Kansas State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Our Mascot, Willie the Wildcat and our football coach, Bill Snyder! The atmosphere of comity and helpful mindset of those who reside on campus. When I first arrived on campus, it felt like home. There are many opportunities for students to find employment, find social enrichment and of course countless tutors and academic resources.


When I am bragging to my friends about my school it is usually about the sports. Even though we never get the 5 star recruits who are the biggest, fastest, and strongest we always seem to be at the top of our conference and near the top 25 in the nation. We are great because we have great coaches, great team and campus-wide chemistry, and also great discipline. Our athletes are good people who just act like they are another regular student.


The best aspect of Kansas State University is the family atmosphere. Every student on campus is willing to help one another and goes out of their way to make Kansas State one of a kind. Our athletics are fantastic and always top noch. We have three Big 12 championships and enjoy the term "Title Town."


Kansas State has some of the nicest people, we are bursting with school spirit, and we all care immensely about everything we do as a community.


Kansas State University is the happiest college in the world, and it is because everyone has a home at K-State, a place where they belong. There are so many majors and minors, you are almost guaranteed to find an academic interest to study, and the numerous student organizations offer a social life specific to one's interests as well. There is a general pride among the students and faculty for being a part of the K-State community, and everyone is generally happy to be there.


All of the new things I'm learning and how fast im progressing toward my future goal.


It's a lot of fun & I've met some great people.


Kansas State University has more pride than any other school I've seen or visited; even before I enrolled I felt drawn in and high-spirited for K-State.


Definitly the people! The staff, students, and leaders on campus are amazing. All of my teachers have been fantastic, including GTA's, Professors, and Doctors. Not to mention the outstanding level of education they provide. The students seem to always be in a good mood and KSU has been refered to as the "Happy Purple Place" by many. Lastly, the staff are always happy to answer questions and help you find your way. It is a safe community and really has everything a college can offer. I can't say enough good things about Kansas State University.


I always tell my friends to come during the weekend when all the fun and exciting parts of Manhattan are revealed. With going to the games, hanging out with friends, and just walking around Aggieville, there's always something to do at Kansas State that's entertaining.


I probably brag about our football and men's basketball team the most just because I am a huge sports fan, but the fact that several of the majors offfered at Kansas State are ranked in the top ten in the nation is something that I can't ignore either and I make a point to talk about. This is especially true for me because my major, Kinesiology, happens to be one of them.


the job placement after graduation. Good Food, wonderful instructors/


First off I make sure that they know we have the best mascot in the U.S. After I have finished making that point, I don't hesitate to tell them that those on the K-state campus are like a second family to me. I came home for the summer break, and after being here only a week I was ready to go back. I missed the friendly and helpful atmosphere a lot more then I thought I would.


I tell friends how friendly the people are on campus, about the great activities on campus, how much fun it is to live on campus, and how great the classes and teachers are.


They have the best Interior Design program in the country.


I brag about the 'small town' feel. It is a Division 1 University and it feels like you're learning right next door to home. The classes are big but the professors make you feel like you are in a small classroom and being taught one on one. Going from a small high school to this big university, I figured would be an awful change but it has turned out to be a great one. I brag so much about how I genuinely love going to class because I feel like it is JUST for me.


When I am enlighting other peers about the wonderful Kansas State University, I find myself expressing true joy I get from overwellming supply acidemic help that is made avaliable to all students. This support does not only come from the professers, but the many free tutors, departmental efforts, programs, and more than welling fellow students and peers that make it a better enviroment for every student achive and sucessed their goals.


K-State is a big university with a small town atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Walking around on campus makes the level of school spirit very obvious! We are all K-State Proud! I am in the College of Engineering, which is one of the top ABET certified programs in the United States


The people are so nice, if you dont know where you are going, just ask, and they will give you directions on how to get there. The College of Ag has an open door policy, all of the insturctors have set office hours, but if their door is open you are more than welcome to stop by and grab a piece of candy or even have a chat.


The community that we share with our neighbors and the relationships we form are unmatched.


How much fun we have in the dorms with other people.


I brag about the quality; the quality of people, the education, the sporting events, the pride, and the fun. I'm from a very small town in rural western Kansas, and the quality of just nice people who are always available at KSU amazes me. It's a decently large, diverse campus with many different characters, but there's still a huge emphasis on doing good and right to everybody in this world. The morals and quality of everything you recieve on campus extend into the Manhattan community. It's just a good place to be!


