Kentucky State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


not just the location but what they have to offer not just the expericene the school is located right across the street from my house and about 10 mins from my job that makes it perfect for me to get up and get to class on time plus they have the course im really interested in studying computers


THe size and the people


the best thing about my school is its size. im all about being close and getting to know people for who they really are. i like a setting where i am able to do that with ease. i know my professors and my professors know me. i know my classmates by first bame, and they know mine.


It is very easy to find study space so if you can study by yourself. Most of the time you can get a room by yourself so you don't have to share. In most rooms, they have a TV so students can watch those educational videos at the library if you need them. Every room also has an outlet so you can use your labtop in the study room without draining the battery.


The best thing about our school is the size of the campus. Because our campus has under 3,000 students, you begin to know every student on the campus, creating an enviroment to make you feel like you are at home. That enviroment builds school moral and school pride so our campus stays clean, safe and fun. It is also great because you get a relationship with professors that you get at no other type of school. You can call or text them on personal lines and they are always available to help you on a 1 on 1 level.


the people, thats what makes a university worth wild.


Consider the small class room sizes to be the best thing at my school .


The small student to teacher ratio because it benefits me and im less likely to get lost somewhere in the class and not get the attention I need.


I believe the best things about my school is the one on one connection with your teachers. The teachers gets to know their students on a personal level and can get help with their personal needs. The teachers try to help as much as possible and they are very flexible with their time to try and help the students out in any way possible.


The best thing about my school is that they focus on making sure that every student who attends the university receives an amazing educational experience. The university provides studends with tutoring programs and teachers who do care about you anc your accomplishments and goals.


I think the best thing about KSU is that the professors really try to help you. They will meet with you outside of their office hours and make sure you are understanding the material and assignments. They also truely care about your success and future.


The best thing about tidewater is that we just got a brand new school with everything new.


The class sizes are small making it easy to get to know everyone in your program area.


It's away from the bustle of big city life.


that its in my hometown


I consider the close bond of the students and faculty the best thing about the school. Smaller classrooms helps with having more one-on-one time with professors and allows for group discussion and friendly interactions during class. I appreciate the "family-like" atmosphere of the Kentucky State University campus and the many resources that can be called upon regarding serious isssues including financial aid, residence life, student life, and the student govemment to name a few.


The level of school spirit that everyone has. People who play sports or play in the band always have the support of the student body.


Keuka College is a small campus which really gives the student a chance to get to know their professors and get the help they may need. Because it is a smaller campus you get to know many people and many discribe it as one big family. While it is a small campus there is still much to do and get involved in, and you get to know people and make many friends. With a smaller student-teacher ratio you are not just a number to a teacher but they know who you are and are able to provide help.


The best thing about this school is that it is close to my home and allows for me to stay with my family.


The faculty are incredibly personable and helpful! Classes are small, so you actually develop friendships with your classmates and professors. There are lots of resources and staff available to help you with research, assignments, personal life, and academic goals. And there is a such a wide variety of majors/minors programs to choose from!


I would consider the bulidings at KSU one of the best things. If you go in any building, you can use a computer. In Exum, you have class, workout, fun, and swimming. In my opinion all of the buildings on campus are there to help you.


Kentucky State University puts the student first.


The best thing about my school is how much school pride the students and faculty have. That is what's best to me because if a school doesn't have school pride, then I don't think the people will come together to support their school.


that it is small and that the teachers know who we are as well as have time to help us out.


Core Classes are not demanded to be taken first and classes for a major can start as early as the 100 level core classes are completed


I love the rich culture that we have here as well as the christian base activities. Teacher as well as students are alway willing to help you with anything, it could be as simple as directions to specific buildings. Also the small class sizes are great because my teacher got to know me on a personal level and we are able discover my strengths and weaknesses from the begininng.


The best thing about this college is that the school is there for the students they care about their futures and their success in life and their future careers.


The best things about my school are the people and the learning environment.


I consider the friendliness on campus to be the best thing. on my campus. Everyone doesn't always get along, but for the most part people always speak as they past, even if they don't know who you are.


the best thing about my scholl would have to be the people attending and working here. I say this because it's nice to kno you have people that care around you.


The best thing about this school is that there is small classes and more teacher to student learning. Also there is free tutoring. These qualities are helpful to students who have a hard time concentrating and learning in class.


The people you meet . They are friends for a lifetime and its great to have people go thruught the same thing your going through and they understand. then they are always there for you in all you do so the people on our campus a really friendly and cool

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