Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to go to school for Occupational Therapy because that is what you wanted the entire time. I would advise myself not to attend an expensive school as to not stress about money factors. I would tell myself to wait until I was ready to choose the career path that suited me, because you won’t be happy doing something that you don’t absolutely love.


Dianna, keep your head up high and never give up on anything, no matter how hard it may seem. Education is extremely important and you should stay focused on what really matters. Sure, friends are nice to have and go out with, but in a few years everyone begins to drift apart. The successful ones are the ones who never gave up and kept pushing the bar. Stop thinking that your friends and boyfriend are what are important. Your educational journey is what will set you apart from others. Keep trying to learn new skills and information, because one day you will have 2 very beautiful children who will one day look up to you and see you as their role model. The career path you choose is what will give your family and your children a stable and promising future. Be the person you would like your children to be. Do not accept failure. You are a bright person, who will one day do great things. Keep believing in yourself. Keep trying to be better than the person you were yesterday.


Ask questions! Don't assume the adultss in your life are just going to take it upon themselves to present you with the knowledge you need to move forward.


I would tell my youngers self to not worry so much about my social life and to focus on my studies. Going back to college later in life is much harder. Take this opportunity while you are young and without other responsibilities to get the best grades you can and work as hard as you can. Later on in life you will have so many distractions and responsiblities. Take your education seriously. One day your kids will ask you about college; you want to be able to tell them that you worked hard and earned a degree. You will want to be able to set a good example for them. You don't want to have to tell them you goofed off and didn't earn a degree. Keep your priorities straight, work hard and have just a little fun.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would tell her to stop letting others tell her what she should do with her life in terms of obtaining a career. When I was a senior I allowed others to control my destiny and tell me what major I should choose and what school I should attend when I wasn't taking the initiative to make my own decisions regarding those things. I was allowing others to dictate my future and it took me a long time to develop the courage to go against the grain and do things my way. I now go to the college that I feel comfortable going and my area of study is something that I'm passionate about so my high school senior self should have had that mindset as well. My advice would give her the bravery to follow her dreams and instincts instead of forcing herself to have the same aspirations or goals as those around her.


Be patient and confident. I think when I was about to approach college, it was overwhelming and I was done with school at that time. Just over it, they say you need a degree to make it in the world. You can make it in the world, but it is rocky and much more hard to live comfortably. I felt after not attending college after highschool, I hit a rut and stuck. Attending college allows you to move forward and move up in a career. New challenges and goals and motivation to honestly make more money. It is hard without that piece of paper. If I had to go back in time and talk to myself, I would say just get it over with. You are already more than half way there just by graduating. Your mind is still in a mode to write proper papers, stay professional, and keep your mind working in the "educational" ora like it has been for the last 12 years. It is hard to retrain your brain. It is already used to school so just finish! That is what I would say to myself.


I would have to convince myself that there was a reason to go to college in the first place. It has taken many years to learn that money is not the first thing you need, what is needed is the ability to go after an idea of what path in life would be fulfilling. Finding hte right avenue in life that brings a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction will eventually bring what you need to get through life. College is a place to explore, and one needs to take the time to explore. The tools to get to where you want to go are there, gettting them off the shelf and using them are the challenge. Go to college with an open mind. Concentrate on obsorbing anything that is appealing. Present yourself with eyes and ears open. Let ideas come to you. Formulation of ideas will happen. Answers amay not be quick, may not be clear, but they will appear.


If I could give myself advice senior of high school, I would say : Darcica, after you graduate you should apply to school where you could live on campus and be far away from the destraction of partying and that bad boyfriend of yours. Don't listen to your current boyfriend that your with that told you not to go off to college, because if you listen to him he will be abusive and controlling and will not allow you to even start school. You could have a boyfriend anytime, but your future is more important. Please listen to me, I' am your future, and I'm currently 26 years old and struggling financially to make it through school, so if you don't want this to happend, please , please, stay focus on bettering your future so by the time your 26, you can have a great career and a stable foundation. Trust me you can do it, you are very smart, I have faith in you.


If I could go back in time and give me an advise about college, I would probably tell to myself to enjoy as many clubs, societies and associations as possible. You never know when opportunities are going to come and the more involved you are in your school, you don't only get more chances to find these amazing opportunities but also you'll find great friendships and it will make your college experience unforgetable. Unfortunately, I was not as involved in college as I was in High School but I know it is not late, I'm willing to do my best and show that I can give more and WANT to participate in as much as possible not only for me but for my parents that have tried to give me everything. The more involved you are in school, the better the chances that you will get the opportunities you need to succeed in anything you want.


