Kent State University at Trumbull Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time, and give myself advice about making the trasition from High School to College, I would tell myself to give 100% of everything I have to whatever it is I would be studying. It's not until you get out into the workforce and realize that the "Glass Ceiling" really exists that you understand how important an education really is. I would tell myself to find out why an education is important for ME. To truly be successful in college, or in anything in life, you have to want it for yourself, not because it's what you think will make others happy. A college education can be that one thing that changes not only the course of your life, but, the course of people's lives around you, and your children's lives. I would tell myself to be passionate about what I'm studying, and to learn whatever I can, whenever I can. I would tell myself to embrace the late nights of studying, and the long days of classes, because in the end, there will never be a pursuit more worthy of my time and dedication than gaining a college education.


Save all the money you could, your going to need it. Especially with Obama in office.


I would tell myself to stick with it and not to give up! To stay focused and determined how hard it may get. That an education is very important to my future and that the feeling of financial independence is unbeatable.


Right now, I am living in Budapest, Hungary. I wanted to study abroad, but it was too much of a financial issue. When I was in high school, the financial aspect of college didn't phase me. I was too preoccupied with trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. During my first year of college, I completely changed my mind regarding my choice of major and became so discouraged that I failed my second semester. So, all that time spent trying to figure out my future, and not filling out scholarships, was wasted. I think that seniors in high school should certainly have an idea of what they'd like to persue in college, however, I do believe that it's not necessarily essential to start majoring in it right away. If I had taken that year to work on general classes and weigh my options, I would've had the grades to receive the proper financial aid and rewards to study abroad. It was a lesson well learned, but if I had been aware of my past experiences back then, I could've avoided a lot of hassle.


I am an ambitious person who typically does very well at anything I put my mind to. That is as true at 30 as it was at 18 and that is an integral part my message to my past self. “What are you doing?” You did so well taking night classes and working, don’t stop. You will start an online school; either fill out the exit paperwork properly or don’t quit! You will be paying off those loans for years and have more issues then we can get into now. Do you realize that at 30 you will be engaged, working and trying to finish the degree you started 12 years ago? You are very capable but it easier to push through now than juggle work and school in the future. You have the ability to keep on a good path at a good job and finish your degree, please don’t drop out. Your reasons for leaving are not greater than the rewards you could reap if you just stick with it. You will be denied great opportunities because you could not finish school, because you do not have your degree. Don’t deny yourself those opportunities.


Hey Lisa! Before you know it you’ll be looking in the mirror wondering where the days went. Don’t grow up too fast, take your time, enjoy your life. Take risks, they mostly pay off; if they don’t; they’ll be great examples for your own children. Believe in something, work for it, sacrifice for it. If you can’t be passionate about something, you’re just taking up space. Be a good friend, you will get good friends in return. You can call good friends any time: for whatever reason; even if it has been many years they’re still happy to hear from you. They're the ones who'll say “where are you? On my way!” not “anything I can do to help?” when you’ve called to tell them your relationship just fell apart or that you're in deep trouble. And finally, pay it forward. You're blessed with brains and the determination to succeed; they’re not yours to keep. Do something useful, make a difference, leave something behind when you leave this earth. Life is about living. .. Jump in with both feet, because you can never get the day before back.


If I could go back to my senior year and give myself advice I not sure I could change my course of action, instead I would tell my friends to get your education done all at once. I find myself telling younger students in my class to get your degree done all at once. It is so hard to start and stop your education and give it your full concentration. When your young no one expects anything out of you except to drag your butt to class (in boxers sometimes). But when you are an older student, you now have to juggle car payments, mortgages, kids, spouses, parents getting sick. Add in a couple of classes and a job and you find yourself fighting like mad just to pass theses classes let alone learn valuable lessions from them. I have multiple degrees, certificates, Licensures, but the older I get the more education I need. Finding it beyond difficult to finish my Degree and keep my family together. I would never want to change the past, since I have the most amazing husband and daughter, every step I took to this point in education and life got me to this moment.


In life, I try to stay positive, which isn’t always easy. In advising myself of my future life and steps I will have to take and experience, I will tell myself to stop doubting myself. Everything that happens may be difficult, but it is a learning experience and happens for a reason. It will shape the person I become. Knowing where I thought I would be then, in high school approaching college. I have ended up a little different than that plan. I must tell myself that the plan will deviate, but it will work out for the better. I am a better person for the experience, the hardship and the disappointment. I would not tell myself to avoid it. There are things that happen and people you meet that each are learning experiences. If I were to know what would happen then I could not experience it in a way that will be a true life learning experience. Mostly, I would be sure to tell myself that I should stay positive even with negative experience and to find the good in life. I must focus on the important things and think how those things make my life better.


Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Listen to what God says. He will steer you in the correct direction of success. You will also be able to help everyone else around you by helping yourself. Sit down and study.


I would tell myself that I should of just paid to take the SATs so I could of went straight into Cal Poly Pomona.


To study in a different fashion. To spend more hours reading and taking notes.


