Kansas State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are so many different options available at K-State that it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we're not on our own. The advisors at Kansas State Unviersity are well-educated on what the school offers and give excellent advice to students.


There is the occasional "bad apple" in a professor or a student, but they are very rare and do not impact your overal experience at K-State.


The frustrating part about being a student at KState was that, because I didn't grow up in the area, I felt like there were some inside jokes or some information that I wasn't privy to about the area - the history of the place, the fun things to do, stuff like that. It was easy to learn, though. I was also an "older student" there, so it was a little weird going to school with people who were ten years younger than I.


Currently I've only been at K-State for about three weeks and quite frankly I have not found anything to be frustrating. I mean, I guess as a college freshman there could be one thing that could be considered 'frustrating' and that would be the community bathrooms. But really, they aren't even that bad. So other than that, there is nothing I've found frustrating about my university and I hope I never do. Kstate is the perfect university for many reasons, none of which are 'frustrating' to me.


It's nothing that the University can avoid, but the winters. The snow is awful and so is the rain but those are things that can be dealt with.


Sometimes it seems like we are not as diverse as I would like.


The most frustrating thing is walking to class during the winter, however it is nice that the campus is not very big.


The basic course classrooms (ie. English 100) were not up to date. Old radiators would clank and rattle during class. Each chair would creek with any type of movement. Basic biology laboratory courses were still doing techniques that were not in use anymore by anyone (industries, or research). In other words, the technology for the basic courses is behind. Although I can only speak for gen ed classes and basic biology and chemistry courses.


Nothing is frustrating.


I think the most frustrating thing is the lack of communication between the financial aid office and the students.


Coming from Hawaii, I am used to seeing a lot of different types of people. When I first went to K-State, it was kind of surprising how similar a lot of the people dressed and looked. Also, they don't always have the asian foods I would like, but other than that it's great!


The most frustrating thing at my school is that we do not engage in many multicultural events. I am a minority on a predominantly white campus and I feel as if we should all team up together and start many events in which we all can enjoy!


The most frustrating thing at K-State is the teacher to student ratio. Classes are so big that it is hard to get face time with your actual instructors. The teachers assistants and graduate students helping with the classes are great, but they are not the ones teaching the actuall class.


There is a huge focus on sports and funding sports; meanwhile the academic portions are at times highly neglected. The school should also provide larger scholarships to students...as they promise, but fail to deliver. Yet, they will spend significant amounts to recruit basketball and football stars!


I would have to say that finding available parking on campus close to your building is the most frustrating thing a student at K-State would have to encounter! Parking passes are fairly costly and even when you have one, you still have to leave quite early to get to class on time if you live off campus. Things were worse my freshman year, but I didn't have to worry about parking when I lived on campus; since then however, K-State has built a parking garage that I used almost every day this past year!


The most frustrating thing is there does not seem to be too many scholarships available for middle class caucasian students. Just because we are middle class does not mean our parents can pay for our education.


Lack of financial aid.


As a transfer student, I thought that the transition would be easier. I haven't made as many friends as I had hoped. People here are fairly to extremely nice and easy to get along with. I'm living as a Junior in the Residence Halls with mostly freshmen, so the maturity isn't quite there as I had hoped.


The most frustrating thing about KSU is that they only allow ten minutes between classes. If you have back to back classes in different buildings it's really hard to get to the next class on time.


The only frustration a student can occur here at K-State is with one's self, because the faculty and staff works with each student. As long as the student is willing to work, then the faculty is work with the student. The frustration comes in when the student decides to procrastinate and everything beings to pile up.


Kansas State University is truly a great institution, but the greatest disatisfaction that I have had here as a student has been talking with financial aid because sometimes it is unclear what exactly you need to due for certain scholarships, when aid is dispersed, when fees are due, and who you need to contact with questions you have regarding your aid.


The cost to go there.


I WISH we had a shuttle/bus system in town!


The advising counselors. There are a few great ones, but some just don't care.


Being able to do everything! There is so much to do here. Being organized is key and your schedule is your lifeline.




Some weekends, a lot of people will go home and it can be boring when that happens.


The most frustrating thing about KSU is the lack of quality academic advising. Advisors are assigned too many students to provide quality help to each individual.


Everyone, ok- not everyone, but a lot of students are just agriculture majors which is completely gainst my lifestyle. There aren't many people on this campus who share my views on a lot of subjects and there aren't enough people who share my work ethic toward school either. I also don't enjoy that the school is located in a tiny little town.


Being able to make up work due to medical problems


the most frustrating things about my school would probably be the fact that the only finacial aid i can recieve is loans. it is very difficult to make money in this college town so working 30 hours a week barely covers school bills and monthly bills combined.


big campus, would be nice to have more financial aid