Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the lack of a football team the worst thing, because having sports like that brings more attention to a school and helps kids get more involved in school spirit.


Kennesaw State University does not have a football team. :(


Parking has always been an issue, but with the building of a huge oversized deck, it has seemed to alleviate some of the problems with parking. The only other problem is that it's sometimes hard to get into the classes you need with such competition to get into them.


Parking. It is ridiculous.


Parking on campus before this up-coming semester was very limited so it was very hard trying to find a parking spot each day before class. I would sometimes have to leave an extra thirty to forty-five minutes before class started to make sure I would have enough time. But thankfully Kennesaw has just recently finished building a new seven story parking lot, which should help enormously.


The parking situation

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