Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


i dont have any


the best supportive faculty


I believe their on-line program.


Diversity among all classes.


It is best known for being an online school and allowing more flexablity than atraditional brick and mortar school.


Kaplan to be most known for its online education and flex seminars. I chose this scshool as I was able to attend full time while taking care of my young child and husband and keeping house. I am able to attend my childs school functions and still take a full load of educational courses. If something comes up and I cannot attend the scheduled seminar on Wednesday night, there are other options available to assist me in reaching every academic goal possible. I feel Kaplan makes education assessible to those of us who thought the dream was long gone.


This school is known for it's versitility and ability to tend to the needs of people that have a busy life.


They're best known for their online Graduate Law Program and military online enrollment.


Screwing their students out of getting the education they paid for and the degree


Flexible schedules with up to date current academics being taught. Teachers are working in the profession they teach. Convenience for the working adult. Academic advisors continually work with the students to best fit their classes, careers and productivity. Feedback between school and students is constant. Live seminars and course structures are focused to have the best learning experience. All questions are answered in a timely manner. Kaplan's Online School is just as good as going to class in person.


Kaplan University is best known for giving students the opportunity to work full time while attending school full time. Students can do school around their schedules of having families, careers, and not have to put their education on hold. There is a flexible schedule for seminars which helps to allow students time to attend a live seminar for each class, including flexible seminars for certain classes. The flexible seminars allow a student to attend a differently scheduled seminar every week.


Kaplan is best known for it's online format. It is one of the leading online colleges in the United States.


Flexible School schedual. One on one teaching free tutors if needed great tools for better learning.


Kaplan University is best known for helping students, both new igh school graduates and adults wanting to get their degrees, in achieving their goals by doing all of their coursework online so they can still work and it allows scheduling flexibility. Most adult college students have to work full time and Kaplan gives them that opportunity by offering online degree programs that fit their schedules allowing them to continue working while pursuing their degree.


I attend an on line campus and I just made sure that I could get a top notch education that I can carry on to the law school of my choice , and it all worked out for me.


Kaplan is both an online and land based university known for diversity of programs and e-learning opportunities. They offer associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs. I am most looking forward to being able to complete my degree online with interactive experienced instructors.


I think my school is best known for it's flexibility


Kaplan University is most known for accomodting those students who work full time, raise a family, and have other life obligations other than school. We are able to juggle all of our responsibilities along with school in order to achieve our goals in life. Being an online university allows the students the opportunity to attend college when they otherwise would be unable to.


My school is best known for it's wide variety of ways to continue your education and the many helpful advisors there to help you achieve your goals.


Kaplan has a good career placement record, has adaptability for different learning situations and all aspects of the school of the school have people willing to listen and help with any problem form financial aid to counseling.


Opportunity to work full-time and single parent full-time and still obtain your bachelors degree from home.


I believe Kaplan is best known in the nursing world. While that seems to be the forte of the institution I would argue that they should be best known for the simple fact that they offer a bachelor of science in healthcare fields that are not nursing; such as health science and health & wellness.


Kaplan University is best known for its flexible learning.