Kent State University at Trumbull Top Questions

What should every freshman at Kent State University at Trumbull know before they start?


If i could go back in time, and give myself advice about making the trasition from High School to College, I would tell myself to give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of everything I have to whatever it is I would be studying. It's not until you get out into the workforce and realize that the "Glass Ceiling" really exists that you understand how important an education really is. I would tell myself to find out why an education is important for ME. To truly be successful in college, or in anything in life, you have to want it for yourself, not because it's what you think will make others happy. A college education can be that one thing that changes not only the course of your life, but, the course of people's lives around you, and your children's lives. I would tell myself to be passionate about what I'm studying, and to learn whatever I can, whenever I can. I would tell myself to embrace the late nights of studying, and the long days of classes, because in the end, there will never be a pursuit more worthy of my time and dedication than gaining a college education.


Save all the money you could, your going to need it. Especially with Obama in office.


I would tell myself to stick with it and not to give up! To stay focused and determined how hard it may get. That an education is very important to my future and that the feeling of financial independence is unbeatable.


Right now, I am living in Budapest, Hungary. I wanted to study abroad, but it was too much of a financial issue. When I was in high school, the financial aspect of college didn't phase me. I was too preoccupied with trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. During my first year of college, I completely changed my mind regarding my choice of major and became so discouraged that I failed my second semester. So, all that time spent trying to figure out my future, and not filling out scholarships, was wasted. I think that seniors in high school should certainly have an idea of what they'd like to persue in college, however, I do believe that it's not necessarily essential to start majoring in it right away. If I had taken that year to work on general classes and weigh my options, I would've had the grades to receive the proper financial aid and rewards to study abroad. It was a lesson well learned, but if I had been aware of my past experiences back then, I could've avoided a lot of hassle.


I am an ambitious person who typically does very well at anything I put my mind to. That is as true at 30 as it was at 18 and that is an integral part my message to my past self. “What are you doing?” You did so well taking night classes and working, don’t stop. You will start an online school; either fill out the exit paperwork properly or don’t quit! You will be paying off those loans for years and have more issues then we can get into now. Do you realize that at 30 you will be engaged, working and trying to finish the degree you started 12 years ago? You are very capable but it easier to push through now than juggle work and school in the future. You have the ability to keep on a good path at a good job and finish your degree, please don’t drop out. Your reasons for leaving are not greater than the rewards you could reap if you just stick with it. You will be denied great opportunities because you could not finish school, because you do not have your degree. Don’t deny yourself those opportunities.


Hey Lisa! Before you know it you’ll be looking in the mirror wondering where the days went. Don’t grow up too fast, take your time, enjoy your life. Take risks, they mostly pay off; if they don’t; they’ll be great examples for your own children. Believe in something, work for it, sacrifice for it. If you can’t be passionate about something, you’re just taking up space. Be a good friend, you will get good friends in return. You can call good friends any time: for whatever reason; even if it has been many years they’re still happy to hear from you. They're the ones who'll say “where are you? On my way!” not “anything I can do to help?” when you’ve called to tell them your relationship just fell apart or that you're in deep trouble. And finally, pay it forward. You're blessed with brains and the determination to succeed; they’re not yours to keep. Do something useful, make a difference, leave something behind when you leave this earth. Life is about living. .. Jump in with both feet, because you can never get the day before back.


If I could go back to my senior year and give myself advice I not sure I could change my course of action, instead I would tell my friends to get your education done all at once. I find myself telling younger students in my class to get your degree done all at once. It is so hard to start and stop your education and give it your full concentration. When your young no one expects anything out of you except to drag your butt to class (in boxers sometimes). But when you are an older student, you now have to juggle car payments, mortgages, kids, spouses, parents getting sick. Add in a couple of classes and a job and you find yourself fighting like mad just to pass theses classes let alone learn valuable lessions from them. I have multiple degrees, certificates, Licensures, but the older I get the more education I need. Finding it beyond difficult to finish my Degree and keep my family together. I would never want to change the past, since I have the most amazing husband and daughter, every step I took to this point in education and life got me to this moment.


In life, I try to stay positive, which isn’t always easy. In advising myself of my future life and steps I will have to take and experience, I will tell myself to stop doubting myself. Everything that happens may be difficult, but it is a learning experience and happens for a reason. It will shape the person I become. Knowing where I thought I would be then, in high school approaching college. I have ended up a little different than that plan. I must tell myself that the plan will deviate, but it will work out for the better. I am a better person for the experience, the hardship and the disappointment. I would not tell myself to avoid it. There are things that happen and people you meet that each are learning experiences. If I were to know what would happen then I could not experience it in a way that will be a true life learning experience. Mostly, I would be sure to tell myself that I should stay positive even with negative experience and to find the good in life. I must focus on the important things and think how those things make my life better.


Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Listen to what God says. He will steer you in the correct direction of success. You will also be able to help everyone else around you by helping yourself. Sit down and study.


I would tell myself that I should of just paid to take the SATs so I could of went straight into Cal Poly Pomona.