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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Look at me! You seriously need to get your act together and manifest the intelligence to do your work. If not your going to experience long, dull, miserable nights trying to learn things you could have learned here in High School. I know you panic when you think about your future and thats because you have every reason to! The way God has shown you how this world is and continues to do so, you wont even be able to get a foot in the door if you don't have a degree let alone most people will consider you an unintelligent failure. It might not mean much to you now but you don't want to let Mom and Dad down they really love and count on your success to bring them great joy in there fleeting days. You need to strive for whats academically righteous and mature at a rapid pace. Develope your work ethic and core knowlege of the basic material being taught or suffer through unnecessary adversity that awaits your years of college life.


If I could go back in time I would have three self-suggtions: Suggestion number one was to go and buy a planner. I really recommend this. Once you get all your syllabuses for your classes’ copy all the dates of quizzes, tests, research paper due dates, etc. into it. Then start with your first week. Break down each of your classes. Plan times to study, work on papers, perform research, whatever you need to do. By doing this you will help balance your life. Everything will have a time to be done and most important you won’t have to do anything last minute! Also makes it easier to plan social events, too! Hint, Hint! Suggestion number two was to get organized. Go out and get binders, dividers, a laptop, whatever you need to help keep you organized. The easier it is for you to access your notes, study guides, research information, etc. the better chances you have to succeed academically.Suggestion number three was to find a study buddy or study group. College students who go to study with fellow class mates tend to score higher, retain the information longer, and in some cases make lasting friendships


I have not had much college experience. I have attended one semester at Virginia College Online in Birmingham Alabama. It was a great experience. It was very valuable to me because it made me feel like a better individual. I accomplished something. I know I am one step closer to achieveing my dergree . I recieved my first report card and was very proud of what I had achieved. It boosted my self-esteem, and I told myself, " I can do this!". I am looking forward to next semester.I have already received my books and I am ready to get started. I am a mother of two young children, and I want to be able to provide for them, and give them the best life I possibly can. This is just not possible without a college degree. My children are my main priority, and I also want to set a good example so they can succeed in life. It's not easy, when it comes to finding a job. I suggest that the young population of today's society , buckle down and obtain that high school diploma if they want to succeed in life. Most important go to college.


College has provided me with the sense of not only self accomplishment but the respect of others for furthering my education and being persistant with my goals, hopes, and decisions for future career. I was the first of my family to graduate high school, the first to attend college, and plan to be the first to graduate. I have high hopes for myself and keep my head up high. I dedicate myself one hundred percent to my classes and study. I can almost feel myself gaining the knowledge incumbent to be successful in the near future. College means alot to me because it's whats going to provide me the information to acquire a job and start a career thus saying putting the food on my table, roof over my head, gas in my car, and all other necessities for not only my but a faithfully planned family.


My advice to myself would to be don't give up or slack off. The more you put in to your education the more you will get out of it. Friends are a dime a dozen, they'll come and go. Just focus and worry about you and your future. Don"t let anyone put you down and tell you, you can't do it. If you have the will to do it nobody can stop you. Also to stay positive through all your stuggles and never give up. Try your hardest and do your best at everything because it will pay off in the end.


If i could go back and talk to myself as an high school senior i would tell myself to start the college thing while i am in school and dont feel like you need to take a sememster off before you start collge. I say these things because college isnt as hard as everybody protray them to be. Dual enroll if you have the chance to do so because if you start the college process early then you can graduate early with your associated in arts degree as well as your high school diploma and then you are on your way to getting you bachlors degree so dont be afraid of what you think school is suppose to be from other people step out there and seee what its likeon your own


Knowing what I have learned through my first semester in college is that you need to be prepared and ready to work hard. If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would've studied harder to prepare myself . I'd tell myself to do dual-enrollment to get free college while I was still in Highschool to get prepared for what I had heading my way. It would've helped alot considering all the jobs and money I've had to save to pay for my school. I'd tell myself that it would be so much easier to go to college and get the education I need so that I never have to work in a dead end job. I'd tell myself to work as hard as possible in school now and in college, because it'll all be worth it in the end. I would tell myself, I've met successful people like my teacher's, they worked hard in school and look where there at today. Dont go through your whole life working a bad job with just a HIgh school diploma. Do something with your life.


