Lake-Sumter State College Top Questions

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The samll size of the classes and the hands on assitantance from the faculity.


I really don't think that there's a single distinguishing factor that sets this college apart from any other, aside from it's location. However, there's nothing special about the location of the school either.


I am at Lake Sumter as a dual-enrollment student, so it is unique in the way that they offer the program I am taking advantage of.


That they have a direct connect to UCF. And that I can buy my books on there online bookstore. That I can choice a major other then general studies to use to tranfer to a University.


What's unique about my school is the fact that I can go to college and be able to live at home still. And the fact that there are three Lake Sumter Campus' that I can attend makes the expierence so much better.

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