If I had the opportunity to advise my teenage self about college, I would need a lot of time to get my point across. My main focus would be to tell myself, not to worry as much and to just trust my heart. Also I would tell my younger self to be glad when contemplating the future because college is something to look forward to. During high school I was constantly debating where I wanted to end up in life while I should have been focused more on my education. Another topic I would stress involves more studying and preparation for school. Furthermore, during high school and college, people (including myself) forget how important it is to set some quiet time aside to look over their school work. If I could have told myself to study more and have more faith in the education system, perhaps I would have done better throughout all my school years.


Going on to college is important. Don't be afraid go for your goals. College isn't that bad. Be determined deal with a few more years of school because having a college degree is rewarding. College is so much more funner than high school. You are responsible for your actions. What you put into something is what you are going to get out of it. Dont procrastinate when it comes to making the world a better place and don't let a lack of education hinder you. College is cool.


If I had a chance to go back and give myself a heads up I would first tell myself to find the right study habits and take a tape recorder to catch things that you may not have caught during class. Also dont allow yourself to hang with the wrong crowed bad influences are always something you should avoid. Spend as much time in the library studying and give yourself a break to give your brain 30 minutes to allow the information to process. The most important thing is to ask your professor as many questioins as possible. Do not study in your room where you are comfortable you have to get away from your comfort zone because a lot of times you begin to study and the next thing you know your sleep.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to do dual enrollment!! I was not aware that it existed at my school until it was too late for me to do it, and it would have been so beneficial to me now. I would have finished college sooner, and my mother would have been alive to see it. I would also tell myself that who you are and who you know in high school doesn't matter once you get out into the real world. Everyone and everything changes. What does matter is what you accomplished while in school. Your 20s are the most important years for you to create who you want to be in life. All the fun that you want to have right now, will be there when you graduate.


Considering I left high school and obtained my GED I would completely smack myself in the back of the head and say, "What are you thinking? Finish school man!" One of my biggest blunders was dropping out and not sticking to my guns and getting my diploma with the rest of my friends. I would tell myself how great its going to be when I enter college and what it is going to do for myself and my career. How just achieving my goals of earning a college education whould make me a better, more well-rounded person. That I would obtain the tools to give, not only myself, but my wife and children, a better life. We all wish we could go back and talk to ourselves and change some things we don't like. The things I have done in my past make me who I am. There is really nothing I could say or do that would make me any happier than I am with my life, my wife and my beautiful children, who I love and cherrish with all my heart. I am just thankful I have this oppurtunity to give them more.


In my senior year of high school, I wasn't looking forward to dealing with all the drama that the high school students bring to each others lifes. I tried to tell myself to focus on school and not the drama but the high school I went too seemed to have drama in its name. I desided after talking to my parents that it would be best if I finished my high school degree online. I actually got my high school diploma only and three months before the students I would have graduated at the drama filled high school. I was so excited that I succeed in getting my diploma. Next, I talked to my parents about attending Keiser University-Daytona Beach. I completed my AS Degree in Medical Assisting and I am working on my BS Degree in Health Sciences. I am so excited to see what life has planned for me next after I get my Bachelors Degree, maybe ill get my masters.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to make sure to research the university that I have interest in. Google is an excellant tool when used properly. The reviews you get from Google are from actual students with real experience. Also, I would advice myself to look for scholarships because what most people do not know is that there is a lot of help out there.


Looking back I would tell myself that once school was finished to go straight to college. I procrastinated a great deal and after nine years from when I graduated high school I could have been finished with college by now. I have no regrets but I would tell myself how much easier it would have been by going to college right away. Another bit of advice I would give myself would be to lose weight while I was younger. I am overweight and lost almost 100 pounds on my own, without diet pills or surgery. It was extremely difficult because it is much harder to lose weight as you get older. I would tell myself to never lose hope, never give up, and focus on school not worring about falling in love. That would also have saved me a heartbreak or too. I would tell myself to stay focused and follow my gut feeling because I feel I have made good decisions on my career and life now.


