Lake Erie College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lake Erie College has a cozy, friendly campus, faculty that will go out of their way to help you succeed, and am athlete dominated student body.


Lake Erie College has a small and intimate feeling with top ranked programs.


My college is very committed to educating our student body the very best way they know how; by execpting the best from faculty as well as the students.


Lake Erie College is a school with a small population but it allows for students to form great relationships with the teachers.


its a very small school that offers as much as larger schools


lake Erie college is a great school, the profesors will help you with anything you need and the campus comunity feels like a second home.


Lake Erie College is a teaching tool, a place that sets me up for success, to help me make a future for myself, to open doors that will let me choose my own path I want to follow when I graduate.


Lake Erie College is a small college that is quickly growing to become more popular through the addition of athletics.


LEC is very family oriented, proud in its history, and surpasses in its educational achievements.


My School is full of opportunity to make it.


Lake Erie College is a small, private liberal arts college that has a friendly atmosphere, caring professors and staff members, opportunities for even average students to participate in athletics and a beautiful leafy green campus.


Lake Erie College is a small liberal arts college with a devoted teaching staff and the tools to guide and develop life long learners.


A small individualized college that makes everyone feel at home and encourages all areas of studies.


Small school with a very nice campas and friendly people that are helpfull with anything needed.


My school is a great place for the equestrain lover.


Lake Erie is an amazing institute, that is friendly and has great programs.


Lake Erie College is a liberal arts college dedicated to providing students not only with an academic education in their field of choice, but also an education in life in terms of responsibility, making decisions, and strengthening relationships.


Lake Erie College is a small beautiful private liberal arts college in Painesville, Ohio, that is really good choice for students wishing to pursue an Equestrian degree or basic liberal arts degree.


Lake Erie College is a very small, personalized, and friendly school to attend.


Lake Erie College is a place were a student can go to school and truely stand out while meeting new people and developing life time friendships.


My school is small and peacful, never a boring day due to the large verioty of people at the school, over all a very good experience so far.


My school is small and quiet, it in many ways reminds me of my highschool, very "clique" orientated.


Supportive learning center.


Lake Erie College provides a community like feel with its small class sizes and friendly peers and professors.


Lake Erie is energitic and friendly and encourages the student to be active in his or her community.


Lake Erie College is a small, private, liberal arts college where the students get a great deal of one-on-one attention from their teachers and have a chance to stand out and make the right steps toward their career choice.


A small school with much to offer and the ability to stand out.


LEC is very comfortable and forward-thinking.


A small liberal arts college that is on the verge of becoming something special.


Small, open, diverse, historic college with lots of tradition and an amazing equestrian team.


Lake Erie College is a great shcool to get an education from. Why? I say so because the classes on not to big ,so it students who need the attention it would get it.


Lake Erie is a small College, employing dedicated people who care about you and your future. There are several activities, sports, and clubs to get invovled in and even more friendly people who guide you in the direction you want to go.


Lake Erie College is a close-knit community with friendly and helpful faculty and staff and exciting new opportunities for growth and development.


Lake Erie College is the perfect small college.


Lake Erie College is a smaller school, with long lasting traditions, a caring community, and determined students.


My school is very quaint and academically focused.


It needs to go back to when i first started.


A very close minded, overly expensive, out-dated finishing school.


Small class sizes where it easy to get help from the professors when you need it.


Small, close-minded and non-diverse midwestern school with poor academic programs with the exception of the equine program, which is okay, and the education program.


Get in, stand out.


A small and upcomming school.


A larger family and community disguised in a college campus.


Lake Erie is a small liberal arts school , trying to change and make Painesville a college town.


Lake Erie College is a beautiful college that is full of fun, genuine people.


Lake Erie College is a liberal arts college with a small campus, small classes, dedicated professors and a friendly environment.


A beautiful campus that is friendly and warming, with people all around who are friendly.