Lake Erie College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Lake Erie college is the environment and the people. Some people might see being at a small college a bad thing, but its really not. I enjoy being at a small college because everyone on campus are very close and it is easy to get to know people. Also it helps that im an athlete and almost everyone at the school are also, so that makes it even easier to get along with everyone.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is small. It is considered a college and not a University and in this way it provides quality education in major fields of study with less students involved in each. This way all students have the opportunity to be a part of hand on learning experiences and there are tons of opportunities for every student in classes, internships, and study abroad programs that they may not have had the opportunity to do if they had gone to a different school.


The best thing about Lake Erie College is the size. It is a small campus where students can get personal attention from professors. The professors get to know you on a first name basis and are willing to help you out outside of class. The students here are very close because the campus is so small that you are able to see your friends everyday which allows you to build life-long friendships.


The small class sizes because it gives you a lot of one on one time with your professors, which I value greatly. Also the faculty is very helpful, and I feel like I could go to them for help at anytime.


The best thing about my college is how easy the classes are. The easier my classes, the better chance I have of acquiring a high GPA.


I consider the fact of responsibility upon yourself to be the best feature.


The fact the Lake Erie College is so diverse having students come from different background. The college has challenge me to become more focus on my work academically and be able to interact with other students that I've never encountered. I'm proud to say I have been involved in the community by taking part in the Spanish Club and FETCH. Spanish Club was able to join with Salvation Army to provide a fundraiser called Lend A Hand which for each pair of gloves we sold another pair was donated. FETCH allow me to teach third graders basic accounting.


LEC is a smaller school; therefore, students enjoy smaller sized classrooms and better attention with teachers. I like that the campus reminds students of the past while it draws their attention toward building for the future. It is a pleasant mix of both nuances and layed out beautifully, like a serene park experience which can be enjoyed in all seasons. LEC has no qualms with accomodating diversity. The spirit of the school encourages acceptance and promotes individual growth in the academic, artistic, and professional domains with a strong emphasis on personal goals achievement.


Great people person and love to help others.


I love that there are small classes. It's alot easier to learn and you can be more involved in your class. You also are about to have a personal relationship with you professor and it really helps the learning process.


how small the school is. it is easy to talk to people if you have a problem.


Close to home, and a great reputation for getting a great education.


This school is very career oriented and it focuses on getting students into thier prospective industries. Small class sizes help students learn and interact with thier professors.


Before i came to Lake Erie College i went to a community college. The best thing is how i feel more connected to this school. I feel like there are more ways for the students to succeed here at Lake Erie College. Another good thing is that the students, teachers, and staff are all pretty nice.


it is small making it possible for students to get the extra help they need to do well and succeed.


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the small classroom environment. I love the small class sizes, because I feel more comfortable to ask questions. I learn a million times faster and easier in these surroundings.


I feel a lot makes Lake erie college a great school. But one thing that sets it a part form others is the fact that anyone will drop anything to help you. From the admissions office to any of the athletic coaches to any student on campus. They will try and improve your stay at school. The people are just so kind and make the school a great place to study and attend.


The best thing about my school is the Equine program. There aren't very many colleges that offer equine program majors in the United States and Lake Erie College is known nationally. The Equine program looks at all aspects of the industry. It looks at all of the jobs choices and helps you get where you want to go. It doesnlt push you into any specific industry. The teachers are also very invested in the students and are always willing to help.


The program strength, because I learn so much in it.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes.


The Best thing is being able to learn a variety of different things. Makes me feel more productive, and assertive in trying to learn more.


The best things about Lake Erie College are the professors and class sizes. The hands on approach to education and small classes (5-15) have aided in helping me fully emerse myself in the education experience.


Availability of professor, advisors. programs to study abroad.


I love the fact that my school is small. Everyone knows everyone! There is always someone around to do something with and there are always things to do. You make friends here that you know you will have for a lifetime. The faculty is always helpful and very friendly. They really wish for you to do well and try to make that happen however they can.


the size


The campus is small, just a little over 1000 students, so it is easy to get to know people and the professors really take the time to get to know us. We also have quite a few non-traditional students, men and women who have gone back to college full-time after raising children (myself included) and the experiences we are able to share gives new depth to many of the class discussions.


The best thing about the school is how open and accepting everyone is. If there is ever a problem there is always someone you feel comfortable talking to, so that you can get the help or resources you need.


The best thing about my school is the experience that all the teachers have in the subject that they are teaching.