If I could go back to my high school self, I would tell myself to stay true and steadfast, and immoveable. I would tell myself that taking all basics as your electives was the smarter thing to do. Keep the gospel close to your heart and remember who you are. A child of god. I would congradulate myself on the hard work I acheived through out high school making it through my toughest times; however I would also tell myself that things get easier to endure when you embrace the fact that they are happening. I would tell myself to remember my individual worth, and not let boys harm or dismay my self image. To focus on my schooling, friends and family beause that is what is going to get me through trails. boys come and go. I would tell myself to self analyze my interests and talents and decide what I really enjoy and what I would enjoy as a career path. Rather then "figuring it out on the way". Last, I would say to set goals and achieve them.




Stay in school and get a high school diploma. It is so much better than a GED


The advice i would give to a highschool senior is take your time and follow your heart. Make sure the college or university you attend is somewhere that fits your personality and lifestyle. Get to know the faculity because when things get tough they will be your backbone to help you get through. Remember they are all there to help you succeed. Finally have a goal and stay focused be determined life can get tough but with a goal and determination you can easily get right back on track and achieve your dreams.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college I would tell me how important knowleged is to get by if todays world. I would explain with out the proper tools you learn and obtain in college you'll never suceed in life the way you've always dream.


I would have attended college right after high school and attened a large university instead of a small college.


If I were to go back and recomend a course of action to my high-school-self, I would encourage creating a routine and maintaining a balance between work, school and social life. It can be difficult to create the circumstances and atmosphere that set a person up for success and fulfillment. In order to achieve both happiness and progress in life, one has to practice at being a person first and foremost in all aspects of life. It is by being considerate of one's mind and body, and their needs, that a person creates a platform to interact with the world from. Confidence and ability come from practice and awareness. By making a routine, practicing it, but having the ability to deviate from it, a person is set up to succeed at their endevors and discover new posibilities and opportunities. I guess if I were to says something to my high-school-self it would be, "Stick to your guns. College life is filled with plenty of spur of the moment decisions. First, be comfortable with youself and in yourself. You'll find that the decisions you make will be good ones."


Not having anyone to push me towards the education direction was something that I wish I could have pushed myself to do in high school. My life as senior year was scattered, after graduation i still have not found myself in society. Not knowing if school was my going to help me become successful was a big hassle to overcome. Being a student is not only stressful but amazing; learning is just 100 percent fun. Getting to share the knowledge i have learned in a few hours to people of all ages is just breathtaking. I would have known that college was this cool back then i would have worked harder to get in a college. Knowing that education is the key to success i will share this information to every young person as long as I can.


Attending the university has made me build up my social and team work skills that I did not have prior to attending Keiser. Having the skills to do so now will only benefit my performance after I graduate and have a career in my field. Being able to experience the building blocks of friendships with strangers, who could very well be colleagues in the near future is always rewarding to be in a work enviroment with friends. Training during clinical rotations for the radiologic tech position places me in the shoes of the reality I am trying to reach. Being able to be trained at the some of the best clinics and hospitals in the south Florida region is an experience in itself. The experiences that I've had and still to come at Keiser are extremely valuable because it lays the foundation down of the hard work that needs to be put into my desired field. All the relationships, skill building excersices and training will never be forgotten and will be crossed of my list of goals to achieve.


I have one piece of advice and that is your life doesn't stop at 30. I haven't reached the age of thirty yet however I can remember when I was in highschool how I felt I had to do everything now. That I had to have children and do what I wanted to do before thirty. In highschool I wish I would have known we have all the time in the world. I would tell myself to really research different colleges to attend. I would also have stayed in college that first time. I would also tell myself that once I got into college to experience everything. By this I mean take classes that have nothing to do with your major just to experience it and gain all kinds of knowlege. I would also join differnt groups and particiapte in college activites. Mostly I would tell myself be more outgoing and slow down and take everything in.


I would tell my self to let go and go to an out of state college or somewhere that I would live on or near campus away from home. I would tell myself to take my studies more seriously but to enjoy the college experience. I would tell myself to try new things and try to not ever tell people no. That money doesn't buy happiness and I can afford to take off some time to have fun. Memories of fun, last forever, and are priceless and the $100 I could have made at work instead of enjoying myself would be gone and forgotten within a month.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, the best advice I could give her would be to put yourself first. Being 24 years old I have put myself at the bottom of the list. I kept putting off my education to take care of the needs of everyone around me. The high school senior me was so motivated and goal oriented, what happened? I would tell her that she has good intentions and a big heart, but there is more to life than pleasing others. It is so very important to also think of your own needs. It is not wrong to want the best for yourself and there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish at times. The high school senior me did everything right as of that time. She was brilliant, but she lost sight of her own ambitions. Keep moving forward girl. Don't put yourself on the back burner. Life is full of disappointments and trials, but you are strong and independant. You are just as important as the people around you. Never doubt yourself.


