Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

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The help and support that is provided by the students, professors, and counselors to reach your goal and encourage you to keep going.


I really enjoyed how the program was setup. It was nice that they let you test try the school for three weeks to see if it is something you really want to do. The professors are great and what is expected of you is laid out. I also liked the online portal.


I just love my school there is nothing unique about the school.


At Kaplan you have a full week to complete a unit of work, which is nice because it allows a gereous amount fo room for work and family obligations.


Kaplan University has wonderful teachers that can help you learn efficiently and answer any questions that you may have. Time sent during seminars and discussion boards help you to learn more about each individual chapter. They are there to help you succeed and they help you strive for excellence.


i love it and it is amazing.


A highly unique feature of my school offers a program called portfolio development. Portfolio Development allows me to use my career experience and convert it over to college credit. If I am able to complete this course as I believe as I am capable, I would be able to collect over 30 credit hours, speeding up the time to complete my degree and save me a ton of money. I need every dollar I can get to support my family.


Kaplan University is uniques compared to other schools because it give you the opportunity to attend school online or on capus at your own paste. It provides an enormous amount of helpful centers to help students with classes theymay have difficulty in.


The school I have chosen has inspired me to be the best student possible! Out of all the schools I considered, Kaplan University was the one school that showed they truly cared about my education and future. They did everything they could to make sure I had everything I needed. As I continued forth through my classes, I began to notice my attitude toward my life change in ways that increased my confidence concerning my future goals and my desire to work hard. Kaplan is an online university, unique in my eyes as they care unconditionally about my future objectives.


It is an online school.


there is always someone there to help you, and walk you threw any questions you may have. my advisor worked verry ard for me and was truely excited for me to be going to school. see i was raised in a group home system and want to be there for kids like myself,and my advisor elped me find the best program for that. kaplan u. is realy helping not just running me threw te steps.


My school is unique because they let me work my schedule the way I need it. It allows me to be in a seminar at anytime that is convenient for me and my family. My professors are very understanding and knowledgeable about the course they are teaching. Everyone at the school is always willing to help at anytime even if they are not your assigned advisor. The one thing I love the most about Kaplan is that they did not hound me when I wanted to start school or change my major.


Kaplan has really adjusted to my busy lifestyle making it easy for me to take care of my family, work and go to school. The counselors have gon above and beyond in accomidating me and finding a schedule that works for me personally. I feel I now have been given an oppurtuity to get ahead in life when I thought that chance left me a long time ago.


Kaplan's admissions process was very easy. Their admissions advisors were very helpful through my whole process. They wlaked me through the process step by step and answered all my questions even the one i felt a little embrassed about asking. I even had them on the phone for two hours during my admissions process and not one time did anyone give me an attiude. Kaplan also made sure i understood everything in the admissions process they also made sure I know how to move through out their student web page. Feb.3rd is my big day can't wait.


Kaplan University offers a great online program that works with your schedule.


They dont let you fin for yourself. They are truly there for you every step of the way, from your very first day until you graduate.


At this moment I'm going to a school that is online based. However, I do have experience in an on campus setting which is why I can compare the two. It's not as much pressure taking classes online, you feel more comfortable in your own space as oppose to being nervous and shy around other students. Though everyone still have the same assignments you can still work at your own pace. Instead of being on a schedule to have work done by the next class meeting you can post your work before that day with online classes.


I picked the university that I am currently attending because it is an online school. I was at a point in my life were I just wanted a little more, however I was unable to attend an on campus university. Being able to due my classes and class work online is must more convenient for me. I can still keep my full-time job at the medical office and receive more education in the medical field.


The best part is being able to have open communication with your advisor's at all times. I am doing an online Bachelor's Degree program with Kaplan University and so far I have had no problems with anyone. Everyone is very helpful, very knowledgeable about the material and easy to get ahold of. All my questions are answered in a timely manner. The time to complete the program is faster than going to my local campus. They make me feel very comfortable and very supportive of you every step of the way.


This school is online.


Kaplan is an amazing school that really goes above and beyond for their students. They were wonderful in answering my questions and they are still there for me regardless of what I may need. Kaplan is a school that adapts to your schedule instead of you adapting to the University.


What I find is unique about Kaplan University is all the support that I have around my classes. The University offers tutors, the teachers are always available and the library is a very big help to me. I also like that I don't have to sit in a class after working all day and I get the same education that I would if I was in fact sitting in a class setting.


It is all online


Kaplan University really works with you to help you reach your educational goals. Starting school again after six years, I didn't know what to think. The advisors I worked with really helped me focus on my goals, and I am now on the path to getting my bachelors degree.


Kaplan University offers distance learning, which means that your classmates are from all over the country and even out of the country. Like myself, many of my classmates are also over the age of 30 and have families and jobs. The fact that it is online makes going to college much easier for people in these situations. Although I haven't had any experience with other non-traditional type colleges, many of my classmates have told me horror stories of their experiences with online learning at other institutions.


I can eat in class, wear what I want or not wear anything, and still be with my family because my college is online. I still get all the support from my professors and classmates but I save in gas and save the planet.


Kaplan University offers more help than you could ever dream of needing. There are so many resources, from knowledgable teachers to APA formatting, anything you want is there.


Kaplan University is an online school as well as a campus based school. The online experience has been great. I do not have to use gas to go to school. I am able to meet and work with teachers and other students from all over the United States and some other countries as well. I think I am more focused on learning, since I do not have to get dressed up and fear riticual from other people. It is a very relaxed enviroment.