Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Kent State would be the parking. There is a lot of parking available but it gets super crowded during peak class times, although that is not really the university's fault!


Well I havent went to college at Kent State yet, but so far working with the financial aid office has been a pain. The office does not help and expects that parents and students to have planned out college expenses.


The freshman are open to more opportunities because they are new. I wish they had more opportunities for students who were not new to the school.


The worst thing I would consider here at Kent State University is that there are not a lot of different races that take part in majority of the events that goes on throughout the campus. That is a problem considering that that is an important way in meeting new people.


There are always new fees.


The Tution Appeal comittee. I started a new job, and didn't have access to a personal computer, just the public library. I believe that my situation was valid with letters form the library and my job to help state my case, however they denied me and I am desperatley trying to find help and jobs to help me pay the $1,900 back to the university. I believe that if i would've been able to talk to them in person that they would've understood better and they would've approved the case.


As a growing four-year institution, not unlike a sizable number of college campuses in the United States, Kent State and its administration have invited the seeds of consumerism into what is nominally an educational institution, complete with ATMs, credit-card vendors and fast food venues (including 'Starbucks' and 'Subway' chain outfits, neither of which contribute to the university as a center of education). Much like the influx of students pursuing purely-economic motives for their higher-education, so commodified is the section of campus adorned with brand names and gift-shop niceties. I'd like to see this changed.


The classes are too large for much one on one instruction or help.


I think the worst thing about my school is the cost of attendance. It is very difficult for me and my family to find the means to pay my tuition each year, and each year the tuition increases.


During my freshman year I had noticed that most students tend to go home on the weekends. Home is usually relatively close for them, since the majority of the students live in Ohio. I'm sure that being a freshman in a new place was also a contributing factor to the frequent trips back home but 26,000 students attend Kent, so it wasn't a big deal, it was just noticeable. The lack of pride/school spirit is really a shame. The stands are desolate, which I find appalling due to the whopping amount of students Kent has.


The worst thing about Kent State is the wind tunnel on campus. It gets pretty windy on campus, but it makes it an adventure to get to class, so it's not all bad!


The worst part of my school, which happens at every University, is the large number of students in each class, making it harder to learn and get personal help with the subject. Most teachers have office hours and times to recieve personal help if needed which is helpful, but at times can be inconvenient with other classes and assignments that are also needed to be completed.


A negative about KSU is the large amount of commuter students. Most of the students are from surrounding cities and often go home on weekends. This means that campus life is very quiet on the weekends.


What I consider to be the worst thing about Kent State more than likely applies to other colleges as well. The worst thing is that the tuition price and room/board rates are rising for the following academic year (2012-2013). With minimal help from federal aid, I am already struggling with figuring out how I am going to pay for my sophomore year. The fact that I now have to come up with even more money for my education is extremely painful. If the costs at Kent continue to increase, I will no longer be able to afford it.


The parties OFF campus that involve alcohol and drugs.


The worst thing about my school is its attitude of being a money-maker instead of a prestigious academic institution.


If I had to choose the worst thing about Kent State University, I would say the weather is by far the worst. During the Fall and Winter semesters temperature regularly stay below freezing, there is heavy snowfall and it is a job just to leave the house and face the elements outside.


Spends alot of money on materalist things, when they could lower tution, or offer more scholarships


The worst thing about KSU is the snowy weather; there is just so much snow and cold weather in the winter.


The worst part is the weather on campus. It's typical northeast Ohio weather, so there's lots of rain and snow.


The worst thing about Kent is that it gets a bad rap, people assume that I attend here because I couldn't go anywhere else. That isn't even slightly true, I chose this school because it was going to challenge me and make me into a better person. Just because I go here doesn't mean that I am stupid or anything else. I am a dilligent harworking student and what this school is referred to as is the worst part.


The worst thing about Kent State University is the excessive and un-neccessary spending of the university's budget. A large amount of university money has been spent on cosmetic issues around campus and not on the students and bettering their educational experience. Many classrooms and building would benefit from any type of renovation, such as technology upgrades. The educational experience of the students would be improved if the budget was focused on the students and their educations.


I think the worst thing about Kent State would be the location. Kent State is the town. If it were not for the university, the town would be very small and there would not be much in it. The students are a large reason the town gets most of its revenue. They are able to sponsor things through the school and they are able to get students to come work for them. The town is very small for a university that has over 20,000 students.


The worst thing about my school is that it has a very limited variety of social venues for students to attend on the weekend. Almost all of the social venues are bars and the few venues that are not bars are not very good venues. This makes Kent State University seem like a university whose students must consume alcohol every time they socialize. This image is incorrect, which is why the university needs more non-alcoholic venues for the students.