GO TO COLLEGE. Maybe you're tired of school and want to get on with life. You have a jbb that takes care of your needs (you still live at home), maybe you want to get married (It's better to wait), or maybe you just want some time off to travel and see what else is out there. So far at the high school senior level you really have no idea of the curves in the road you will encounter. Maybe "Alll your friends are doing it" or "Only the nerds go to college", or "The cool kids just want to lay back and enjoy life for a while". I quess that all sounds good at the time but it's not reality, especially now. I am an older student and regret not doing this a long time ago. I was lucky enough to get some great jobs, but in this economy and at my age it is difficult to find great jobs. Delay marriage and having babies. Marriages don't always last and you will have to support yourself and your children sometimes with little or no child support. Beat the rush. GO TO COLLEGE NOW


I would tell myself to slow down. I would tell myself that money is not everything and to enjoy school and concentrate more on my education than making money and working. I would tell myself that I know that I can complete the task at hand if I continue to work hard and stay focused. I would also tell myself to trust what I am feeling inside and to follow my heart.


The advice that i would give myself is to go off to colllege away from home. I feel that had I would have went off to school I would have grown more independent as a woman and I would be graduating from college. I am now picking back up in my college career as a single mom, where I left off in 2007.


If I had the chance to go back in time and warn myself of the struggles that I went through to try and get enrolled into college, I'd start by advising myself to start working on getting both scholarships and grants, because student loans will bog me down. I'd tell myself to leave Traviss Vo-Tech alone and apply at Keiser University. Don't worry about nursing and that Radiology is the way to go. Don't give up or slack on your classes half way through because I can do although some of the courses are tough. Give it your all and you'll do great. Algebra will come to you with the right teacher and teaching techniques. Keep your head up and don't let people trip you up on your journey through college life and relax because everything works out in the end.


If i could go back in time and talk myself as a high school senior knowing i know what i know now about college life and making the tansition,the only advice i would give myself is don't worry about boys focuss in school and make better grades.


Well, I'm a thirty one year old, married, mother of two, trying to get an education. So if I could go back in time and tell myself as a senior in high school some advice it would probably be to; not worry about the next greatest party, get amazing grades in all my classes so you can get scholarship opportunities, and go to college right after high school. It's extremely hard to juggle work, going to school, and maintaining a household with two small children, but I guess I'm living proof that it can and will be done, I just need a little assistance with the scholarship side of things... so hopefully this can be my first one. Thank you for your consideration, Jenifer Todd


Ooh.... the things I could have known! It has been over ten years since I have graduated from high school. I am now a 28 year old single mother of a beautiful two year old daughter. Last year I was left without a job and relying on unemployment; I knew I had to make a change, not only for myself, but for my daughter. If I could go back in time to the year 1999, I would definitely sit myself down and explain the benefits of taking the road to college. I love myself and my family, and I deserve better than struggling to survive everyday, and living with the help of state assistance, and not being able to afford to put my toddler in dance class. I know I deserve better and nobody can do anything about it, but me. I would be sure to let myself know that "I" am the only one who can stand up and make a change for the better. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain" (Unknown).


I f I could go back to the year 1996, I would talk to a young, excited and impatient young woman. I would tell her to slow down and take it all in. I would tell her that her dreams of traveling the world will come true soon enough. I would make sure that she understands the importance of seeking out the help of those put in place to ensure her success. I would tell her that important things like boys,shopping and the mall will be mere distractions at the age of thirty. Most adamently,I would make sure that she understood that although college will seem like a roadblock to here path of world conquer,in reality, it is a very neccassary stepping stone to success. A stepping stone that is much easier to overcome at the young age of sixteen than at the age thirty.


The only advice I would give myself as a high schooler would be to take some prep courses and direct my high school career towards my future profession. As a high school student, I pursued what I loved, such as music, dance, and theater. In college, I have not pursued any of those things. I am very career and goal oriented. I wish I would have known in high school to pursue extra curricular activities and classes that were geared towards Criminal Justice rather than take courses that would only end up being a hobby in the future.