I would've told myself that I made a good choice picking where I went to college, first of all, because i like the fact that it's affordable, has a lot of great people and professors, and its convientent to commute. I would tell myself to get more prepared because transitioning from high school to college is really different and it's more time-consuming. I would also tell myself to not procrastinate on any assignments and studying. What I learned during my first semester was that if you spend more time on your papers and studying for your exams, you'll do better and learn more.


I came to college not knowing where i was going or what i wanted to be. I would tell myself the most amazing thing will happen to you when you turn twenty two, but you need to be ready for it, financially, mentally and physically. Not taking time off school and knowing what i wanted would have really helped me now since that amazing thing did happen to me, i became a mommy. My son is the most important thing in my life, but it is ten times harder to finish school with a fourteen month old running around. I would tell myself to be patient, good things will come, but you need to do the work now. You will have plenty of time to enjoy life, and motherhood, but get it done. It will be the second best thing to ever happen to you. Knowing what i know now, i kick myself for leaving, for not pushing harder to get the grades when i was a freshman. I would tell my eighteen year old self that it really is worth it, and you will understand and thank yourself later when you realize there are more important things in life.


Dear Attar, There is no doubt you are curious about this package you found in your backpack. I know you are about to attend Bridgewater State University. Don’t waste your time. The genius minds at Cape Cod Community College found a way to send this care package to you in 2011. If you look in the package there is a transcript showing that you failed out of B.S.C. Don’t be alarmed, it is not your lack of intelligence. I don’t want to give too much away but in about six months you are going to suffer a seizure and break your back. This will cause you to fail out. It is imperative that you go to 4C’s and take your writing courses with Dr. Berry. One semester with him and you will find yourself impatiently waiting the day you become an English Professor as well. Enclosed is a copy of the children’s book you will someday write. Note this story will be published and take you one step closer to being an acclaimed writer. Heed these words and you will be in be in graduate school before I get my Associates.


I would tell my senior self to, despite how much i thought i never wanted to be a nurse, to just finish school. Its not as bad as you think, buckle down and get it done. I have a nine month old son and i am working hard to finish now when i could have graduated if i would have stuck it out. I would tell myself take all the summer classes you can and knock it out. School is the most important thing to finish, everything else will fall into place.


High school can be tough especially as a senior. The best advice I would give is FOCUS, WORK hard, GET involved, DON'T procrastinate, and HAVE fun! The way that we go about with our motives in high school most likely determines the way we'll be during the future. You're not only making choices now but they will indeed have an outcome, whether good or bad, for you in the future. There will be people trying to pull you down, but always remember that the Underestimated are usually the ones who make a statement, and if you're already making a Positive statement, keep running, because this is just the beginning. Senior year will be a bit stressful, but you're quarter mile to the finish line, don't slow down, don't look back, FINISH STRONG.


I would tell myself not to waste my first year of college on a major everyone else says I should do. I would tell myself that college is amazing, the professors are so kind and really laid back and really helpful. I'd say that everything is going to be okay, college is no big deal and there's nothing to worry about. I'd tell myself to try to find used textbooks and a study buddy. Mostly I'd say how awesome college is and that I'll love it!


College life isn't even comparable to high school. In college, you are preparing yourself to obtain a career in what you love to do and it matters more than you could imagine. You are meant to help others so keep up the good work with helping in your community. Becoming a nurse is not as easy as you think it is; it takes time, lots of time, and dedication. Look at your little infant son, right in his eyes, those are the eyes that will keep you working hard and remaining at the top of your class. He is your motivation, and although not seeing him as much as you want will be more difficult than anything, putting the effort into nursing will be worth it in the end. He will be proud, you will be proud, and you will be able to help change people's lives.


If I had the opportunity to give myself advice about one of the biggest transitions of my life, from my senior year of high school to my college career, I would have told myself not to lose sight of my passions. When I was a senior in high school, the idea of graduating took place of what I had originally been passionate about throughout the majority of my high school experience. I would tell myself to continue doing everything I loved with the utmost respect for these things and for the people that supported me. I would remind myself not get lost in the easygoing "senioritis" mentality, and to push for what I believed in. If I would have held this outlook towards the things I really loved, it might not have taken me so long to reestablish who I truly am and what I truly want to do with my life.


If i could go back in time to myself as a high school senior I would better prepare myself with the studying habits and make sure that I learned new and easier ways to study. I would tell myself to enjoy my time in college and make as many friends as I could and to work hard for what I want. I would say not to take no for an answer and even if you fall and fail sometimes that it's okay because as long as you believe in yourself you can make anything good happen in your life. I would say to never give up and to try and study as hard as I could and to talk to the teachers if I had a problem with anything, use the resources at my control for good.


The number one thing I would have told myself is to be more motivated to finish things earlier. It doesn't pay off to wait until the last minute to finish something that you have to do. I would have also told myself to take part in more activities dealing with school because now that I am in college and have participated in more after-school activities, I realize now how truly fun they are and how rewarding it is to actually be a part of something and get recognized for something you did.


