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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could travel back in time to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself that to truly experience college you need to live on campus, participate in everything you can and put yourself out there to meet new friends in these school settings. I would tell myself not to get caught up in the partying lifestyle that some students engage in on campus. I'd remind myself to work as hard as I could and remind myself of the life that I want in the future. I would remind myself that the past is the past, there's nothing we can do, but to bring the lessons it taught us to the future. I would say it's ok to be overwhelmed and spend the weekend lulling on the couch reading a book or watching a movie, but not to make a habit of it. Mostly, though, I'd tell myself that no matter what happens I am strong enough to push on through and succeed on the other side, because I already have overcome so many obstacles.


If I was able to go back in time I would have taken some of my high school courses a little bit more serious.


continue to set high goals for myself in life keep working hard helping people out strangers etc studying read more books to better myself even more not to slack off and wait till the end of the year to start trying to rush to get my grades back up for sure hahahaha i really think i would tell myself to stay after class get that extra help relook over my school work alot and to make sure to write down every little single word that the teacher says in class keep my head in the books more then trying to get on the field to play football


To study more and socialize a little less.


The advice that I feel would be most helpful is staying open to new experiences. There are so many different experiences to be open to such as friendships, clubs and organizations, classes, food and extra curricular activities. I have taken a variety of classes and worked with a variety of people which have enriched my college experience. I feel that as a new college student I was shy and fearful of making a mistake that I did not engage in as many opportunities as I could have. Thankfully as time passed I grew and embraced the diversity. I believe that staying open to new experiences is good advice not just for my high school senior self to anyone starting out in college. Non-traditional students have the same reservations, sometimes more, as graduating high school seniors. Simply put...try.


Dear Me as a Senior in High School; Before you embark on this insane journey of college, please just listen to your sister. She's right. She is always right (almost) go to Kentucky State. Research colleges very thoroughly. Don't make any rash half-thought out choices. If you do you'll just end up wasting too much time and let yourself get behind everyone else.


Being in College and just getting the gist, I would advise myself to the number one priority which is pay very close attention. It has to be worthy of getting assignments done when given to with it being ready the next day for the instructor recieves it for delivery. If grades are falling, there shouldn't be any typical leisure time unless the grade is back where it needs to be. College is an educational tool used in order for preparation towards a desirable career worth being a part of .


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the time is now. It's the time where you need to get it together. Your grades, g.p.a, and test results might not matter to you right now, but you need to start caring because they will have a huge affect on you in the long run. It's important that you pay attention, stop being lazy, and be more responsible. As you get older you will see that if you had more education you would make more money. One day you will need that money. You couldnt get in the military because you can't pass their test. So what you do is apply for a minimum wage job that requires a high school diploma and no experience, but its not what you expected. Now your only option is going back to school. You get accepted. You ask yourself how your going to pay for school? Your trying to apply for scholarships but mostly all of the good ones require high or average standards and you have neither because you didnt do good in high school.


I would say to myself to work and study for the ACT because it really help you in the long run. I would also say to dream big and set goal to acomplish everything in your life. I would say get a job and save up money if your going to go to college because your going to need alot of stuff like laptop and food ect. Make your family stay out of stress buy telling them your going to college and save up money so they can also help you. Get a cell phone so you can always call you parent and let them know that your ok at the college your going to.


I would tell myself to give it my all. Procrastination is not your friend, and helping others can help you also. Because tutor sessions help in not only studing but in refreshing information. Procrastination only makes matters worse, while the early bird gets the worm.


The only thing I would tell my self is to not take time for granted.


Hello self, you're probably thinking, "Oh crap! What happened!? Did the world end in 2012 so all my schooling was all for naught?" Well no, it's not that serious. I just wanted to tell you that you're going to do well in your freshman year of college. I know, I know, you're probably worried about making friends and whatnot but don't worry! A lot of your classmates from high school will come and they'll actually be your classmates again! But about that though. I know the idea of having previous classmates be in your classes again might sound perfect but I just wanna say don't do that. You're gonna be offered to join the Whitney Young Program and I just want you to say no. Don't get me wrong the program is absolutely fabulous but with the career path you are eventually going to choose, you don't really need this program to help you. Yeah, you'll have a bunch of fun experiences, but no, you don't need it. Don't worry about college, it is just as you imagined it would be. Remember to have fun!


The college experience is self-created. You must get involved on your campus and want to know what is going on in order to have a good time. You must surround yourself with people that are as ambitious as you. If that means distancing yourself from previous friends that you notice are negative and do not want much from their college experience then so be it; it will be worth it. Remember that everything comes second to academics. Fun campus events, campus organizations, and even your sport come after you have finished your work. I know you will be playing golf in college so remember that golf is paying the bills. Go to every practice and workout on time and let no one steer you away from golf because scholarships are not promised. Last but not least, the professors. In college you take professors, not classes, so remember to ask around for the best professor in each subject so you will not have to deal with the burden of taking a professor you will not like. And remember that you are paying for your education so it is the professor’s duty to help you in any way possible.