I would tell my self that it is going to be hard and that there is not time for much else, but in the end it will be worth it and we will have the career we want. I would also mention that you have to take it seriously as it is our future and our families future, and they depend on us to provide for them in everyway. It will be okay in the end.


I would tell myself as a high school senior to really think about the career I want the whole year and plan for college right after high school. I shouldn't waste my time debating about applying for school loans when my education is priceless, I should just go for it. I would tell myself to consider taking classes online so that I can spend my time more efficiently and still have time for my family and friends. I would tell myself to discuss my college plans with my parents so if they will allow me to live at home or ask me to live on my own I can make those arrangments ahead of high school graduation. I would tell myself to not worry if I can only go to college part-time as any amount of time spent going to school will be worth it in the end. I would tell myself how important it is to think ahead of my future so that I make the most of my twenties to attain early retirement in my forties.


When you get ready to go off to college you are worried about many different things. The funny thing is, is that many of these things you do not need to worry about. If I could I would go back in time and tell myself to calm down. While college will be a good portion of my life it is not the only part of it. I would tell myself to save up more money than I had saved up. I would have strived to have done the very best that I could be in all of my classes. And instead of the easy classes I took in my senior year I would encourage my younger self to take all of the hard classes. I would have told myself the significance of the SAT and the ACT and would have encouraged myself to take whatever precautions necessary to take them and to do well on them. I would have gone straight to a four year university instead of going to a two year college.


Before making any decisions pertaining to college , I want you too investigate all possible options before deciding that college is not for you. The times have changed since your father was in school, even though he only finished the 8th grade and was able to keep food on the table. Life in general is tough enough, trying too get ahead in the workforce in this day and age without the proper knowledge backing you up will only make those hills of triumph feel like mountains of long hours and weekends lost. Do yourself a favor and even though life may seem to be nothing but, school at the moment continue with your learning and complete your dreams. Don't get swallowed up in the build your own parade only too find that everybody took a left turn leaving you going down a straight path to another dead end job. Just once listen too what your heart and mind are telling you ,what is right and needed for your own future.


Believe in yourself and not that we are inured to unpredictable accounts of propitious events, but that some are inured to predictability. It is a force, a tenacity that drives and creates such fecund decisions that we will bring to the table. As such in any investment as potential candidates for employment are; and as potential candidates for societies are; one must evaluate what predictable potential is possessed. It is the self vigilence that will enable your accomplishments. Always aim your dreams high and value your ambitions.


I would have went to college sooner. I would say study alot and prepare yourself because its not easy and its alot of work. Take your time and do the best you can.


I would give myself advice to take as many advanced placements classes as possible in order to prepare me for college life. I would say to pay more attention to detail in all my subjects, because no matter how small...they all play a part in yoru college life. To study and take the SAT or ACT prep classes, because they do help. To use all my time in high school wisely, learn as much as I can, do as well as I can and prepare myself for college academically.


I would absolutely love to go back in time and speak to myself. I would tell myself that there is a ton of work evolved with college. To cut back on the high school parties and late nights. Start working on scholarships immediately. Defiantly participate in more community service and charity work because it opens the doors to so many opportunities. I would encourage that I spend more time asking my parents for help whether it?s with tuition or assignments. I would stress that there is no need to procrastinate on getting entrance tests done, and to never ever say I?m going to take a semester off cause it normally leads to 2 or maybe three. I?d encourage myself to make better friends and meet individuals that have goals and ambitions. Also I would suggest that I watch what I eat! There?s nothing worse then sitting through a test with a stomach that?s talking! Most importantly though I would tell myself that I will make it and with time dedication and hard work I will be successful.


Ashley, don't wait to go to college. It will be the quickiest four years of your life it will change your life for the better for you and your children. Apply yourself to your studies and not to everyone else around you. Worry about making A's and B's and not the social parties that wont be there in four years. And the last thing i am going to tell you is look for schloarships, it will help you with all loans you will have.


I would tell myself to set my priorities in a way that allows me to focus on education and makng the right decisions. College is the stepping stone for the rest of your life and should be taken very seriously, but at the sametime, it should be something you enjoy doing because it will open up doors for the future and happiness.


Take your time and understand financial aid.


If i were a high school senior all over agin i would make the same decisions i have already. I love the environment i am in and i would not trade it for the world.