Kentucky State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sometimes the school spirit from faculty can be low.


the worst thing about my school is the financial situation. as a freshman i was offered more than enough to cover my bill for the year. now i am a sophomore and im finding it hard to pay for school. so there is some trickery going on.


Personally, I enjoy my school it is an historically black college and it does have my major that i am studying so the school is alright. I think the worst thing about my school will be the classrooms and the teachers and proffessors that are here. I have talked to people from diffrent schools and the way of doing things here at Kentucky stuff are done diffrent from bigger universities for exaple the University Of Kentucky maybe because we are a smaller school.


It is hard to get the courses you need it you don't get a chance to pre-register. I have found it difficult to get courses in my major (intro courses). I have found that some upper classmen tend to harass underclassmen if they come from a different state.


The worst thing about my school is that it is very unorganized, it kind of gives the school a bad reputation in my opinion.


I believe the worst thing about our school is the fincial aid. They give much help unless you fuss about things and they don't answer the phone when you call. If you leave a message they do not call you back. I believe that the fincial aid is not much help with helping with paying for school.


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid. The school tends to lose paperwork and puts holds on your account. They are very slow at getting refund checks back to students and contacting financial aid is a real struggle. The people that work in financial aid can also be very rude at times.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the unorganization with finanacial aid. Since I have attended the university I have had to constatnly keep on top of my finanacial aid and show them my reward letter every semester so I receive the alloted amount that I should.


Financial Aid office!


The alumni dont give back at all, there is a low sense of school spirit, the financial aid office is horrible. If you dont have everything together when you come to school, they will give you the run around until time runs out or you get aggressive. They act like they dont want to help you or youre bothering them when you ask for help. They are almost never there. Its ridiculous.


computer labs are not open all night.


The worst thing about our school is our administrative offices ( financial aid, registrar, bursar, collections). The people that work there, in my opinion, work there to make a pay check and are not fully committed to helping the students as best they can. A lot of the time you could have one simple question and could get the run-around by every office. People do not seem to know what they are doing, and trying to get something done is a strenuous, tiresome activity.


Their seemingly complete lack of ability to work with the schedule of nighttime students; the hours they keep for things such as the bookstore or counseling are not congruent with the schedule of someone who goes to school at night. Furthermore key things like testing for English or math are done on a first come first serve basis; most of which are during the day.


the worst thing about the school i attend is they lack of effort they demonstrate to get everyone's finicial or just register papaer work together. The staff they have sometimes are rude and very unprofessional by not paying attention when someone is waiting or needs elp. Lastly I believe if their were more organized as a school maybe things would be more well put together. By them not having everything together it puts more stress on students including everything we have to deal with.


that they aren't more selective on who attends the school. i feel that many of the students are not academically and mentally mature enough to deal with college.


Nothing because my school improves every semester!


The worst thing about the school would probably their over-admitance of incoming freshman, because once the students arrive, there is no place for them to go on campus and they end up staying in hotels off campus until they either leave or are put out or upperclassman leave or are put out. Another thing that is bad about that is the school will run out of financial aid as far as scholarships, grants and work-study, forcing students to take out more loans than they planned to or leave school.


A lack of excepting responsibilities among some young males.


Nothing really...


Finacial aid because so many students have problems in regard to finacial aid.




The Hills That my School is built on. sometimes walking them can really get on your nerves. and are parking we don't hav enough parking for on campus students and commuting students.


No significant complaints.


The school is a lot of talk but no results.


The worst thing about my school would be the finacial system that is provided to students. I am an out of state student who has to pay more than an instate student so student loans and grants are harder to recieve for college. The school olny provides students the minimum amout of money. So tution should be either brought down or more shcolarships and grants should be given so that students can tay on campus all four years.


the worst thing about my school is that they take their time getting things done that need to be done. for example, it took forever to get everyone moved out of the hotels into dorms becuase they didnt have everyone processed for their financial aid. i dont think you should have anyone in those situations. you should be organized before the school year starts.


I think the lack of organization is the worst thing about my school beacuse it not only effects one's social life on campus , but most importantly the students individually and financially.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the food. The food here is terrible. The school should have more varities in food and more fast food places. Besides the food I love my school.


The worst thing I think about the school is that we don't have a lot of school spirit and the community isn't really involved. You can go into walmart in Frankfort and see UK attire everywhere; Kentucky State is right down the street and they don't have anything to support the college in their town.


It's hard to say what the worst thing about my University is. I love Kentucky State University and I do a lot to give back to the University and the surrounding community. If I had to chose I would say the worst thing is the select few students who chose only to be a student and not do more to enjoy the college experience and not indulge in the programs the Unviersity has to offer.


The worst thing about the school is how some staff members treat the .


I think the worst thing about my school is how administration processes things. Everything is always hypothetically months behind.


the amount of money we have to pay




The location. It's almost like you have to have a car to get anywhere. No shuttle or bus. So if you don't have a car you are dependent on other people for survival.

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