Sunny, you are finally a senior in highschool. After this, your life truly begins so do everything in your power to ensure that the next years to come will be successful. Focus, and stay determined. You know that you struggle in math so pay extra attention in class and stay after school when you need extra help. Yes, your friends will want you to do things with them, but studying is more important and will pay off, trust me. If they are your true friends, they will understand and maybe even study with you. I'm telling you this because college math is no joke! The teachers expect you to know material before you get there, and if you do not know it you will be lost. Also take those same study habits and apply it to every subject because you will need to study every subject in college, no matter how good you are at it. Maintaining good grades and study habits are important, but be sure you also work on finding yourself. In college, people from all over will try to persuade different opinions and actions upon you. Stay true to who you are, and stay focused.


I have gotton a lot from my school. college teaches you responsibility and teaches you the real meaning of friendship. when i first had gotton to college i didnt do anything for myself at home. My mom did everything and when i got into college she did all my paper work. When she left i had t do everything by myself. I had to grow up and become responsible. When i was new to the school all the upper classmen came up to me and help me if i looked lost or asked me if i needed help. All the teachers , advisors, and the other staff where like parents most of the time. We could go to them with any issue and they would help just like if you were part of there family


It has taught me to be more responsible and more mature. It has taught me how to figure out things on my own.


If i can go back in time to my senior. I will tell my self to prepare your mind into studying everyday because in high school you can slide without studying . College you have study in order to get the full understanding on the text books . I wil tell myself to be more independent in do for you rself to get use of taking care of myself. College is a big step moving from teens life to adult hood. Thats a big step in an process to maintain being adult. I will just tell myself be mor e determine then ever stay on top ,and never fall for anything. As I learn doing my seven months here on campus you have be very wise and make right decison .

doing my best in my field is the best way to succeed in my life....


You should visit the college campus at least twice before you make your final decision. The first visit should be a scheduled tour. The second visit needs to be impromptu. This allows you to get a real feel of the environment. Just because they are giving away refund checks and free pizza with a credit card application does not mean you have to accept. This will cost you much money in the long run. Spend as much time as you can with your annoying little sister. Once you go to college, you will miss her more than you care to admit. Appreciate her for the beautiful, intelligent young woman that she is. It is okay to take Mr. Snuggles with you to school. He will help you get through a lot of rough nights. Be good to your parents. They are the ones that will pay all of your bank overdraft fees and send you $200 a month so you don't have to work. Last but not least, thank Mr. Davis. Not all of your college professors will be as loving and supportive as he is.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself to prepare more academically in high school. Spend more time studying so that it carries over to college life. Don't be afraid to make new friends. Get ready for the time of your life.


do get involved with different activities and always study and keep my head up. to always to be friendly to people and to talk to teachers and make realtionships with them.


Stay focus and study hard while in high school, it'll make college alot easier!


It funny that this question would be asked because there are a plethora of times I wish that I could back in time and inform myself of what I know now. As a high school senior I didn?t take the SAT?s as serious as I should have. I thought College was another way that I could get away from my parents and be on my own. Being that I have been through a lot theses past three years that if I had a little bit more information and took my time instead of rushing to be grown I would have known that from that point on things were going to get tougher. That?s why I would go back and tell the high school Senior Keaira to buckle down study harder for the SAT?s. Do a little soul searching to figure out what it is that she wanted to be in the near future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be to read and study more to prepare me for the multiple readings and tests given in college. I would make myself aware that the road ahead is only going to get tougher. I would also tell myself that high school is not like college. You don't have teachers, nor professor's on your back about attending class, studying for the exams that are to come, nor to keep reminding you to do the readings for the next class. I would be more prepared when the time comes for me to start my first college year. If I could do it all over again and start my freshman year in college over, I would let the knowledge that I have now help me to become a better student.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior i would first tell myself how important my high school years are. I would also tell myself that college is one of the hardest steps of life so take time and work hard. Though i did graduate high school one year early with a 3.8 gpa if i would have told myself to work harder i would have been at a better school and on a academic scholarship. I would have told myself to apply myself more to my studies and after school activities because in some way my last couple of high school years would determine the rest of my life . Knowing that its pretty hard to get anywhere n life without some kind of degree or college education knowing and learning what i do now i could have told my self to think hard on how i want the rest of my life to be and maybe i would be in a entire diffrent place from where i am now. Thank You


Make sure that I look more into the school that i want to attend don't let mother rush to to pick a school and end up going to a school that you not going to like. Save all the money you can cuase you are going to need it. tey your hardest to check out school. watch the company you keep becuase alot of the student there are not really your friends. stay on top of your school work becuase a lot of these teacher will mess you over and try and get a much help as you can in everything you need.