Going back to high school if I could tell myself anything it would be to study more. In high school I never studied at all. Everything in school came easy to me and I had mostly A's in all of my classes so it did not seem important to me to study. My first semester at Kent Trumbull was just the same. I snuck by with dominantly A's and did not have to worry about studying. My second semester on the other hand was a different story. I am still able to get by in most of my classes but there are a few that if I do not study in I know I will not get good grades in. I am a little bit too late in my Microbiology class, as I did not realize until about a month ago that I need to be studying and I am still not able to get my grade up to something decent, and I will most likely have to take the class again.


To take every class seriously and never forget the value of education. Also to be prepared for the temptations that comes with going off to college and away from your family or if not leaving your family. The freedom aspect of just being in college can be good if you are self discipline but bad if you are not. I would tell my past in high school that I better get an on campus job or a part time job while I attend college because college life is not cheap at all and to have some csah in your pocket will make you feel more proud of yourself as an achievement. The las t thing I will tell my high school self is to keep your head high and never let anyone influence you to do the opposite of what you want to do.


Take your high school years seriously, and start looking into colleges early. Dont wait after you graduate high school, know what you want to persue your career in.


I just recently started going to college. I am fairly new to it but I am liking it so far. One of the first things that I found valuable to me as a college student is the amount of resources available to us. Resources such as tutoring, career counseling, financial aid advisors, people all around you to answer your questions. I remember my first day of class one of my prefessors said that we come to college to learn to critically think. I thought about this and it gave me a new perspective on college. Not only are we learning new things, but we are learning to think both critically and logically. It is a tool that can be used not only for school, but can also be applied to our everyday lives with the problems we deal with. The idea that you can never stop learning is such a great thing. No one can take the knowledge you learn away from you ever. Knowledge is limitless, and age is just a number. You're never to old to learn something new. As someone once told me knowledge is power, and that is what makes going to college so valuable.



This college experience has been remarkably convenient and achievable so far. After graduating high school I was blindsided by a health problem and decided to take a year off and focus on my health and overall wellbeing. When it came time to continue my education I was very reluctant and nervous of my capabilities. Kent State University Trumbull Regional Campus has allowed me to ease into the college life and yet I didn’t have to put any aspect of my life in the backseat. I now am engaged, work part-time at a nursing home, a mother of a newborn baby boy, and a full-time student. Taking on all of these roles is extremely challenging but obtaining a degree in today’s world is practically a must, and having a child that depends on me make it all worthwhile. Having a degree will be tremendously valuable for my future and my son’s future. I want to make sure I can do everything in my power to provide a wonderful life for him, and once I have this degree and a career there will be one less obstacle to overcome.


My college experience started in 1998 when I graduated from high school. It took hard work, long nights, and patience to get my Associate degree in four years will working during the day. In May 2002, I graduated from Kent Trumbull with a degree and I decided to take a break from school before pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Technology. My college experience helped me gain confidence in my life outside of school. I learned that there are rewards for hard work and continued life-long learning. I am proud to be attending school, once again, this time as a junior, finally pursuing my Bachelor degree. I feel I am a role model for my daughter and I feel energized being apart of a learning community once again.


I would have better prepared myself for college by not procratinating in high school. Waiting until the last minute in college is much different then waiting until the last minute in high school. College work is more intense and requires more time and concentration, therefore, waiting until the last minute to study or do homework, makes college more stressful then it needs to be. I would have also practiced time management in high school. When entering college students have more going on in their lives such as families, full or part time jobs, and full time schooling. Being able to manage your time in college is very important to your success in college. Transitioning from high school to college can be tough and stressful, but learning things such as not procratinating and time management can make it smooth and enjoyable.


If I could go back in time I'd tell myself to save every penny. College life can get very expensive, especially after you realize your parents won't be there to pay for everything that you need. On top of paying for your schools tuition you will have to pay for your school supplies/books, your cell phone bill, car insurance, clothing and a lot of the time your own food. It can get very difficult.


The most pretentious advice I could give myself if I were to go back in time to my high school ssenior year would have to be to think long and hard about my study habits. I have found that in college the necessary study habits to succeed demolish the lack of effort I displayed in high school. Also, another bit of advice would be to weigh all options of career choices and what major to declare as the courses for all are different. Lastly, I would tell myself to mature in the fact that college is inevitably required to obtain a career these days, therefore priorities should have changed before I graduated in order to condition myself for that heavy task to come.


I would say that college is a whole different world. Nobody watches over you like in high school; no baby-sits you. I would also say because nobody baby-sits you, you have to work that much harder. On the brighter side, I would tell myself to get in the game and join clubs and activities, no matter if you are in a four year college of the local community college. Go out and learn something new, make new friends, and make the most of college life. Looking back, i did not and only kept to myself. If I could go back and change what I did, i would be involved in tons of stuff.


I would have told myself a long time ago that college is nothing like high school and no matter how easy high school may have seemed, you really need to apply yourself and be able to put in the time. I would also say that no matter how much your parents would force you to go and push you, do not go until you are ready because you will not take it seriously. You want to maximize your use out of taking the classes, because not only do you want to achieve excellent grades, college is very expensive. College is a great experience and in today's world it is crucial to have an education.


I would tell myself not to worry about it so much and to relax. I would also tell myself to not take a year off, even though it was nice to have a year to relax and not have to worry about school, it would have also been nice to already have a year out of the way.