When I left high school I knew that I wanted to go to college. All through out high school it was a breeze and didn?t require much studding. Even the teachers in high school warn you that college will be very difficult. If I could truly go back in time the first thing I would tell my self is hit the books hard. I would tell myself that if I don?t study hard and pass my classes the first time around I?m going to be stuck in school for much longer than I want. Next I would tell myself to pick a major early on and not procrastinate about it. I would of course hint towards the medical field to help my past self pick what I eventually did. The last message I would leave with myself is no matter what aim to finish school and get good grades. Without the good grades you will lose your scholarships easily and will have to work really hard to get them back if even possible. I?m sure the past me with this advice would go on to college with a strong mind like I have now.


I would assert that going to the community college is a mistake, and attending it thus would render myself completely lackadaisical and sorrowed. It would have been a blessing if I had the chance to tell myself to slave everyday for scholarship money, so that I might attend a University outside of the area, and outside of the community college degree of education found at the school I had attended. I would also recommend to myself to pursue true happiness, while at the same time pursuing my education, as the two go hand-in-hand according to my tastes. Most importantly, I would tell myself not to be afraid of leaving the state, that in fact, it would be less of a task than having to deal with the crumbling state of affairs found at the college I had the displeasure to attend. More to the point, it is imperative that I knew the true nature of the school and the true nature of myself.


I would say, ?Rebekah, go ahead and take a chance on attending college; try something new you are afraid of doing. The worst that could happen would be to take a class and find out it was not what you wanted to do after all. Stop worrying about a bridge you have yet to reach because by the time it is in sight, believe me, it will not look so scary. Take the first step sooner rather than later as the longer you wait the harder it becomes to take that first step. Get involved in student organizations so you can get scholarship money and make friends, plus you will gain valuable leadership experience. You are your own best advisor. Read the college catalog in order to get familiar with all they offer and all their policies, it will save you time and headaches later on. Above all else, don?t let fear keep you from attempting the seemingly impossible. If you let fear keep you from your dreams, it will stalk and haunt you the rest of your life and keep you from discovering potential fulfillment and true happiness as a person.?


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to never give up. Life isn't going to slow down for you and you need to step up to the plate. Create your own world involving people that will allow you to establish a concrete foundation. Don't be afraid to ask questions in class or talk to conselors. If you learn to be open and want to achieve a dream then this will open many doors for your educational experience. Part of college is the ability to not be afraid when you don't understand something. If you learn at a early age, then life in college will be rewarding. Meeting new people and staying open to new opportunities will make the switch to college easier and allow you to make friends and know your instructors.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are several things I would mention. Most importantly, I would discuss the fact that college is all about what you make it. There isn't going to be anyone there that will force you to do anything ,such as homework and coming to class. It is ultimately your decision and you should make the best of it. Another thing I would tell myself is that college is something to be taken seriously. I don't believe it is very smart to spend valuable time and effort to get into a college when all one wants to do is play around. If you want to make the best out of your education, go to class, be willing to learn, and do anything possible to further yourself.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would stress the importance of maintaining self-motivation, hobbies, and voluntary extra-curricular activities such as helping out local charities. They will all be invaluable in college as vital tools for success with the courses, scholarships, and career applications, not to mention peace of mind. I would also tell myself not to accept the fourty-three hour per week, full time management position I was offered just after I'd started a term of seventeen credit hours.


