Lake Superior State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Lake Superior State University is the location. It is located in a small town with not much to offer for recreation, and the winters are very very cold. Since the school is so small, you might end up going to school with people you know, from high school, and the campus is so small that you might constantly run into people you don't like. There are only two dorms, one for males and one for females. You will probably know everyone in your dorm, or at least everyone on the same floor.


The worst thing about Lake Superior State University is that you are not able to live off campus until your a certain age, considered as an independent student, have a disability or have completed so many years of schooling. In some ways living off campus can be cheaper, I always have so much food left over at the end of the year that i have to just use on food I don't want. I could have saved that money for something else.


I feel the worst thing about LSSU is the lack of diversity. There is some diversity, but not as much as I would of hoped for. I love meeting new people and I wish there were more foreign people or people from out of state. I feel like I would learn so much more if there were a wider range of people at my school. I would learn more about other cultures, and also about myself.


The food isn't always the best. They do try though.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. Sad right? I gets really cold in the winter most times. Don't worry its not too bad. Overall, really it is the weather that sucks. It will rain for a while then get cold, then snow, then be sunny. But yeah the weather is the suckiest part of this school.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the lack of fun. When i hear about other schools they have way more fun than we do. Dont get me wrong our campus sponsers many events but they are not the kind of events that everyone is extremely excited about. If it wasnt for hockey oue school would most likely suck in the category of social life.


The administration and staff tend to ignore student concerns. They do not take as much time as they should to help students with their problems, especially when it comes to financial aid issues.


The worst thing about this school is the way the administration acts. They treat students as if we were small children, and they act is if their decisions do not affect us. They don't deal with our issues, at all, let alone in any timely fashion. They are too busy spending money on Cadilacs and moving handicapped signs to fix the sidewalks, or make condemned housing buildings livable again.




The area because there is not a big area for that much fun off campus, unless you go across the border.


Education Department


It's very small. Due to this activities can be limited at times.