As I look forward to college life, I would focus more on social issues and the community. I would try to be more understanding of other cultures and races. Kendall you should learn better study habits and to depend on yourself and not others. Learn that everyonth that calls themselves friends are no really your friends and are not always looking out for you but what they can get from you. If you stay focused and remember what you were taught from teachers and family members you can achieve anything you want. I have been given all the opportunities, I just need to stay on my path and continue to be the person I know I can become.


I should have gone in as undeclared major. I wouldn't have wasted 2 yrs on something I didn't want to do.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would give myself a few words of advice. The first bit of advice would be; not to get close to everyone that you meet, because everyone is not always for you and will not always be in your life or there for you like you might think they will be. My next bit of advice would be to always study no matter what! Study for every test and quiz that you have, it will really pay off in the end. Also, stay focused no matter what! Do not let anything or anybody stop you or attempt to stop you from going where you are trying to go in life, and with your college careeer. My last bit of advice would be always be yourself! Don't let anyone try and change who are, there is nothing better than being yourself at all times! The best advice I would give myself would be; work hard, work hard, work hard, and try your best at everything that you do. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!


College is expensive and as a senior you should strive to raise your grades/grade point average and not play around. College is harder than high school because of all the free time you?re given. You should practice time management habits and studying. In college you'll meet a lot of new people and run into a lot of different characters, don't let these people influence you into making bad decisions. Stay ahead of the class by reading one chapter in your textbook before you head to class. Not only does this keep you ahead of the class but when the teacher goes over that chapter it will be a review to you. Also be sure to befriend the teacher and make a proper introduction and impression. If the teacher likes you and sees that you are a good student striving to be a better scholar they'll be more lenient with you. There are more things about college you'll have to learn and discover on your own just try to follow these tips and I can guarantee you'll make it through your next chapter in life.


The advice i would tell myself to think about the long run. The advice I would give myself is to be more discipline when it comes applying for different scholarships. I would fill out for more scholarships because college is very expensive and hard to afford. I would say don't just look for scholarships also apply for them. Apply for ever scholarship you can apply for even if you dont reach every thing they ask for. Always try and push for what you need. I would also advise myself to look into more than just the outside look of the school. I would tell myself how is the campus life, the cafe, and the staff. I would tell my self to think about the money cost. Think is this going to be used for books, tution, or even my meal plan. Think about traveling for holidays, and the cost of traveling from and to school. Will i be able to afford going home for Thanksgiving Break than turn around to go home for Winter Break. Tell myself to think about the long run.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to not let anything hold me back from pursuing my education. Just because my parents believed that they couldn't afford to send me to college was not a good enough reason for me to let that dream die. I would explain to myself that they truly believed that there was no way for me to go to college and that they weren't trying to hold me back. I would convince my younger self that I didn't have to choose between getting married and having children and getting a college education. Then, I would tell my timid high school senior self to not be afraid of new challenges and that my life would be so much easier and more satisfying if I had a college degree. Naturally, I would have to advise my very practical self that my earnings with a college degree would be so much greater than what they would be without one.


I would tell myself to wait a few years. Be sure that you are focused and determined on your goal. Don't go to college just to keep from working or staying on you parents' payroll.


The advice I would give myself is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Paying for school is not fun and can become very stressful at times, not having enough money to even buy a book for class becomes very heartbreaking. Teachers and staff expect you to be responsible so making excuses and trying to get them to sympathize is not being accepted. I would also tell my self you can't spend money on things you want anymore because you have to focus on what is needed. Being in high school you most students dont have to worry about bills and paying for important things but, once your in college you have to learn how to budget your money. The last thing I would tell myself is to watch out for peer pressure and users because it can become very persuading. Alot of students come to college with not as much as you and will try to get over on you by using up all of your stuff.


I would tell myself not to be affraid of leavig home, and by doing that I would advise myself to apply to out of state schools.


If I was able to go back in time to my senior year of high school, there would be numerous things i would say. I would first tell my sef to stop partying and come in at a decent hour. I would also tell myself to stop working so late at work. Those two components were the downfall of my focuse senior year. The main information i would tell myself, is to take getting prepared for college more seriously. I was doing everything myself, but i let the non-supporters get in way and allow me to lose the confidence in going to college. But i am here and i made it throuh all the difficulties.


Study hard and keep ur grades up.


