Kentucky State University Top Questions

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This school is unique in that it put less emphasis on the academics and more emphasis on agricultural education.


The engineering program attracted my attention. Most programs are dropped by similar campus', but Kentucky State University has remained to uphold their program.


The thing that I find most unique about Kentucky State University is the fact that all of the students here are like a huge family. Everybody pretty much knows and cares for everybody. The student body being a family here at KYSU is what makes school events and even going to class even more fun.


Small class sizes


The unique thing about tidewater is that I am able to transfer to any four-year universtiy when I am ready. It is also cheaper to start at a two-year college.


It is a historically african american university.


Kentucky State University is unique compared to other school because of it's diversity and growing population. They really encourage people of all racial backgrounds to participate in on campus events and sponsored activities.




What's unique about Kentucky State University from other schools I considered, was the size its not that big so after being here you start to bulid relationships with people from every where and they become like a second family. Also with fraternities and soroities we have the whole DIvine 9.


I think the most unique thing that best describes the school that I attend is that we have a lot of small classes where the students can get individual attention from their professors. Our proffesors like to teach smaller classes and are dedicated to making sure that each student performs to the best of their ability and that the teachers provide assitance as needed.


It is a Historically Black College so its very different and diverse than other schools that I considered or attended.


The uniqueness about Kentucky State University is the family feeling away from home!


This school is smaller.


its in a small town and people are very nice


My school really cares about their students and seeing them graduate. It is not just about the money. They care about everyone getting a quality education and seeing them through until they walk across that stage with their degree. They provide all the help and assistance possible to students who are struggling or just need that extra help. Im from another state and the people and staff at Kentucky State makes me feel like I am still at home with my family.


The size of the class room are great. The student to faculty ratio is great and the student to professor relationship was great. The study and tutoring labs are a big help to all student know matter your background or income. The resources for work and social activities on campus made all student feel welcomed and more at home.


The most nique thin about my school is the friendliness of people. Coming to a historiclly back college is a unique enough butto have friendly pople of whom you neve met before gives the shcool a good look. So when others consider applying to kentucky state they know that we are a friendly and welcoming university.


This school has a unique history and rich culture. This school has a good student to teacher ratio. your able to meet with your professors and build a relationship with them. This school is very family orientated.


Kentucky State University is unique from other schools because this school has plenty of help to help students with their academic skills. For example, Kentucky State University has a program called ACE, which is a tutor session for students to get help in their courses for any subject.


The support and close-knit environment is unparallel. The student/teacher ratio was also a big plus!


Kentucky State is the second closest HBCU to my home. Although it's locatd in a small city, the surrounding colleges come together to form a large social network. It does a really good job of providing financial aid, and the ethnic diversity shines.


The diversity of KSU, a Historical Black College.


Kentucky State University has a small campus enviroment. With only a litttle over 2,800 students we have a very close knit family like enviroment which makes Ketucky State University feels very homey. We have an 18/1 student to teacher ratio so students do recieve that extra 1 on 1 with their professor if they need it, and they know you by face and name. A lot of big universities don't offer that, thus making KSU very unique.


A smal school filled with big city people. The school and the community are separated


Our school is unique compared to other schools because it is the only HBCU in Kentucky.


My school is an HBCU but it is the moost diverse of all the HBCU's that I was considering.


My school is very unique because, even though we are a HBCU, everyone here gets along well enough to be considered family like. My school is truly the home away from home.


HIstorically black school, near home.

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