Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Fashion program


May 4, 1970


The thing most people remember Kent State for is the shootings that happened in 1970.


Kent State University is well known for its high curricular rigor and dedicated instructors. I felt highly prepared for my career upon graduation. My professors were always available. There are a diverse number of majors for both undergraduate and graduate programs.


Kent State University is best known for the Fashion Program. People from all over the world come to Kent specifially to be apart of our world renowned fashion school. There are numerous internship opportunies for students in big cities, such as New York City. Every Spring Kent puts on a show called "Rock the Runway", where fashion students create outfits to fit a certain theme, and choose models to walk down the runway in their finished products.


Kent State is best known for the tragic May Fourth shooting that took place in 1970. Kent students were protesting a war and the government came in and there were deaths of students.


It excellence in succeeding in the class room as well as exceeding outside the class room


Kent State University is known for the diversity within the student body. There are individuals from all around the world coming together all for one purpose and the purpose is to get an education so that they can do what they love for the rest of their lives. Learning what you enjoy in life is Kent State's main goal. Kent State's faculty and staff is there for us and will do anything to make our dreams become a reality.


Kent State University is best known for two things. The first is the tragic May 4th shooting that i believed strenghtened the university and really did change the country and started a movement in colleges acrossthe country. Our other world known achievment is our fashion college. This college is one of the top colleges in the country and the world. Students from all over the country flock to Kent to try to become one of our great fashion students. These two things will not be the last thingsthat kent does to change the country.


Kent State is probably best known for our school pride. We're big fans of ourselves.


Our school is best known for the way they overcame the May 4th shooting.


I think our school is best known for some programs such as the fashion program or the nursing program. It is also somewhat known for the parties it throws as well.


Kent State is best known for it's fashion, architecture, and nursing programs.


Kent State is known for their excellent programs (e.g Nursing, Fashion Design) as well as their academic standard. The university is known for the academic resources,sports,extra-curricular activities and many more. Kent State is the place to be.You belong here.


Kent State is best known for its fashion program, which students from all over the country have used to find success in their futures and excel in their studies as fashion major students. Another thing that people may know Kent State for is its diversity and acceptance of minorities, especially after the May 4th tragedy that took place on campus years ago. Now, students of all kinds, ethnicities, sexualities, and nationalities are welcomed and accomodated here if needed.


Kent State is best known for its large campus and surrouding downtown area for the college students. Kent State has a beautiful, extensive campus and accomodates a wide variety of students from around the country and world. The downtown Kent area has recently been expanded and offers a variety of activites and dining options.


Kent State Univeristy is globally known for the student massacre that took place on May 4, 1970. However it also known for its excellent fashion degree programs and as one of Northeastern Ohio's best universities.


Renovations, partying, and internships.


My school is best known for their accredited programs. Many people I know think of our school in being well respected for their degrees in Speech Pathology, Theatre, Nursing, Psychology, Architecture along with many other degrees. We strive for immense school spirit and welcomed diversity.


My school is very well-known for the shooting that occured on campus during the Vietnam war in '73 (I believe). Students were protesting the war and a police officer shot a protester.


My school is best known for what happened on May 4th, 1970. There were students protesting the invasion of Cambodia and the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the protesters killing 4 students and wounding 9 others. A couple songs were made because of this linking Kent State into them


Fashion Design


Kent is very well known for their great falculty and fashion programs


My school is best known for the May 4, 1970 massacre. While it has nothing to do with academics, it was an important historical event that is still remembered nationwide.


Unfortunately, the May 4th Shootings. That said, we are turning it around with our fashion school (#3 in the country), our Liquid Crystal Institute, and our architecture department is amazing, I hear. The STEM schools have lots of undergraduate rearch oppertunities.


Kent State is known for having students from all over the country attending and is fast becoming one of the best for science, fashion merchandising, nursing and their collegiate sports.


Kent State University is known for the highest graduation rate in Northeastern Ohio. In addition to that ranking, Kent also has a many strong colleges and programs that set any individual up for success. Kent has many resources for the students to use such as group tutoring by individuals who have already taken the class and a strong student success department, which provides many outlets to search for internships and jobs within the area and through alumni. Once a student at Kent State University, the publicized features about the university are not nearly as impressive as the resources offered within.


The may 4th shootings in 1970


Kent State University is known for its world renowned Fashion program, as well as its highly ranked Aeronautics programs. It is also an extremely open and progressive school. Everything is easily accessible on campus, and you're even close to Cleveland and Akron, just by a short, inecpensive bus ride. All professors I've had have been knowledgable and fully capable of teaching. So far none of those horror story professors.


My school is mostly widely known for the Kent State Massacre that occured on May 4th during the height of the Vietnam war.


I dont really know, but there are alot of heavy drinkers and drug users in the school; so you have to be confident in your self to know not to hang around those people. The teachers are awesome though, just dont miss class, it will effect your grade


I would have to say Kent State University at Kent is known for the May 4th shooting in 1970 and our fashion program, we even have a Kent State University in Italy for the fashion program.


Kent State is best known for it's athletics and academic departments. They put a lot into their academic departments so that their students are more than ready to enter the workforce after college and rise above their coworkers.


Sports programs and events, fashion school


I believe my school, Kent State University, is known for quite a few things; one being the great football ball team and Kent State is known for being one of the top 100 public school in the United States.


Science, Theatre and dance , Fashion design


My school is known for some of the professors and great staff on campus. That is why their the number 1 school in Ohio with the highest graduation rate.


Our school is best known for the exact same things as it can be described as. Most people recognize Kent State as a Liberal College with a focus on the Arts. Kent State is remembered strongly for it's liberal past, unfortunately including the May 4th protests and shootings, which whilst being a very unfortunate series of events is none the less part of our history and one of main reasons for which Kent State is known.


Kent State is known for its football team, as well as the May 4th shootings during the Vietnam War protests.


The Kent campus is really well known for it's intensive fashion design and merchandising programs. It is also the only academically accredited Library Science school by the American Library Association in the state of Ohio.


Kent is best known for our Business and Nursing programs, being extremely liberal, huge parties and big drinkers, concerts, and being decent at a few Division 1 NCAA sports.


Kent State University is best known for 2 things. The first is black squirrels. The campus is filled with them! Kent State is also known for the May 4th memorial which is recognized annually.


Kent State University is best known as top rated in nursing and the fashion school has been endorsed by the Ohio Board of Regents as a center of excellence and rated as one of the top in the country and 13th best in the world. Kent State University is also known as having a high success rate in graduates and it's motto is "Excellence in Action" which makes this university the prime place for achieving life goals. Kent State University has made great strides in becoming a breeding ground for excellence.


may 4th


My school is best known for, sadly, the death of four students nearly forty years ago. Whne, the national gaurd was on campus, a few students held a protest/riot that blew completely out of hand and resulted with the death of four kent state students.


We are best known for our competitve nursing program along with our fashion merchandising department.


Kent state is known for the interior design major. They are also known for the fashion design program.


My school is best known for partying and it's aviation program.


My school is best known for its diversity. There are many people from different races that go here. I think that is great, because it gives everyone from different countries and equal opportunity to get a great education. Everyone has a chance to make a difference in this world.


Kent State is best known for the shooting of May 4th, but when speaking of education, Kent is known for their architecture and VCD programs. They also give the ability for students to study abroad to numerous countries.