Kent State University at Geauga Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell people that the school isvery convenient, great education, wonderful professors, and to expect to work hard.


Kent State Univeversity at Geauga has a common room. While being an adult student, my first day consisted of trepidation with a slow realization that the common room was a virtual vortex of sociallization. Faculty, students and administration were easily accessable. Along the back wall lies a series of doors leading to the predominate professor's offices. The administration's door opens at one corner while the library contributes two entrances. Student resources, such as financial aid and advisors, are in the opposite corner. Interdisciniplary interactions became common. I have found this experience enlightening and entertaining.


The location and convenience of the drive.


That I believe that KSU is not only a well known school, but it is also a school that is well desired by employers in the job market today . It is exactly the kind of school that you are proud to be able to put on a resume


I get great grades, which I attribute to the fact that the campus I attend is comfortable and safe, and the teachers are knowledgable and caring.