I would love to go back in time to when I was still sitting in my math class wating for the bell to ring. All through high school the most important thing was hanging out with your friends and going out to the movies on Friday night. I wish I could go back and tell myself to start researching careers and setting goals in my head. Once I graduated high school, I was clueless on why I was going to college, and once I got there, what I was trying to accomplish. I wasted too much time and money in college because I had no dirrection. I went from trying to become a nurse, to a law major, to studying physical therapy, and now I finally plan on becoming a business major. I wish I researched different majors in high school so that I would have some sort of an idea of what I was there to accomplish, and in turn saved a rediculous amount of money and time, which is so precious these day.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself while still in Highschool there are so many things I would say. The number one thing I would stress would be the importance of my grades in school. If I regret anything now it is the fact that I am very smart and was capable of getting much better grades than I did. There are so many scholarships that I could have gotten and would have made going to college so much easier. When you are in Highschool you might not realize how important college will be to you. I took some time off after highschool then it hit me one day that I was wasting time! If I would have gone straight to college I would be done by now! I am 22 years old and almost done with my 2 years or pre-requisites for nursing. I have also realized now how much I really enjoy going to school. It is not what I expected it to be back then. It is much different when you are able to study the things you are interested in, and when you feel like you are working towards something.


I would tell myself that if you aren't responsible in high school, then you are going to get confused and overly stressed out in college. You have to pay attention cause the teachers don't tell you to turn in the homework the next day. You are suppose to look at the syllabus and know when stuff is do.


The most important advice I would give myself is get help if you need it. There is absolutely no shame in needing somebody to work with you one-on-one on something you do not understand. Most college's have tutor's available in the library or learning center. Most professor's are also avaible to give help should you need it. It is much better to get help with a project or math problem than to fail the class. The person who does not get help , and is struggling the whole semester just barely making it, is actually is the one who should be hanging their head in shame. Every person has so much potential, but sometimes it takes another person to bring it out of them.


I would tell myself to get the best grades possible and enjoy my senior year. I would also tell myself that taking time off school after graduating is not a good idea.


I am a high school senior, and I will be a college Junior next year at Florida State University as a first-time in college student. If I could give advice to other high schools seniors, I'd say to stay on top of the paperwork and not to get overwhelmed.


I would have either stayed that the first University that I went to and not move away. Or would have first went to a community college first and then tranfer because going from a university to a communiy college is bad on the financial aid. I would talk with my advisor more when chosing classes and not take so many hard classes at once. I would have listen to my parents a lot more than doing what I want to do. I would have kept my job. I would try to more friends with students and teachers so they can help me with my classes and to hve better socal life. By doing that, I would have study groups in every class.


Always take at least 2 classes every semester


DON'T STRESS! college isnt as hard as every high school teacher tells you it is! once you actully go you will learn that its everything you could ever want without all the restirctions of living at home. not to mention study for that college algebra exam a few months back.... haha....


Right now, I am a high school senior as well as a student of Lake Sumter. Rather than going back and talking to myself, the advice I would give other high school seniors would be to stay focused and be prepared for the transition, and apply early. Get all of your stuff organized and prepared for the mass amounts of applications you will be hit with at one time. The earlier you're ready, the more relaxed your transition to college can be.


First of all, I would tell myself to "forget about the boys, serious relationships, partying, etc" and to decide upon which major I will be pursuing, and starting college. I would then tell myself to take four to five classes in the spring and fall, and two classes in the summer. I would go on to tell myself to do my homework and all class assignments, make full use of the tutoring and extra help that is available via the learning center, and if the work is still difficult, then hire a private tutor. I would take advantage of the student associations that are available, the work study programs, etc. I would avoid obtaining all unecessary debt, because there are various opportunities to receive scholarships, grants, etc..I would make full use to all that is available to me. In ending, I would tell myself that this is the best time to go to college, versus waiting until I am in my mid to late thirties to start, because if I go now, then I will have opportunities to finish college without the extra strain/stress of bills and other responsibilities.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I could make it on my own and go away to college. Tell myself to start the process earlier for applying to college so that I wouldn't have to stay at a communinty college. The transition process from high school to college is something that you don't have to be afraid of and nothing to be worried about.


If I could go back in time as a senior in highschool and give myself advice, I'd say school is as important as teachers make it seem. Highschool in every shape and form reveals what kind of collegiate you'll be. Considering you don't have to make your own scheduled classes, and teachers actually care if you're in class, respect their time and their passion for learning and teaching. College success is all up to you, so enjoy and absorb all that you can from adults that have already experienced life as you will.