Kaplan University-Davenport Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That thing to manage school and take care of my family was going to be virtually impossible.


The worst thing about my school would be not always getting regular books. Sometimes I just have to use the e-books.




I can't think of a worst thing about this school. Sorry.


The worse thing that I have experienced at tthis point is the communication response time between student and instructor. Often times when I need an answer about a particular assignment or online class problem, I have to wait until late in the day or even the next day before I get a response. By then I am either exhausted from trying to find it myself or waiting on a response.


I attended Kaplan University Online with the base campus in Davenport. I really enjoyed this school. However, it takes a specific type of learner to be able to take online courses. You have to be motivated, determined, and have time management skills. Further, I believe the financial aide department was the worst thing about the school. Everytime you spoke to a different advisor, they would say the complete opposite of the other advisor. Now I owe Kaplan $4750 due to a miscommunication with the financial aide department. Besides that I would recommend this school to aspiring students.


We have weekly seminars where the teacher speaks and the class is in a chat room listening. Sometimes it is hard to get a word in edgewise during class. There are times when I wish I was sitting in class so my voice could be heard. But this is the best alternative I have since I stay at home with my kids.


I feel that the worst thing about my school is the level of communication skills when it comes to the cost of college. I was unaware when I started back in 2007 that there was a limit to student loans for undergraduate students and that my college's tuition exceeded that amount. Therefore, I am currently out of funds and can not afford to pay for the remaining nine classes that I am required to complete to get my BA. It is looking as though I will have to withdraw without a degree.


The worst thing about my school is that the teachers only interact with you online, through emails or AIM. This is the worst thing because if you have a very important question it may not get answered until the next day, or even two days after. I emailed my teacher with a homework question, and the homework was due the following day, I turned in the homework then I ended up getting the emailed responce back from my teacher. I've learned that when doing online schooling you have to be very independent from your proffesors and cope without emailing.


Although my school has substantially helped me become a better student, there are downsides about an online university. There are times I wish I could speak with counselors about my future. I often worry about graduating and not finding work. My professors are great with their classes, but are uneducated about helping students practice or get advice about these types of issues. The other problem I endure about going to an online university is I do not get to experience the full college experience as most students would. For Instance, my communication and involvement with my peers are limited physically.


I like everything about thing about Kaplan.


The worst thing about an on line education was not having the one on one face to face lectures that help a person remember things the teacher or another student has said, but since you are actually teaching yourself, it really doesn't matter. I prefer a live classroom, but because I am an amputee it was an ideal medium for me to get my BSN. With distance learning at Kaplan we had few tests, and instead had to write many, many papers and at times it was overwhelming. I lost alot of sleep getting it all done!


I have no complaints on Kaplan.


The worst thing is nothing every thing is great abnd I ca not say anything bad about the school because it is great and it works for me. It is flexible , it is great because it is available 24 hours a day and you have one week to complete your assignments and kaplan university is a great school and it has all the accreditation north eastern accreditations. Since I been in kaplan every one is so reat and help ful and they all have a great sence of filling your financial aid package and registration a campus to wait long


I do not consider anything to be bad about my school.


I cant really say there is anything wrong with my school at this time , it is very convenient for me.


It is an online school so what I consider the worst thing about it is since it is an online program, there is no face to face interaction between students, instructors and administrators. I work from home and going to Kaplan fits my schedule but it is hard as well because there is no way to "go to" study groups, socialize with classmates and all communication is done via email and online chat.


Classes are only one day a week for me.


The financial faculty department. Their response was slow in answering my questions on financial aide process.


As of right now, Kaplan University Online has been of excellent help. I have not yet experienced anything bad with them yet. I love the open communication that they have and accessibility to all the advisor's that are within reach to help you. I look forward to completing my Bachelor's Degree with them by the end of 2013. All I can say is if they make you feel comfortable and warm, then it's a great school for you to be a part of.


The cost. Grants and loans do not pay for me to continue into my senior year without a job.


I choose the school initially due to the affiliation or acreditation. They promised financial Aids to enable me complete my education, which from on set look good. This promise I later found out, was masked with loans which you can not avoid due to high tution fee, which is still rising. It is even more harding on students who do not have jobs or those who are not sponsored by any organization or institution. Because of this, the retaintion and graduation rate turned out to be very low and discouraging.


The worst thing in my school would be that I do not get to meet my professor's in person, I am all online so we talk and work but we have no clue what eachother looks like.


The worst part of my school was the speed at which they pushed you through the financial aid process.


Finicial aid department. Every semester they have messed up my aid package by not filing the correct forms. What happens is that while they are attempting to correct the problem, I am blocked from my classes. They end up unblocking me and never even say sorry.


I take online classes. Right now I have a math class that I'm doing. I was never good in math, but being able to see the teacher write out problems on the black board always made it easier for me to learn. Being an online student you don't get the opportunity to see your instructor and what their doing. Not being able to interact with the students and the instructor face to face would have to the worst thing about my sschool.


The only complaint I have about Kaplan is that you have to wait on additional funding, and extra financial aid checks, to come in the mail (instead of having some form of direct deposit). I guess I'm doing great if thats all I have to complain about!


The only thing that I don't like about my school is that I don't get to see what my teacher and classmates look like. I am unable to put a face with the name.


Working with the Financial Aid department and the teachers also cannot detour from the course study because it is all laid out for them ahead of time.


The cost


I consider the lack of help in finding ways to fund your education the worst part of my school for two reasons. First, it is difficult to know where to find the resources alone. Secondly, relying solely on loans results in a huge debt.


I dont really know of anything that i dont really like.


I take online classes, so the worst thing about that is not being able to interact personally with my fellow classmates or professor.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of help and communication from my academic advisor and financial advisor.


I wish my School would get the required systems in place to Administer the Workfirst Reinvestment Act. I qaulify to recieve this grant because my income is extremely low and I recieve government assistence, but I am unable to recive this grant that would cover the cost of my education for 2 years because they lack the proper systems in place to administer this grant.




Like several students, the worst thing I could consider about the school is a lack of continual follow up with students after orientation; specifically on the first term, where most students tend to drop out of school because of a lack of support from the internal team or their parents. I think a support team acting as a coach will be very reliable to ensure students are taking the right course instead of using their own skills in order to make the right choice.