If I could go back in time, I would give myself the advice to be prepared for all the changes an out-state college student is faced with . I was not prepared nor expecting to deal with the lifestyle changes or social changes. In high school, I did not have to work hard or be as prepared for classes as I needed to be in college. My freshmen year, I did not put forth any effort in my class work. I was under the impression I could just breeze through college like I did in high school. But I quickly realized that not being prepared for class not only effected my grade, but my overall GPA and my financial aid. It was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. It took me time to take my college experience seriously. In my sophmore year I realized how many facilities are on campus to help students study and partner up with a team of peers in their major that could help them with new study habits. In conclusion the advice I would give myself is to be prepared for changes.


The advice I would give myself is that I needed to take more time looking for scholarships than soing nothing. I would also tell myself I should have worked harder in my freshmen year inorder to raise my GPA.


I would tell myself to take college seriously and to try my hardest from the very beginning. When I first started school I sometimes didn't try to do my best and once I realized that I could succeed if I managed my time and tried I became a much happier student. Also, that it's okay to start college not knowing what field you want to end up in because more than likely you will learn after taking your general education courses what your interests and passions are. I feel like many people don't attend college because they "don't know what they want to do" but if college has been an eye opening experience for me. It showed me what I'm passionate about and brought me to a career that I will love doing every day. The goal of becoming a teacher motivates me and I enjoy going to class and doing projects that will help me achieve that goal. I think my education at Kentucky State has taught me many life lessons that I will never forget and I have grown into a mature adult ready to go out into the real world now.


I would tell myself to always try my best, work hard and you will succeed. I wouldn't change anything because without those experiences i wouldn't be who i am today.


To do my financial aid faster and to think things through better.


In order to be a successful college student you have to practice time management, and in high school this is something that I didn't practice. In college it is very easy to become distracted by the social aspects and can cause you to slip into a hole that you cannot dig yourself out of. As a high school senior I would give myself the advice of watching out who I surround myself around once I get to college. Meeting new people is a good thing, but there are still some out there that have bad intentions. Also i would advise myself not to give in to peer pressure, because it could cause me to get into a lot of trouble. Jus stay true to myself and the task at hand.


My advice to myself as a graduating senior would be to not trust everyone you meet from the start. I would give myself this advice because you really learn who people are being around them for awhile. Just because someone is nice to you and acts like your friend does not mean that they won't leave you in harm's way or a bad situation at a party. You can never be to cautious. Also, I would give myself the advice to study all I can. College is not about partying and you are there for a higher education and to make something of yourself. It's okay to have fun but dont put your school work off thinking you will have time later because that will only cause hardships and time crunches down the road.


The advice that I would give myself first and foremost would be to pick the school that my heart was at, not the school that offers the most money. The problem that I had as a senior was that my heart was at a school other than the one I attend now. By assuming that the school with the most money would automatically be fun, and that best school for me was not a wise choice. Although I would have been paying more money to go to the school of my choice, I also would've had the greater college experience. So, in conclusion, my advice that I would given myself was that I should attend the school I really wanted to go to and not worry about the financial inclinations.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to take my education more seriously, and not be so concerned with my social life. I had never had much independence until I started college. The freedom to do what I wanted overwhelmed me, and I lost my concentration on my studies. I would tell myself that I have the rest of my life to make friends and go to parties, but I have a shorter amount of time to decide my career. I would also tell myself that it is still important to have fun, but not to make it more important than my grades.


Don't waste your time on things that only satisy for a short amount of time, such as partying, drinking, clubbing, and otherwise not necessary and possibly counter-productive activities. Focus on schoolwork, and do not let anybody bring you down, by saying, "You can't do it, or you will never make anything of your life." Attendance is key to making it at a campus college, don't do things you know you will fail at, like getting suckered into attending campus college's because you will always get a morning class and that means a lower GPA for you. Be open to alternative schooling such as online courses, like Ultimate Medical Academy Online, it means no morning classes ever. Also, do not be intimidated by online course costs, you will be paying for the convienance, but you will most likely have a better chance of success at it, and obtaining the employment you desire. Do not make impulsive decision's, always carefully think about, and plan for anything you want to do in life.


Knowing what I know now about the college life and making the transition, the advide I would give myself is to probably have stayed closer to home for the first year, I would have saved more money, and I would have focused a lot more on my high school grades. I would have probably stayed closer to home the first year not only because my parents wanted me to, but if I had they would be able to help me out more when I needed it and be able to get to me a lot easier than its been the first semester since I had a problem with my car. I would have saved more money because life has unexpected expenses come up and I didn't realize how often they happen until they seemed to constantly come up my first five months of school. So by saving more I would have been better prepared for them. I also would have worked harder in my grades in high school so I would be awarded with more scholarships for college so I could futher my education.


If I can go back in time when I was an high school senior. I will tell myself to look into more than 3 college and universities and make sure that is what I really would like to do. Study hard and everyday so I can get an scholarship because, attending college is very expensive. Do my best and pay attention and just pray.


Stay focused. Parties are not important. The same people will be at the next party and you dont have to be at every one.

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