I chose K-State for its architecture program, so I often brag about how high K-State is ranked nationally among architecture programs. The thing that has surprised me most, however, is how intimate and connected I feel despite K-State's size. I visited other big schools, and I just felt so insignificant. Here, with relatively small classes, especiailly in architecture, and so many opportunities to get involved and become active, I don't feel overwhelmed. But most of all, of course, it's always fun to brag about our sports teams success whenever I get the chance.


The Derby Dining Center!


The school spirit at Kansas State is awesome! Everyone is supportive of school teams and school functions. Because of the small town atmosphere, the students of Kansas State are backing up all the different organizations and possesses as much pride as any college can. Everyone knows how to have a good time and include everyone in everything. You will make a lot of friends for a lifetime if you go to Kansas State University and make many memories with friends.


As a native Kansan you are raised to cheer Jayhawk or Wildcat. I was raised a Jayhawk, but with out a doubt, I brag about attending Kansas State University and being a Wildcat. I have felt welcomed and proud to be at this university since the moment I arrived. There are always going to be differences between myself and any institution, but my campus has always been accepting and willing to improve or adapt based on my needs. I am thankful for the education I receive and the professional development opportunities that are consistenly offered.


KSU is a great campus with friendly students, everyone is courteous and helpful. The engineering department has doctors and professors that are involved in activities with students and reflect with cordial understanding of an individual being away from home. My Freshman year has been a living and learning process, but in all KSU is a great learning environment. KSU activities are a must to attend the football and basketball games, the basketball team is experiencing a great year.


How much it makes me feel like I'm back at home, it makes actually being away from home amazing.


I like to brag about the atmosphere and how well everyone gets along. It's a great place to spend time. There are a lot of options for weekend activities and it's really easy to navigate the town. The town in general is really friendly and the staff and other students are extremely helpful


K-State sports are awesome! Even when our teams our doing so great, the students show a lot of support. On gamedays most students wear K-State purple shirts to show pride.


How interesting my philosophy and English classes are, how awesome and accessible my professors are, and how smart I'm becoming.


Everyone you meet here is so friendly and is willing to help you with any question or problem you may have. The teachers make class fun and the material interesting. They care about you doing well and are always willing to give you extra help. There are so many different types of classes and majors here to explore and you can try things that you never thought you would. In general, it is just a positive and friendly environment to spend your time in.


There is so much school spirit at KSU! It is an amazing place to be. It is the best feeling in the world standing in the student section at the football games, dancing and cheering, and know that everyone around you is just as excited as you.


I brag about the kindness of the students and faculty. The are always willing to take the extra step to helping you. Whether its finding scholarships like this one, or taking you exactly to your next scheduled class. They constantly set up tables throughout campus to help you figure out where you need to go. The staff is willing to look around to help you find what you need. Even personally introducing you to someone who can help. It is truly the friendliest campus in the world.


When talking to my friends about Kansas State University, the thing i most brag about is its prominence and prestige on the national level. The university ranks first in the nation among all state universities in its total number of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, and Udall scholars since 1986. Several of its colleges, including the college of Engineering, rank in the top ten nationally. While providing the very best education, K-State also offers plenty of opportunities to unwind by supporting it's sports teams or enjoying the many attractions of Manhattan.


When I brag about my school I talk about all the opportunities the students have at K-State. There are many clubs; associations and activities to participate in so any student can feel like they are welcome here at K-State. We are privileged to have so many unique associations and clubs (everything form Occupational Therapy Club to Baking Club!) so I hope other students will take advantage of this.


The extra-curricular activities the university offers its students. The union is a very useful place, atheltic tickets are very affordable, and their is always something fun to do with my free time despite my university being in a rural setting. I enjoy the social scence here and I have made many friends at Kansas State.


I most enjoy the number of opportunities that are available here. There are numorous choices and opportunites for anyone. The campus and town are not huge and I still have a personal relationship with my professors and advisor.




I brag about the small community and how it is very close knit.


It feels like a large community more than a university. We have some of the top ranked professors and excellent research facilities.


Has one of the top Food Science Degree in the country.


It is huge compaired to my friend's smaller schools and I can meet such a variety of different people. We have so many things to participate in, and so many people that have interests that range tremendously.


That it is a fun place to be.


Tons to do, not stuck up at all. Very intellegent people and good atmosphere.


School spirit


I am able to maintain a high GPA and take a full class load. I have been invited to be a member of honor societies. I work on campus and enjoy my college life.


The teachers and other students, they are friendly and outgoing.


You'll get a good education, and will look good on paper.


I brag about the amount of opportunities that are present for me as a liberal student in a conservative school.