On the other side, I think the worse thing is maneuverability and parking. Parking passes are a little on the expensive side and driving through campus can be confusing, with many dead end or tight spots. If you are driving to get to the other side of the campus, you basically have to drive all the way around campus. Making a small difference in the amount of time it takes you to get to your destination.


Increasing tuition prices compared to unincreasing financial aid awards.


i cannot think of any thing worst about my experience so far. I do know it can be a little challenging finding things to do to fit your style or personality because it is so much to do. Also being away from home is really a test especially if you never been away before. But with time things to do better.


The worst thing about the school is that some professors are unorganized and in my opinion aren't very good teachers for my needs. It is difficult to learn from them and makes the class less enjoyable and much harder to get through. I have to do a lot of my learning for these classes on my own by reading books and getting outside help.


The worst thing about this school is the ability to access the academic advisors easily. In the larger colleges, such as arts and sciences, they are very rarely available for consultation and getting an appointment is nearly impossible. Not everyone has this problem, but a considerable number of students seem to.


I would say that the worst aspect of my school is the apathetic school spirit of most students. I'm not even a student that will go to every single football game, but a lot of students don't seem to care that they go to Kent State and don't seem to show much care for the sports teams or events.


Cost because they continue to go up on costs but they do not offer enough financial aid


The cost, because there are something that we pay for that not all of us use, or ever plan on using


The worst this about my school is the expenses. Tuition is hard to pay. at least for my family


The worst thing about Kent State University is parking. For commuter students, it is very hard to get used to the parking system. Also for visitors, it can be very confusing on where they are and aren't allowed to park.


The regional campuses provide many of the fundamental classes to begin your education, but to finish the majority of bachelor degree programs, you have to attend the main campus which has much more of a lecture feel instead of the small class, one on one attention the regional campuses possess. Also, it's much more expensive.


The worst thing about my school is the communication between students, advisors, teachers and administration. They are suppossed to work towards helping us achieve our academic and life goals but they fail to communicate with each other to facilitate an enviornment in which we can succeed.


Lack of diversity in foreign languages. I would like to take Hindi, and it is not offered.


The worst thing about Kent State would have to be how some majors are over looked. Some of the majors on campus are "new" and haven't been around long, like Athletic Training. We do just as much work as the athletes at the school do, but we don't get recognized like they do. I think that we should be offered scholarships and honored for how much time we put in for the team and be treated like one of the athletes.


The worst thing about Kent State is the class size. Most high schools have class sizes of less than 30, and KSU contains several classes over 300. The transition is extremely difficult, and grades typically reflect the tough change. In big classes, students feel less like individuals and more like a number. In my psychology class, I was one of 400 students, and class was held in a massive, two-story auditorium. The class size was intimidating, and the lack of individual attention that each student received made the learning process more difficult.


Absolutly nothing.


The worst thing about my school is how easily it is to get lost for new freshmen. I say this because the campus is fairly large.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of snow that comes during the winter. The campus is absolutely beautiful throughout spring and fall but after the third week of winter the cold weather and snow gets old. Even worse, they have an entire fleet of mini-bulldozer type snow plows they use to clear the pathways. Don't be mistaken, you will not get a lucky day off unless there is at least 6 inches of snow on the ground and it started late in the night.


The lack of financial aid for caucasian males that also maintain a fulltime job but it may well be the same for all schools.


I worry sometimes about the security on campus. Violent crimes occasionally happen (almost always mugging or theft), but security on campus seems more concerned with catching alcohol use on campus. Even though security seems focused on the alcohol use, it is widely accepted that Kent State is a party school. I don't mind the "party school" title so much because it is very easy to find a different social scene. However sometimes I think that students are not always safe in that environment.


Probably the worst thing about Kent State University is during the winter hte walkways get really icy, which makes it hard tp get places, and it causes peple to slip and fall.


The way that the faculty will treat students. The professors are ocassionally nice, financial aid is very mean, the bursar's office is helpful but irresponsible, and the president is a hermit who likes to hike up tuition to get more birds on campus.


The worst thing about KSU is parking services. Parking lots on campus are inconvenient and passes are too expensive.


Students do not seem to have a lot of pride in their school.


For the most part, I enjoy being a student at Kent State; however, a few things about the school irk me. One of my biggest pet peeves about the university is the extremely high tuition rate. Recently, the school decided to increase tuition by 3.5 percent, while also cutting many grants. Overall, the financial aid could be much better, but I believe that by applying for this scholarship, I may not have to worry as much about the outstanding tuition bills that come from my school.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is that all payments and scheduling and such is done by online only, sometime's it's easier just to phone to schedule say , a counseling appointment.

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