Lake-Sumter State College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I attened the (south-lake) campus, its exceptionally clean and open with a calm atmosphere.


Lake-Sumter is an excellent school to attend. They make you feel like home here, and care about you and your success as a student during your time here.


Lake Sumter is a versatile school meant to feel as welcoming as it is diverse, with respect to several different degrees while maintaining the respectable image of a higher education institution.


I attend the South Lake Campus in Clermont, it a beautiful campus with a brand new library. The school is very big and well kept. I love this school because it is so close to home and I can ususally schedule the classes I need when it is convenient for me.


It is a very student-orienated and community involved.


My school is not only a great learning environment with small classroom sizes and professors who care about the student's, but it's always great in the fact that it looks out for the students first, everything else comes second.


LSCC is a small school but the teachers seam to genuinely care about their students.


A small community college for a up close really get to know your professor feeling!


Lake Sumter is diversified.