendly professors, students; an excellent choice for continuing education.


Its a place to live the good life.


My school is both beautiful and friendly.


It is amazing; the school, the people, and all of the activities are so exciting and accepting.


KSU is an exciting & challenging place to prepare myself for the rest of my life.


Kansas-State University is an excellent school full of cultural variety, friendly staff and students, and well-balanced academic programs.


K-state is beautiful.


Our campus is beautiful. Simply put. The huge limestone, castle-like buildings will awe anyone who steps foot on campus. It is beautiful year-round, and wears every season with grace. Most of the buildings are over 100 years old, giving K-State an established and mature feel. Everywhere you look, students are sporting their KSU gear, signaling to newcomers the importance of Purple Pride.


While there are not many buildings on the Salina campus, each building has its own purpose. Whether you're a pilot doing...pilot things, FSHS student, engineering, etc.; each building caters to your needs. People generally congregate in the College Center where lunch is served, as well as where the Admissions staff resides. The Student Life Center looks like a house of glass with its many windows and is there for you to get your workout on. A powercat can be seen almost everywhere, which is a K-State staple and makes you feel right at home.


Kansas State University bleeds purple and is the path to your greatest future.


K-State has a beautiful limestone buildings and being a campus that changes with the landscape. In fall the campus glows with the changing autumn leaves. In winter, the campus is highlighted with hints of snow and in spring everything is in full bloom and luscious again. Regardless of the time of year K-State's campus is booming with people who are extremely friendly and outgoing.


Kansas State University is a great place to attend because of all the diversity the university, campus, and city of Manhattan provide.


We are the Wildcat nation.


My school, faculty and staff, are friendly and dedicated to helping induviduals reach the goals they are striving to achieve; the campus it's self is very welcoming and easily navigated, if you have a map


It is the best environment that I could ask for in a learning situation.


I think K-State is a wonderful school that is just the right size, has many activities to be involved in and has very friendly faculty and students.


Most of the people are very involved, however, if you are one of the ones not involved around campus you feel like an outsider.


Kansas State has a multitude of activities to partake in as well as people to meet but everyone has one thing in common - everyone is kind and loves being a Wildcat!


Small town location, big city opportunities, beautiful campus, great professors, friendly people, everything you want is here in the Little Apple at Kansas State University.


Kansas State University is friendly, with everyone you pass sporting a smile and everyone you ask willing to help you.


Great Mid-Western school.


My school is very prideful in sports and and strives to help students do their best academically.


K-state is a down to earth university that makes each and every single student feel welcome and at ease during their college career.


School spirit has never been debated on my campus -- it is a way of life.


First, fill out any and all paperwork as soon at it becomes available. This will potentially save you from fines, fees, and most importantly not getting the dorm room you want. Second, even if you know many of the students from you high school, meet new people. Take advantage of any opportunity to do this including; WildCat Warm-up, Greek recruitment, summer camps, athletic teams, and clubs. By meeting new people you will have study buddies, friends to head to the rec with, and so much more! Last, come visit, you will know if KSU is the right fit!


Kansas State University provides plenty of educational opportunities for those who seek them and a friendly atmosphere for all.


An amazing, family atmosphere with opportunities to succeed.


Kansas State University offers a wide range of highly respected programs.


Kansas State University is a home. In one sentence, that would be how I describe my school. It is a big school with a small town feel. Moving to a different city can be challenging for many students, but Manhattan can make a person feel right at home. Their entire town is involved with the campus. It provides so many opportunites to meet new people and be involved that it makes a person comfortable.


Kansas State University is a great college, with amazing people and school spirit!


My school is really enjoyable and a really great environment once you get the hang of college life.


Amazing the best school I have attended so far from the one on one help from real teachers instead of TA's. To the people that you meet everyday on campus, I mean the feeling you get when your at a game and everyone is cheering KSU Wildcats. They really want you to exceed in what ever field of study your in.


Kansas State University is a nice sized school with a community feel that allows students to be involved in many activities and explore their possibilities.


K-State in all aspects is an amazing college choice, it gives you unlimited options, and friendly faces willing to help, regardless of your situation.


A high spirited community full of ethnically rounded students.


Although, it is a Big 12 school it still has a very small town country feel to it beause a lot of students are from western Kansas


My school feels like a small town in which you might not know everyone, but you probably only have a couple degrees of seperation, because people here love to meet new people whether it be in class, a party, a football game, WalMart, or the library.


KSU is a fun place to attend.


The school of architecture is extreemly demanding and exhausting, but the outcome is more than worth it.


My school is interactive and supportive of what I do and assist me on every step of the way.


Kansas State University is a well-balanced, friendly school where, from my personal experience, a person is not pressured to join specific groups and a school where there seems to be many opportunities open to the students.


Kansas State University is a place that not only teaches a person who they are and is teeming with vast opportunities acadmically, professionally, and personally, but most importantly eliminates feelings of nervousness for new students and replaces them with ones of determination, excellence, and community.


A fun easy going enviornment that allows me to get the education I need to succeed in life.


My school is a very diversified school with brilliant minded faculty and students. The professor are always willing to help out when students are having a strugle in their class.