Lancaster Bible College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This school has an excellent environment. The staff and students are friendly, caring and campus never seemed to be a dangerous place. It was comforting to be surrounded by students who shared the same belief as yourself.


When talking about college, the point I bring up most about Lancaster Bible College is the wonderful community that is present among the students and staff. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely concerned for each other, and this is incredible because it forms one big family that is hard to find elsewhere. No matter where I go on campus, I always run into people that ask how I am doing and they are interested in what is going on in my life. It is this sense of openness and friendship that excites me about Lancaster Bible College.


I boast mostly in the community and the faculty that is present are LBC. The other students care for you and the faculty are always more than willing to open their homes up to you, talk with you, and be there for you. There are hardly any schools that are like this.


The thing I brag amout the most about my school when I talk to my friends is the fact that everyone is so nice and that we have prayer in the beginning of each of our classes. The fact that I went to a public school I never got to experience that so I tell everyone about it every opportunity I can get.


My degree. My sport (lacrosse, we aren't very good but the spirit is phenomenal)


The teachers. They are always willing to meet and help the students outwith work and questions. They care about the students, and it is clear that they are not there solely for a paycheck.


The professors do care about our lives both in and outside of the classroom. the professors are extremely approachable. The size of my school is wonderful, and I can get to know many people. The athletic games are fun to watch and our Women's soccer team was basically undefeated- Go Chargers. I can't imagine going anywhere else.


When bragging to my friends I brag about the relaxed but great learning enviorment.


At Lancaster Bible College we are a family and help each other with every struggle and hardship that comes our way.


The amazing worship and performing arts program! They have a very unique department with many majors that aren't offered at other schools and it's great to be able to double major in Bible and get a great foundation for being a Christian artist.


I would say that when my friends call me I brag about the people here. The professors, the staff, and the students make LBC a welcoming friendly enviornment. I know that no matter what the people here are always there for me. They provide me with the information I need when I ask a question. The professors are personal and take time to get to know each and everyone of us. I thoroughly enjoy the events on campus and the time we are all able to spend together.


Don't brag about your school. There are so many different kinds of universities, trade schools, community colleges, etc, and you're only going to one (unless you transfer). I've attended three colleges now: a community college, a Christian college, and a State school--and they all have their quirks. Instead of focusing on differences between certain kinds of schools, embrace them. You come to learn that whatever judgment you make really isn't worth anything because you're in no position to make one.


The bible profs are really good.


the awesome amount of financial aid the college gives.


Commuinity emphasis. Close relationships with students and faculty. High academic quality.